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Ardeep/Ishra ff: Jiyein Kyun (14~Your Insult Starts Now)

Deep punched his fist on the wall making a huge cut beside his pinky. He winced in pain. Aarohi ran to him and held his injured hand in her hand. ‘Are you crazy? What the hell are you doing? Wait,’ she said and brought the first aid kit and cleaned his wound by antiseptic. It usually burnt but now he didn’t feel it. He just stared at her face and saw the old Aarohi in her. ‘What happen Deep? Isn’t it burning? You’re so quiet,’ she said while cleaning his wound. ‘These small wounds no more bothers me,’ he replied.

‘OK fine, I m happy you aren’t feeling pain,’ she said. ‘I m, but from inside,’ he said. ‘Deep, you know how was my past so please, you need to have patience to get back my love, and when did I stop loving you by the way? I just stopped showing it,’ she replied. ‘I can see that right now,’ he said and she smiled nodding her head in disbelief. ‘You know me very well, right?’ she asked. ‘Yes, I do, leave all this. Think what to do next,’ he replied. ‘Revenge from Dr.Bhandari,’ she told him. ‘I know that.’

‘Oh OK, well don’t know yet, when I will meet Ishita di and Tara again, we will plan, what about Roma aunty? Does she also have some contribution in destroying me?’ she asked. ‘No, not really, she’s very nice, she doesn’t even knows about Tara being a murderer, she always thought you’re the murderer trying to burden Tara with your crimes, I don’t know how will she react,’ he said. ‘Every time I hug her, I feel like hugging her again and again, she’s such a nice woman, did she ever told you something related to Tara’s sister who was separated from her since birth?’

‘No but she gets sad on Tara’s birthday, she always hides an album under her pillow and gets emotional looking at some pictures,’ he told her. ‘But why? I will need to find it out,’ she said finally done with bandaging his fist. ‘Do it secretly, please,’ he said and she nodded. Later that day, Deep was finding Aarohi everywhere when finally he found her in Roma’s room. She was looking at the album in her hands. He went inside to see what was there in the album. He saw baby twin sisters wrapped in white cloths.

She looked at him lifting her eyes from the photograph. ‘Now it’s confirmed that Roma aunty had given birth to twins but I have to confirm if it’s really me or not,’ she said and took the fallen hair on Roma’s pillow and went followed by him. They went out of the mansion and sat in the car driving towards hospital for the DNA test. They stopped outside and went inside together. Aarohi gave her blood and Roma’s hair sample and the duo went from there. ‘I hope the results are positive and I get my mother soon.’

‘Don’t worry, I hope she’s your mother also,’ he replied and drove off from there. ‘Why don’t you make me meet bhaiya right now? Once I see him, I will be in peace,’ she said. ‘Of course,’ he said and kept taking turns until they stopped outside some other hospital. She got out of the car immediately and he too got out, she almost ran away in excitement. They went outside a ward and Aarohi stopped before the door and turned to Deep. ‘What if he thinks I m Tara and refuse from recognizing me?’ she asked in a doubt.

‘He won’t because no brother and sister has such empty relationship, go inside, meet him,’ he said assuring her and went inside slowly. She got emotional seeing her brother after such a long time. She rushed to him and kept her head on his chest. ‘Bhaiya, look who came, Aarohi,’ she said and he opened his eyes. ‘Then tell me the nick name you gave me in childhood,’ he asked. ‘Niyu,’ she replied and he smiled. ‘My sister finally came. Now tell me who tortured you? I won’t leave that person who did that,’ he said. ‘No bhaiya, you’re alive and that’s what matters.’

‘Hmm, that’s like a strong girl, now tell what’s bothering you?’ he asked. ‘Bhaiya, I and Tara share same blood groups and dates,’ she said and he raised his eyebrows. ‘So?’ he asked. ‘Bhaiya I think we’re sisters,’ she told him. ‘No, you’ll never ever get into all this, aren’t I, Ritu and Niku enough for you?’ he asked. ‘More than enough bhaiya, but for now my main motive is to take my revenge,’ she said and kissed his forehead. ‘All the best, take care. Where do you stay?’ he asked. ‘I stay with Deep as Tara is in jail and he himself got me out of there. He’s your saviour.’

