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I’ll snatch you from sky too episode 53- Anika last rituals

Here i’m back with the next update hope you guys will like it.

Ignore all spelling, typo and grammatical mistakes.


“Shivaay crying and nodding negatively”

All gazing Aarohi with watery eyes

“Aarohi holding Anika hand”

“Dev in breaking voice” Aarohi

“Aarohi turns her gaze down slowly rest her head on Anika shoulder”

“Shivaay close his eyes  warm tears rolling down”

“Dev roar”Noooooo!!!

Whole Rajput Mansion gets denched in tears pleading Anika to wake up

After an hour

Seniors Oberoi’s too walk in

Dadi in angry tone” billu!!

“Shivaay sitting with pillar support all lost in Anika’s memories”

“Omru runs to dadi” dadi your billu has broken his promise dadi , the great wall SSO can’t save our bhabi

“Jhanvi goes to Gayu” consoling them with non stop tears caressing Anika face

“Tej and Sakhti pacify Dev”

“Pinky  gazing Shivaay angrily walk to him” Shivaay!! Pinky shaking him

“Shivaay in low tone” i losted her forever i losted.

“Pinky aunty crying cluching him” how’s this possible? Shivaay. Anika loves you so deeply that  your tears had brought her back from death too. But today why not ? Shivaay  say something. Pinky clutching Shivaay’s collar”

“Shivaay hug pinky tightly” forgive me mom.

“Panditji requesting them” time to perform last rituals

All runs to Anika’s dead body crying vigrously.

“Gayu hug death body” No we won’t let Anika di go away from us.

“Devi g crying ” let your  Anika di go beta.

Om” Gauri!!

“Gauri stand up holds om collar” What you were saying the great wall SSO won’t let anything to happen to our Anika di? He will brought her save back to us but he brought this ” Gauri slipping down just her body but no live” Aaaa  haaa😭 Anikaaaa di

“Om kneely down holds Gauri in arms” the great wall SSO was wall of clay Gauri and i consider him rock.

“Shivaay gazes him with shock”

“Dadi wiping her tears” puttar where’s Aarohi?

“All gazes eachother calls her from her respective name’s Maa/ Aarohi/ aunty g “


Scene shifts to Anika’s room

“Aarohi resting on Anika’s bed lost in her memories tears rolling down”

“Shivaay in low tone” Ma..a

Aarohi ” Anu is going na take her i won’t stop nor you nor her.You go and perform her last ritual. Make her Bride , fill her hairline with sindoor, knot mangalsutra around her neck. But tell her that i won’t do her badaai. 



“Shivaay hugs Aarohi tightly cries” come maa all are waiting for you

“Aarohi  breaks the hug” nodding no i won’t come. Please leave me alone.

Shivaay” Ani….ka is going forever just look at her for last time”

Aarohi” i’ve not seen her yet and you are saying she’s going forever. So go na why you are telling me she’s going so go and take her who stop you.  Please go

Scene shifts to RM 

Devi g” Shivaay! Aarohi”

Shivaay” she’s not coming”

Gayu” cries”

Panditji ” shall we start the rituals”

“Dadi puts hand on Shivaay shoulder” billu Anika fulfill the husband rituals

Anika” body is shown”


“Shivaay step ahead sit close to Anika” having flashback of their memories

“Pandiji start forwarding blessed mangalsutar  and sindoor to Shivaay”

“Vahni protest” how can he do this? Both are divorced.

Panditji” what?

Jhanvi” Anika! Is Shivaay’s only Shivaay’s their relation don’t need any label and if both are divorced in your terms sister then  today Anika will again be called Shivaay’s Anika.

Mangalam Bhagwan Vishnuh,

“Shivaay gazes mangalsutra and sindoor cries”

Vahni pov” Anu you are die and soon she will also join you. Have rest in hell.

Shivaay” start knotting  mangalsutra”

“Anika face is shown”

Mangalam Garunadhwajah।
Mangalam Pundari Kakshah,

All crying vigrously remembering their moment with Anika

“Shivaay fill Anika hairline with sindoor”

Mangalaya Tano Harih॥

Sakhti” Shivaay! We have to pick up the Aarthi now

“Shivaay peck Anika forehead” love you Anika

O jaana plays

Gayu” Anika di ko nahe ley kar jao

“Dev with heavy throat shouts” Aarohi please aa jao is k baad tum Anu ko  kabhi nahe dekho pao ge

Pinky aunty” Aarohi bharjaji won’t come. She’s broken”

Omru” Tej, Sakhti and Dev picks Aarthi on shoulder start stepping out”

Song plays

Kho gaya, gum ho gaya
Waqt se churaya tha jo
Apna banaya tha..
Ho tera, woh mera
Saath nibhaaya tha jo
Apna banaya tha..

