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Dil Se Dil Tak 23rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Parth and Teni in same mall

Dil Se Dil Tak 23rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ipshita was excited in the car with Parth and wonders why Parth took a flight from Delhi. He had a meeting and got them bored waiting outside. She says their flight is in the evening, and suggests about some shopping plan. Parth agrees and turns the car to shopping mall. Teni and Iqbal arrive in the car right behind them. Teni suggests Iqbal to shop from Sarojini or Chandni chowk; here at mall they sell much expensive items. Iqbal deters to call Ammi jaan, Teni stops him and agrees to spend much today. Iqbal was now restless as Parth’s car had stopped its way, the security guard had gone to bring change. Iqbal’s car gave a continuous horn that didn’t stop. Teni feels irritated. Parth was furious and turns to fight but Ipshita stops him from creating any drama. Iqbal pulls off the wires from

car to turn the horn off.
Inside the mall, Teni and Iqbal look around. Ipshita points that Parth’s shoe laces are untied, Teni and Iqbal passes by Parth.
Iqbal tried groom’s clothes. Teni mocks his sense of dressing and looks around to find some clothes for him. Parth and Indu were in a nearby shop. Later, Ipshita insists on Parth to buy something for himself as well. Indu leaves for food court, Ipshita was irritated that Parth seemed uninterested. Teni was in the same shop but both didn’t confront each other. Iqbal covers Teni in a bridal attire. Teni was now irritated.
Both Teni and Parth go to try clothes in try rooms. From inside, Parth calls that these clothes are really bright. Teni says everyone wear this on beach. Parth suggests about trying something else. Teni speaks he is a strange father, what problem he has if his daughter wants him to wear colorful clothes. Parth feels it was Teni’s voice and hurries outside. Teni and Iqbal had left the shop by then. They come outside, but Ipshita had forgotten her bag in the shop. Teni and Iqbal pass by.
Teni goes to a ladies shop, Iqbal leaves as he felt shame in going to ladies shops. Ipshita insists to go to the same shop to buy a bag. Inside, Ipshita likes a bag that Teni had chosen. They argue, Ipshita boasts her father can purchase the whole shop for her. Teni challenges her to bring her father inside. Ipshita goes out calling Parth in. She drags Parth into the shop, asks the shopkeeper about the lady and complains to Parth about her. Parth tries to convince Ipshita to select a bag from the ones already in the shop. Ipshita insists upon finding the lady and the same bag.
Teni walked across the corridor and thinks that girl seemed exactly like her as a child. Parth asks Ipshita how they will find her. Ipshita was sure she will recognize her, then spots her at the escalator. Parth could still not see her face. Ipshita and Parth follow Teni upstairs.

PRECAP: Ipshita finds the card of Iqbal and Teni in the room. Parth was shocked to hear the name Teni.

Update Credit to: Sona

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