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Chandrashekhar 23rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandra reaches Banaras

Chandrashekhar 23rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jagrani yearning to meet Chandra. Its been two years now. Chandra recalls his journey from Alirajpur to Mumbai to Banaras. He wants to fulfill Jagrani’s dream. Sitaram and Sukhdev come. Sitaram says its two years now, what do you get seeing train. She says hope, maybe he returns. Sukhdev asks her to come. She says I have to find Chandra. Chandra is on the way to Banaras. Sitaram says you feel he is in Banaras, ask your heart where is he, we will go and find him. She says I feel he is there, just take me there, I wanted him to study Sankrit, he loves me, he would be going there to fulfill my dream. Sukhdev says he wasn’t a good student, I don’t think he will learn Sanskrit. She says no one cares for Chandra. Sitaram says its not an easy thing to go there and find him,

it will be much costly. She says what if he is there. He says fine, we shall go if you want this. She gets glad.

Chandra wakes up. The TT asks for ticket. Chandra says I have no money or ticket. TT says then you have to go jail. Chandra runs and jumps down the train at the station. He gets away and reaches the ghat. He rests there. A man takes his bag. The men trouble him and try to get away with the bag. They throw the bag in the river.

Chandra jumps in and gets the bag. The man asks his name and befriends him. Chandra tells his name and says I have come from Mumbai. The man takes him to his place, while talking. They go to have some snacks. Chandra gives less money. The man says I won’t have food. Chandra gives more money. He sees a man hiding something in his pocket. Police come there. The men start running away. Police follows. Chandra asks his friend why did policemen ran after those men. The man says I will do arrangements for your stay, have food. He drops Chandra at the school.

Chandra says I have come to learn Sanskrit from Shastri ji. He meets the teacher and says I have come here to study, I came here alone. He makes stories. He says its my mum’s dream that I become a Sanskrit teacher. The teacher asks him to stay in ashram and do all the work while studying. Chandra agrees to do any work. He hears a problem and asks shall I go and get milk. The teacher sends him. Police chases the men. Chandra goes to get the milk. The men fool police and run away. Police follows and shoots at the men. Chandra witnesses police shooting down the men. He gets shocked. He gets aside and looks on. The man gets up and asks the britisher inspector to shoot at his head. The man says you will have to leave our country. He gets shot. Chandra recalls Sindhal and Brij’s death.

A new britisher officer comes. Chandra asks who are Krantikari people, who is Mahatma Gandhi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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