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A Love Rekindled (A Swasan FF) (Epi-4)

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Swara came down , she looked at sanskar , sanskar looked at her , she smiled at him


sanskar was surprised to see her

Sanskar : is this really swara ?

Swara: why is it so ? what makes you think i am not swara

Sanskar : bindi , bangles ,saree , this is not my swara .

Swara : changing with times should be the most important quality of a person

Sanskar : really people change so fast

Swara : that day i left india only for my father’s happiness , my father needed a supporting hand in  business and he wanted me to go to abroad and do my higher studies , then i tried to contact you didn’t I ? you were so angry with me that you neither attended my calls , nor accepted the invitation for my wedding , by the way , how did you finally feel like meeting me

Sanskar : the sanskar who was angry with you was a 17  year old sanskar .

Swara : then why didn’t you turn up on my wedding day , laksh came for my wedding , lied to me that you had some meeting .

Sanskar kept mum , the truth was that he could not see swara getting married to  somebody else , she looked at him

Swara : you dont have any answer , do you

Sanskar : forget all that , lets make a new start

Swara : what ? is this  sanskar ? had it been the old sanskar , he would have fought with me for days together

Sanskar smiled : days have changed swara , you dont look the same you , when did you become so sweet , the swara i knew would have not talked to me for days , and again , you look totally different , saree ,long hair , bindi , and where is that tomboyish swara who did not even liked wearing frock , wearing a saree ?

Swara : i was always sweet ok , no may be not ,i am not sweet and good , may be i am not that beautiful , thats why siddharth did not like me

Sanskar gave a questioning look

Swara : siddharth , my husband

Sanskar nodded his head

Swara : i always want people around me to be happy , papa wanted me to do higher studies in US , so i went there , as soon as i came back i started helping my father , then he wanted me to get married to some random guy who’s parents had some business deal with my dad , i went abroad ,sid became my world

And he broke my heart by saying this marriage was for business and he loved somebody else , i loved him so deeply , 6 months post my divorce i lived there doing my job , when i lost my job  , I   applied for another job there , i never told papa about all because you know right ,how much he cares for me ? i could not stay there alone , i became lonely so i came back

Sanskar could not see her like that anymore , she had tears in  her eyes ,  he went and cupped her face

, wiped her tears and  hugged her tightly .

swara rested her head on his chest

to be continued..


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