Chadariya jheeni re jheeni
Chadariya jheeni re jheeni
Aankhein bheeni ye bheeni ye bheeni
Yaadein jheeni re jheeni re jheeni

@ Night 10pm RM

Whole mansion got dim as the light  of the  their life’s is lost.

All are still in tears none is ready to accept that Anika is no more in their life’s

“Dev eyes all red with anger and pain” Anger for Shivaay who lied to him about his daughter that she’s save and pain of losing his pride his backbone got cracked as his Anu is no more in this world.

“Gauri holding Bhavya in arms”

Dadi” Where’s Shivaay?

Scene shifts to Vahni room

“Vahni talking to cards” Aarohi jiji how bad bhagwan did with you ooppss sorry me your own sister. You can’t see her face for the last time. This guilt will kill you slowly and slowly like slow poison.

 You use to call her Rajputain Talwar na tomorrow when ever mouth will call her LOSER …. Rajput’s head will bend down in shame and you all will look for corner to hide your faces but people will throw dirt on you and on your Pride.

Her soul will burn when you all will cry but jiji this pain is only of few days more.

Vahni dancing holding Anika’s picture and singing

Yeh kya ho gaya……….

Scene shifts to Hall

“Shivaay walking in holding kalash in hand”

All stood up glancing kalash and Shivaay

“Gayu runs and hold kalash from Shivaay hand” gently caressing it. Anika di

Dev” Shivaay Singh Oberoi now open your mouth how this happened?

Om” Yes! Shivaay say it how it happened? Anika bhabi….. om cries

“Shivaay cries” Dev uncle….. Anika….

Dev” say it what? Anika you said she was fine but then…….

“Shivaay narrating it” someone send clip to me in which Anika was whole drunk walking on road . Then from  same number this message came

” SSO soon your ex- wife will be late Anika….. but it’s never to late to fulfill the last wish of dead soul.

Yours Anika wants to meet you for the last time.

Then i took car from Shallu run to HR.

Anika was standing at the edge of the roof

Shivaay” running on the stairs  soon reach the roof of the hotel  gets numb to see Anika whole lost gazing moon.

Shivaay scream……. Anika no

“Anika in broken tone” why there’s stain on this moon?

“Shivaay slowing stepping towards Anika” i don’t know Anika and what are you doing here? Come down all are worried for you.

Anika” yup i should jump down and all worries and sarrows given my me to all will end”

Shivaay” Anika please don’t say that you are the soul of all. Please listen to me for once Anika your moon will get eclipse

“Anika laughs deadly” moon is already stain and you know Shivaay ” ANU IS THAT STAIN ON HER MOON”

Shivaay is Sun…. Anika is Stain and there should be no stain on Sun.

“Anika turns her face towards Shivaay” Shivaay Singh Oberoi keep my moon bright too… Anika closes her eyes arches back

“Shivaay shouts runs to Anika” Anikaaaaa tumhain apney Chand ki kasam hai nooooooooo………

Shivaay holding  Anika from arm pulling her up…

Shivaay takes her in embrance cries patting her cheek Anika….

Flashback ends

“Shivaay cries ” rest you know Dev uncle.

Dev” tell me after that what happened? If my child was in your cage then what happened that i losted her and if her condition was critical then why you did inform me.

Shivaay” Anika don’t want you all to see her breaking breath”

Anu’s baba no tears ok and tell golu and bolu too no kiss to……

Gayu” cries

“Dev hug Shivaay” Shivaay she didn’t call Aarohi….Maa?

Shivaay” i’m sorry uncle this time Anika was so tired that she don’t want to call Maa in her pain.

She knew it that if she will call Maa then again she has to fight with death for Maa.

Bhavya” faints”

All gets shocked

Screen freezes on Bhavya face


Precape  Shivaay questioning Dev about Rajput’s past…..


Thanks for your likes and comments. Keep giving me more and more.

Soon i’ll be updating the next one.

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