‘Really? Call him here then,’ he said and she went towards the door and opened it calling him inside. He came inside and had his gaze lowered. ‘Deep, now that you’re trying to rectify your mistakes, please don’t hurt Aarohi once again, don’t know what you got by doing all this, my innocent Aarohi had to suffer, it isn’t her fault if Tara is like that, get that mental girl treated,’ Nikhil (Aarohi’s brother) said. ‘Sure,’ Deep replied. ‘Bhaiya, she had a very terrible past.’

‘What do we have to do by that? Stay away from her,’ he warned her. ‘OK bhaiya,’ she replied. ‘Late happy birthday,’ he wished. ‘Thanks,’ she said and the duo left from there. Ishita was lost in her own thoughts. ‘How to tell you Tara that what truth I have hidden from you? How? Raman too doesn’t knows,’ she said to herself. ‘What doesn’t who knows?’ Tara asked and she looked at her, she had woken up just now. ‘Nothing, why did you wake up by the way?’ Ishita asked her. ‘Not getting sleep, what should we do to doctor chachu?’

‘We’ll decide when Aarohi comes,’ she told her and just then she came. ‘Aarohi came,’ Tara told her and she turned to see her. ‘Tara was waiting for you only,’ Ishita said with a small smile. ‘Oh, great, I have thought of a perfect plan to trap him,’ Aarohi said. ‘What’s it?’ Ishita asked. ‘I will ask Roma aunty for a party in happiness of peaceful life as Aarohi went, then I will take my revenge,’ she said. ‘What about mine?’ Tara asked.

Aarohi recalled Nikhil’s words, ‘What do we have to do by that? Stay away from her,’ he warned her.

‘Sorry but I already said that you will have to stand on your own feet for your revenge just like me,’ Aarohi said faking a smile. ‘But she is scared of him,’ Ishita said seeing Aarohi leave. ‘Fear will keep haunting you till you have a fear of it, but once you take a step towards it and face it, it will vanish right away,’ Aarohi said and left from there making both of them speechless. ‘Sorry Tara, but it bhaiya is warning me against you, it will be for my own benefit,’ Aarohi said as soon as she left the room.

She directly went to the house where Niku and bhabhi were hidden. As soon as they saw her, smile was plastered on their lips. Niku immediately hugged her. ‘Why don’t you daily come to meet us? We miss you so much, you didn’t even celebrate your birthday with us,’ he said and she picked him up. ‘Niku, bua was busy in taking revenge from that bad people, but I will celebrate my birthday with you, OK?’ she said and kissed him and kept him down asking him to go and play. ‘Bhabhi, Tara and I share same birthdays.’

‘So what? Its just a coincidence,’ she replied. ‘Sorry but I went for DNA test today, I gave my blood and Roma aunty’s hair sample, I even saw twins sisters photo under her pillow, I don’t think she’s a culprit because she showers love on me,’ Aarohi told her. ‘She won’t when she gets to know you’re not her daughter Tara but you’re Aarohi,’ bhabhi said. ‘Maybe you’re right, but I just want to clear my doubt,’ she said. ‘Don’t forget they’re your enemies and not relatives, we are your only relatives,’ bhabhi warned her sternly.

‘Bhabhi I know, and I won’t ever go leaving you all,’ she said and hugged her bidding her bye. Soon she reached home and looked at Roma who was busy in her own thoughts. ‘Mom, I wanted to say something,’ she said. ‘Yes? Say,’ Roma replied. ‘Mom I want to have a party because of peaceful life as Aarohi has gone,’ she said putting her head on her shoulder. ‘Yes beta why not? Of course why not?’ Roma said agreeing to her. ‘Thanks mom,’ she said kissing her cheek and went to her room.

Beware doctor chachu, your insult starts now. She thought to herself and smiled.

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