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Bepannaah 23rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya plans for Adi’s birthday

Bepannaah 23rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode begins with Zoya sharing with her interns her plans for Adi’s birthday celebrations. The interns smile liking her plans.

At arora house Mahi looks for Zoya asks Noor. Mahi taunts Noor over her laziness n sleepiness. Noor then purposely taunts n makes fun of Mahi. Noor says how hard Zoya was toiling from morning to light, while Mahi was all chilled out. Noor retors that she was not Zoya ..she would return back every taunt of hers. Mahi glares at her n walks off. Noor thinks of looking for a job as she had lied about getting internship. Noor remembers her contact numbers were written in hr book which she had lost in the coffee shop.

At Hooda mansion Arjun frantically searching for something in sakshi’s room. Sakhsi comes to the room and asks what had he

lost. Arjun lies about his lost wallet. Arjun leaves the room. Sakshi says arjun was definitely looking for something n lying to her about it. Arjun mutters that where could that diary have gone?

At office Noor arrives and zoya introduces her to interns. The interns wonder why Zoya was arranging the Birthday party for the guy whose wife had affair with Zoya’s husband !! Interns wonder and they feel Zoya might be trying to prove that she loved her husband very much.

Zoya asks Noor to help her in proving that yash never betrayed her, that he has nothing for Pooja.

Noor asks Zoya not to try to prove all this. Why was she even trying, was she sure Aditya wanted to celebrate? What if Aditya got annoyed with her again? Zoya gets frustrated that noor was like every one, did not understand her feelings for Yash.

At Hooda mansion Sakhsi is looking at Pooja Adi pics n we get FB of how Pooja used to plan Adi’s birthday. Sakshi feels Pooja was not here to give Aditya his birthday surprise like all these years but sakshi could always prepare Aditya’s favorite kheer thinks Sakshi teary eyed.

Adi is in his car when he noted Zoya smiling as she planned his event. Adi gets furious that her husband betrayed her but she was all smiles!! He angrily gets off his car n shakes her up shouting whay was she all smiles ?? Was she getting remarried already ?? Had she forgotten her cheater husband? Zoya says she was choosing a shirt for him. While Adi is shaking up Zoya, she loses balance n is abut to fall but Adi holds her n pulls her back. Zoya Adi eyelock.

Adi asks Zoya why was she smiling. zoya reads a newspaper which reads ..the one who angers you cares for you !! Zoya says it was unwise to torture himself for some one else’s fault? Zoya walks away and adi too ponders over this.

Adi thinks why was he torturing himself because Pooja had an EMA? Now onwards he will not be angry. Nor shout at any one, he will be happy n enjoy life.

He walks out of his office n is amused to find Zoya pondering over something n unmindfully draws a mooch on her face.

Adi pulls Zoya’s legs n zoya is alarmed over her actions. Adi goes away laughing n takes away the box of tissues. Mahi is surprised to see Adi laughing as he walked away from Zoya !! Mahi wonders what happened that made him laugh? Why this change of season?

At Hooda house Anjana asks Sakshi not to prepare Kheer like pooja used to. Pooja made kheer for Adi while behind his back she did all unwanted activities. Anjana does not want Adi to be reminded of poja n betrayal. He might get unhappy .. Sakhsi says adi loved kheer. Anjana argues that he did not like kheer but he loved the one who made kheer. Anjana asks Sakshi not to do this. Sakshi and ajnana have argument over betrayal, heart breaks, childhood friendship and meories. Both get teary eyed. Arjun Consoles Teary eyed Sakshi.

Sakshi says she was blinded by her love for her pooja but what Anjana said was correct.

At office Zoya wants to create a collage of Adi’s photos in various moods she clicks some from office.

Adi is seen snatching another girl’s coffee at office n relishing it Zoya catches this in her pics. She takes more pics in various moods. Now she wants pics in a diff attire.

Zoya gets coffee for Adi, he jokes if she wanted to poison him. Adi exchanges his cup with Zoya’s as he is about to have that cup she spills the coffee on him. Adi gets furious and zoya offers to get a new shirt for him. In a new shirt, its white.

Adi wonders if this was event management company or instant noodles? That she produced a short in two mins ??

