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Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 23rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Chaitu faces Water scarcity problem

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 23rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Khoji telling about the water scarcity problem. Chaitu asks Jha to find the details at the water department. Dolly dhoban come to Chaitu’s house. Dolly complains about the water shortage and returns the unwashed clothes. Imli asks what’s Chaitu doing. Chaitu comes home and talks on a call. Imli asks him about the water scarcity problem. She says its not good if CM’s family has a problem, what will we without water. Chaitu tells them that they will arrange money for them. A water tanker comes. People get in queue to get water and pay money. The man asks for money. Janta argues with the man and bargains.

Janta pays money and gets two buckets. He scolds a man for making his water buckets fall. The man slaps. They all fight. Janta runs with the water

buckets. Jha asks Chaitu to worry for the water scarcity, situation is bad, people aren’t getting water. Chaitu says we have water in our homes. Chaitu hears the people complaining about water shortage. He says its opposition problem. Monica says you should give water to people. He asks Jha not to blame govt always, its summer, monsoon will come soon. Jha says monsoon will be late. Monica says we will get much funds. Chaitu says I want 1000 crore. Genda sings Jalta hai badan….

Uncle says I m thinking since long time, why are you singing and irritating me. She says I m saying my sorrow. He asks where is the sorrow. She says I want water, Chaitu has troubled the people. Haseena says yes, water shortage is troubling Genda. Khoji comes to take Chaitu’s interview.

Chaitu gives weird answers and says I m ready. Khoji says you are not answering about water problem. He asks Jha what happened to Chaitu. Jha says he is much worried for Water scarcity, so he is short of words. Khoji asks how will you solve the problem. Chaitu says everyone will get water, I assure it. Khoji goes. Jha asks why didn’t you answer media well. Chaitu asks am I Indra dev, how will I answer when will water come.

Chaitu doesn’t get water at home. He gets troubled. Imli says there is no water for kitchen, what will we do now. Chaitu says I will do something. Khoji says the water problem is still not solved. Chaitu drinks mineral water. He says I want the funds, when it arrives, put 50% in my private bank, Imli wants a house in London. Chaitu gets the news. Jha reads out the letter to Chaitu. The state isn’t declared dry. Chaitu says do something that state is declared dry. Jha tells him that people will die of thirst. Chaitu wants funds at any cost. Jha gets disappointed. Chaitu asks them to cut water supply. He wants the central govt to pity them. He says I won’t let Janta die of thirst, ask Pahelwan to increase the tankers.

Jha asks Chaitu to distribute water buckets to people. Genda and her uncle conspire. They meet Chaitu and oppose him. Chaitu comes home and says people have turned into goons.

Update Credit to: Amena

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