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Ek Deewana Tha 23rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Mystery in Bedi House

Ek Deewana Tha 23rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivani and Akash open hidden door. It’s very dark. They see stairs. Shivani says she is scared. He tells her to hold his hands. They go downstairs.

Rajan and Madhvi come to Shivani’s room and ask her to open the door.

Shivani is very scared. She says usually there are ghosts in such darkness. Akash says ghosts don’t exist.

Rajan looks in the room from window and gets shocked seeing door open behind mirror. He opens window and they go inside. Madhvi asks how did Shivani find out about that door? Rajan says they had closed that door since years which has their years old secrets. They are worried.

Shivani asks Akash to leave from there, but he keeps walking inside. They hear some noise. Suvarna is tied up there with a cloth on her mouth. Suvarna tries to

get their attention, but someone drags her back. Shivani screams seeing someone. It’s Rajan and Madhvi. Rajan asks them what they are doing there? How did they find out about the place? Shivani says there is a door in her room. She didn’t even know about it, but Akash came from that door. Rajan asks Akash. He says he just got to it randomly. Madhvi and Rajan say they shouldn’t have come there. Shivani asks why? Rajan says he didn’t want to tell her, but now he will have to. There is a ghost in their house, their house is haunted. Shivani recalls strange things she faced in past. Rajan says that is why they left that house. She might not remember, but that ghost troubled a lot to her in childhood. That ghost was locked behind the door, but they freed it by opening the door. Akash asks Rajan why he is scaring Shivani, he doesn’t believe in ghosts. They should search the place and may be they will find something. Madhvi looks tensed. Akash asks if she is searching for something? She says no. Rajan says they have gone through this, they are not joking. It’s very serious matter. He takes them and leaves.

KK is trying to recall who Sharanya is. He doesn’t know any girl with that name. He wonders if he is going mad. He blames Radhika for all this mess. He then thinks Shivani might know anything. He goes to her.

He enters her room, but she is not there. He hears some noise when he was leaving. He checks where noise is coming from. He manages to find door behind the mirror. He says he knew there’s some mystery in that house and he was right. Now he will make sure to find out what that mystery is that has been bothering him so much.

Precap: KK finds Suvarna. He tells her not to worry, he will free her from there. Someone attacks on his head with a rod.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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