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RadhaKrishn 23rd March 2021 Written Episode Update: Radha Plays Flower Holi With Krishna

RadhaKrishn 23rd March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Shopkeepers see all the flowers from shops missing, even rishis and others find flowers missing. Mahadev asks Devi Gowri where did all Parijat flowers go. Everyone complain Krishna. Balram thinks Radha must have done that and asks Krishna to go and investigate the issue. Krishna denies. Citizens request him. Balram says he should at least now and walks to temple and sees flowers missing from even there. Radha with her friends watches hiding and walks to him. Krishna asks her what is she doing with friends and asks if she stole flowers, then she should return them. Radha offers him a rose. Balram asks where are other flowers. Radha says ocean is made of drops. Balram insists Krishna to accept it. Krishna accepts rose. Radha snaps her finer, light focuses on them and flowers fall on them. Mahadev asks Gowri if she gave Kailash’s flowers to Radha. Gowri says he should watch beautiful flower holi not worrying about inauspicious upcoming event. Mahadev says only time will decide about it.

Radha tells they are back to where they started and reminds Krishna that she didn’t want to play holi then and he forcefully threw colors on him, she agreed then and cheered up when he tried, now she will cheer him up. He says it will not happen. She says she will not accept defeat and snaps her fingers again. Revati and friends throw flowers on everyone. Balram, Nishat, and Ulmukh join them. Radha throws flowers on Krishna. Balram tells Radha even he likes flower holi. Krishna clears flowers from his body. Radha holds his hand. He frees his hand and flowers fall on Radha. Radha says even if he didn’t want to, flowers fell from his hands on her, even nature wants that. Krishna says everything is not so easy, her pleasure is sending him towards pain. He cleans himself again. She helps him.

Nishat asks Krishna that he had 2 pearl beads on his crown, where did other go. Balram says its Narayan’s beads, where did it go. He asks everyone to search them. Krishna walks away and they all walk away. Balram tells Radha that Krishna’s peal beads are missing. Radha shows beads and asks not to shout as she played this game for it. Balram stands surprised.

Everyone gather at night for holika dahan. Nishath and Ulmukh fight to light it first. Revati says they don’t look like princes and asks Jamvati to sacrifice her motherly infatuation for her son and asks Lakshmana to sacrifice her blind love for Sam. Jamvati says there is no need for that her son has changed. Laxmana says she is married just recently, so she can’t. Revati asks what impurity will Krishna sacrifice. Nishat says Radha is very pure and don’t know what will she sacrifice. Revati searches Radha and goes to call her. Radha mixes Krishna’s 5 stuffs with her 5 stuffs which Krishna likes and thinks she will prepare her color and color Krishna with it. Revati walks in and asks her to join them. Radha hides stuffs and accompanies her. Krishna tells Balram that Radha is hiding his stuff and has to sacrifice it or else trying to sacrifice impurities, something inauspicious will happen. Sam finds the stuff and steals them.

Precap: Radah finds her stuff missing. Sam keeps them near burning fire and thinks Radha wants to play holi of her colors, now she will play holi of ashes. Krishna informs Radha that the 5 stuff she is searching are about to burn.

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