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Yeshu 23rd March 2021 Written Episode Update: Rabbi Guru ji summons Joseph’s family to go to Cave with Manu

Yeshu 23rd March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with Mary telling Rabbi Guru ji that she will help Manu to take off his shirt. She asks Manu not to be scared and just think about his Papa. She removes his shirt and don’t find any mark or injury on his body. Mary says he is fine. Rabbi Guru ji asks him to lift his hand and checks him. He says he is fine and says if you get leprosy, then it will be good for you, atleast you will get to stay with your Baba. He laughs. Manu gets up and says I am not having this disease and says I am sure that Baba will return before cave door gets closed. Rabbi Guru ji says you trust God. Manu says yes, but more than that I trust Yeshu. Rabbi Guru ji signs his man to put ink on his body.

Neema comes to Yeshu and tells that she is sure that the leprosy patients will be treated. Yeshu says it was done by God and not me. Soldiers come there and ask what is he doing here with a girl. Yeshu says we got food for everyone and also for them. He gives them food to eat. Soldier says he never saw such sympathy for others before and tells that one day he will become a big politician and a crowd will be behind him. They sit to have food. Yeshu and Neema give food to everyone. They like it and eat happily. The soldier tells that he feels peaceful seeing this boy. Yeshu asks where is my friend? Toyseller says he is unwell and is resting since morning. yeshu asks Toyseller to bring him near the cave door. Toyseller brings the boy. Yeshu calls him. The boy gets up hearing him. yeshu says I have brought food for youand asks Neema to give the food. He feeds the boy with his hand. Neema imagines the grown up Yeshu treating the lepers. She thinks she couldn’t identity who is he, for what he is born and what will he do in future? Yeshu smiles.

Rabbi Guru ji asks Manu to wear the shirt and signs his man. His man says I will make him wear the shirt as he is not a leper. The man makes him wear the shirt and also applies the ink. Rabbi Guru ji tells that he got sign by God and asks them to take off Manu’s clothes. Mary takes off his shirt. Rabbi Guru ji says there is a mark on the body. Mary is shocked. Rabbi Guru ji says you are impure, and asks Manu and Joseph’s family to the cave. He says the cave door will be closed today in the evening, which was scheduled to be closed after 2 days. He says he is bounded by the rules and tells Joseph and Mary that once they go there, then can’t return as the cave door will be closed for forever.

The soldier tells Yeshu to say bye to them for the last time, as the cave door is closing. All the lepers cry. Mary says whatever will happen, will be as per God’s wish. Yeshu asks if the door can’t be closed after 2 days. The soldier says we have to follow the orders and shall close the door today. They tell that they will close the cave with the big stone and then it can’t be moved. All the lepers cry. They go more inside the cave and cry. Yeshu feels their pain. The bell is rang for the door closing.Yeshu tells Toyseller that he wants to repeat the message which he sent for Manu, and says not to lose hope. Toyseller says whenever I want to pray to God, I will pray to you and tells that he accept his life of a leper. Yeshu says you are a good person and good thing will happen with you. Toyseller says you made us believe that we are human and tells that the disease is spreading in his body. He says it is good that the door is closed and you will be saved from seeing my condition. Yeshu is about to hold his hand. Neema shouts Yeshu. Yeshu hugs Toyseller and says nothing will happen to you or me. Soldier tells that the bell will be rang to give shraddhanjali to the lepers and the door will be closed. Yeshu says he can’t leave them.

Precap: Toyseller asks Joseph and Mary to take Yeshu from there, before the cave door gets closed. He cries. Yeshu prays to God to make all of them fine. Rain starts. Toyseller’s wounds get healed. Yeshu calls other lepers to come out of the cave. They all come out and all of their injuries get treated. They all fold hands before Yeshu in gratitude.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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