Adi changes his shirt in presence of Zoya. zoya gets embarrassed watching him get bare torso. She turns away. Adi laughs.
Adi praises the white colour .. Zoya too loved white she says yash never liked white but she forced him to wear white all the time .. Adi says even his pooja never liked white. They are so pleased they both liked white.

Suddenly the realize they had similar tastes in colours. They feel awkward n restrain themselves.

Ashish is seen informing the hooded guy that every thing was going on according to his plans. That zoya was unable to contact him.

Adi notices Zoya smiling and hiding from him at cafeteria.. While Zoya is busy clicking pics of Adi in various poses. Adi then grabs Zoya and they have eyelock. adi ties her dupatta with his arm and asks why was she following him since morning ?? He packs her off in a taxi n sends her out of office. zoya then feels she had enough pics for collage of Adi in various moods n poses. this was Pooja’s first wish, then pooja wanted some memories from orphanage. Zoya visits the orphanage. She meets Sakshi there lweeping for Pooja that, adi n anjana wanted to get rid of all her things …

Zoya feels sorry for the stranger in tears. She tries to console her. Zoya asks Sakshi To share her sorrows …

At hooda house H Hooda and Anjana are getting dressed. Mr Hooda asks her not to get upset with Sakshi so frequently. Hooda then tells Anjana that their son had made up his mind to take revenge from Yash n zoya by pulling down their company. Hooda laments that in the process of destroying yash’s company n Zoya he was destroying himself .

Harsh says he will handle Zoya n Adi his own way. harsh asks Anjana to take care of arjun n adi.

At orphanage Sakshi tells stranger girl Zoya how her daughter was no more. That every one wanted to forget her daughter. They Had forgotten all her faults and her goodness too, they had forgotten how much happiness she had brought into the family.

Zoya asks stranger sakshi to have trust n not doubt on any one. When one knows some one very nicely n loved them how could they listen to others’s accusations n forget them n start doubting them ??

Zoya then goes away for taking videos of the kids. Sakhsi wonders who was this girl ??

At office Mahi suspects the interns were hiding something from her. The interns fail to reveal where was Zoya !!
Adi comes n tries to divert Mahi but mahi taunts him. mahi asks Adi to join hands with her for both their benefit .. To stop working for this company. Adi taunts Mahi. Mahi says he was avoiding her because he did not want to reveal the truth of that pic of his she had.. Adi retorts angrily that mahi was not fit enough to join hands with him !! That pic she had was of his previous birthday .. Her brother had arrived there uninvited !!as far as this company was concerned he hated having anything to do with the company of the guy who cheated ..
Adi goes away in fit of fury. Mahi is left reeling in shock at what Adi just revealed !!

Adi walks out of office .. Zoya arrives there right then ..She watches him angry again n takes his pic .

Adi again pulls her out of taxi. He accuses her of taking his pics secretly, was she spying on him or had she fallen for him !! he is about to snatch her phone. Zoya then makes an excuse of getting scared of the butterflies n screams. Adi is shocked. Zoya claims that his butterfly was from thick forests of Africa and were poisonous. Adi is shocked ! he is sure Zoya was hiding something.

As Zoya reaches home Mahi confronts her for hiding stuff from her. That interns were hiding from her, zoya was missing from office all day !

Zoya explains Adi’s mind to Mahi. Zoya shows her party plans to mahi. Noor smiles and agrees with Mahi. noor says for the first time she agree with Mahi. Zoya insists that this will be the best birthday party Adi ever had. Mahi smirks that adi will hate her even mire after this party . Mahi offers to help Zoya arrange this party. Zoya is so pleased.

At home Adi is removing his shirt ..his thoughts fly back to Zoya. How she had lied to him about butterflies .. He smiles .. Arjun comes and is surprised to see Bhai smile …

At home Zoya feels pleased at the children’s videos. Mahi watches Zoya and smirks how Adi would treat Zoya after the party .

Precap: It’s a darkened room. Anjana, sakshi, Harsh and Arjun are watching. Zoya sings HBD and gets cake for Adi. Adi shouts at Zoya and throws away the cake angrily. The family members are taken aback at his outburst. He is sure that Zoya’s husband cheated on her because she was not as innocent as she appeared.

Update Credit to: Sutapasima

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