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Half Marriage 23rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Sulochana suggests Arjun-Maya’s marriage

Half Marriage 23rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Janki praising Maya’s cheap tactics and asks why she is not happy still. Maya says Arjun has accepted my baby due to helplessness and says she wants him and she don’t want less happiness. Arjun comes there and says Chandani said that you want to give baby to us and leave. He says if this is true then you can stay here. Maya thanks Chandani. Chandani says I shall be thankful to you for giving me baby. Janki says you have become aaya now. Maya asks did you go to other city ever. Janki says no. Maya says you have to take guest visa to get citizen ship in another city. She says they will not know when and how I get permanent settled here. Sulochana tells Manohar that they have been doing injustice with Maya. She says Maya loved Arjun when she didn’t know about him, and may

be Arjun also loved her. Manohar takes Chandani’s side and says she has done so much for Arjun and couldn’t sleep even a single night and sent Saheb ji to jail for Arjun. Sulochana says Maya is better than Chandani. Manohar says what she is thinking is wrong. Maya thinks to kill Manohar.

Next day, Chandani asks Manohar if he is hiding something. Manohar says Sulochana is thinking to get Arjun and Maya married. Chandani is shocked. Manohar says I am against her decision, but she told me that if you adopt her baby then people will call him illegitimate. He says to make the baby legitimate, they have to marry. He says nobody will force you, but we may take this decision in future. Chandani is shocked. She comes back home and cries. Arjun comes and asks what happened? He asks why you are crying? Chandani asks him to marry Maya. Arjun is shocked and asks what is this madness? Who told you? Chandani says this is right and Maa wants this. Arjun is about to go to Sulochana, but Chandani stops him and says Maa can never think wrong about any of us. She tells that when she kept at maya’s place, she found herself selfish. She says Maya will keep the baby for 9 months and will bear the pain for your baby. She says baby is of yours and of Maya, and I am nowhere. Arjun says this is the real why Maya is acting. Chandani says there can be no big truth than DNA report. Chandani says I am having headache and goes.

Maya tells Janki that she is getting vomiting and is fed up. Janki says you are doing this for your act. Maya sees Sulochana and starts acting. She says best pain is to give birth to baby. Sulochana gets impressed with her and says we have bear the pain. She says she will take care of her and will give her halwa. Maya gets irritated with her.

Sulochana comes to kitchen and asks Chandani what she thought about Maya. She says we have to take care of Maya for the next 7 months as she will give baby to you. She tells Chandani that they have to take care of Maya and her baby and gives her list of food items for Maya.

Manohar and Surinder play chess. Manohar says Sulochana is insisting Arjun to marry Maya and I was helpless to tell Chandani. He says Chandani is agreeing to their sayings and says Arjun shall accept Maya, but shall not do any injustice with Chandani. He says we shall enquire about the truth. It is shown Days are passing by. Chandani is taking care of maya and getting her checked by the doctor. Sulochana over pampers Maya and feeds her with her hand. Manohar senses Chandani’s sadness. Chandani smiles for him.

Manohar comes to know about Maya’s truth and warns to expose her. He calls Chandani to tell her truth. Maya is about to hit on his head.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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