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Belan Wali Bahu 23rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Laddo becomes dog

Belan Wali Bahu 23rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Prem is giving food to dog. Roopa thinks that if Laddo’s ghost sees him then he wont come in house. Roopa asks Prem to make dog leave. Prem says he is eating biscuits, let him be. Roopa says he can destroy things. Prem says okay and takes out dog. Roopa thinks where is Laddo’s ghost?

Roops serves food to everyone and thinks where is he? Dog comes back in house. Roopa says he cameback. Dada says give him something to eat. Roopa says I will get him out.
Roopa comes to dog and asks him to leave. Laddo’s ghost where are you throwing me out? Roopa says where are you? Laddo’s ghost says I am here infornt of you, look at this dog, my soul went in it, she asks how? Flashback shows Laddo’s ghost asking dog to leave him, Dog kept coming in his path so

he said that if he doesnt leave him then I will enter your body and beat you.. Laddo’s soul flied and went in dog at that time. Flashback ends.. Roopa says what to do now? Laddo’s ghost says please bring me out. Prem comes there and asks why you are not throwing him out? Roopa says let him be in house. Prem says he is a dog, he can bring illnesses. Roopa says dont call him a dog, he is Laddo.. I mean Laddo used to like so he will feel bad if we throw him out. Prem says okay keep him.

Roopa brings dog in room. Dog moves around so Laddo’s ghost can come out. Roopa says you are not even wearing clothes, haww, I will make you wear clothes. She brings out some shirts and makes him wear a pink shirt. She says you look handsome. Laddo’s ghost says how will I come out. Roopa says let me think.

Roopa comes to lounge with dog. Shalini says wow cute dog. Roopa says dont call him a dog, I have given him a name ‘Daddo’. Jitendra says seems like Laddo. Shalini takes selfies with him. Dada and Suzzi comes there. Dada says Prem told me Roopa have made him a pet. Roopa says his name is Daddo. They all sit down to play carom. Dada says Laddo used to like carom a lot. Dog sits there and looks around. Dada pets Daddo. Suzzi says please take him away, dogs dont have manners. Lata says we cant send them to schools. Naren says we can train dogs. Jitendra says I know how to train dogs, I used to do it when I was in police. Jitendra says I will throw this ball and Daddo will bring it. Jitendra throws ball and asks him to bring dog. Laddo’s ghost thinks he wants to treat me like this. Roopa says can you please bring ball, please for me. Laddo’s ghost says fine. Dog goes and brings the ball. Jitendra throws it again, Daddo brings it, all laugh. Jitendra throws ball again. Laddo’s ghost says to Roopa that they have made me dog.

All family members are playing with dog. Lata asks Shalini to bring milk. shalini says my hands are hurting. Jitendra asks Daddo to bring milk, daddo brings it. Jitendra asks Daddo to bring newspaper for Dada. Daddo brings it. Lata asks if he can do other tasks too? Jitendra says he will do everything. Lata says can he cut vegetables? Jitendra says yes Daddo cut vegetables. Suzzi says Dada come, you have to take medicine. Jitendra says Daddo will bring medicines, Daddo brings it. All keep ordering Daddo to bring things.
Daddo comes to Roopa, Laddo’s ghost says they are treating me like a dog, asking me to bring things, they made me walk on two legs too. Roopa says atleast its humane. Laddo’s ghost says you are making fun of me too, he leaves. Roopa says he got angry, I have to do something.

Roopa comes to her room, she sets candle light dinner and says to dog that come out. He does, Laddo’s ghost asks what is all this? Roopa says I made your favorite burnt dishes.

PRECAP- Suzzi says we have to give rabbis injection to this dog. Laddo’s ghost says to Roopa that stop her, I am scared of injections. Roopa says please dont give him injection, he is scared. Suzzi says nothing will happen. Jitendra holds dog. Suzzi gives injection to Daddo.. Daddo bites him, Suzzi screams. Suzzi says now I will live in this house only when this Daddo dog is out.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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