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Ikyawann 23rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Leela weakens Susheel

Ikyawann 23rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Leela giving pickles for Jessica to Sharda and asking her to feed it to Jessica before the match. She says you are gone Susheel. Susheel waits for Fighter didi. The lady says she has gone to fill form. Leela comes and says Jessica would have become a killer by having the pickle, Susheel is gone. She asks Sharda about the pickle. Sharda says you didn’t give anything to me. Jessica asks did you get the pickle sent by Leela. Fighter Didi shows the pickle box and says its me, you never do cheating, you know what’s mixed in this that you are getting power.

Jessica gets angry and says give it to me. Fighter Didi says you know something is mixed in this, if association knows this, your career will end. Kali and Vishu meet Susheel. Kali says continue the warm up, Fighter Didi

will come. Leela worries. She sees Satya. He asks how come you are here. Leela says I came to see Susheel’s wrestling. Fighter Didi says Leela hates Susheel and is doing this, you will be banned if committee knows this. Jessica pushes her and takes pickles to have it. She hits Fighter Didi and faints her to get pickles. She takes the pickles and goes for the match. Susheel thinks to see Fighter Didi. Satya says don’t go, I will go and see her, you just fight. Susheel sees Jessica. The match begins. Sejal says you are still wearing the bridal dress.

Soumya says yes, I will not change it till I marry Satya. She calls Satya and asks him to come soon. He ends call and goes. Fighter Didi shouts for help. Satya doesn’t see her and goes. Susheel and Jessica fight. Jessica slams her in the wet ground soil. Everyone sees the match on tv. Nitish goes to talk to Dada ji. He asks where is he. Shivam says we will go and motivate Susheel, we won’t tell Dada ji. Satya comes and says Fighter didi is just coming. Susheel washes her face. Fighter Didi says if Jessica wins, this will be cheating. She prays. Jessica pushes down Susheel again. Kali worries for Susheel’s wounds and gives her glucose. Fighter Didi tries to find some way to leave. Leela comes to Susheel and taunts her. Leela admits her crime to kill Susheel’s family women. Susheel gets shocked.

Leela tells everything how she has taken revenge. Susheel falls weak and cries. Leela goes. Kali comes and asks what happened, we shall go home. Satya calls out Susheel. Susheel cries. Satya asks Susheel to see Jessica, she is ready. Jessica pushes Susheel down and makes another point. Susheel cries. Satya asks what are you doing Susheel….

Susheel says you will tell the truth to everyone now. Leela injures her and says Susheel is dead, my revenge is fulfilled. Leela thinks where did Susheel go.

Update Credit to: Amena

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