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Pratigya 2 23rd March 2021 Written Episode Update: Krishna burns the evidence

Pratigya 2 23rd March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Pratigya and Aalika having a talk. Aalika asks what happened that Krishna made such a big mistake. Krishna is with Garv. He asks what are you seeing there. He asks Garv to go out and play. Komal asks Garv to come and have food. Garv cries. She asks what happened. Krishna says I will feed him the food. She asks him to say what happened. Garv gets sad. Krishna says we will sit on the table and talk. Krishna says I will feed him the food. Komal talks to Adarsh’s pic. The kids have a fight. Samar says I m elder to you, give me the cycle. Kirti asks him to give her cycle. He slaps her in anger. She cries. Krishna and everyone look on. They go to see. They ask what happened.

Sajjan gets angry on Samar. He asks how dare you slap Kirti, are you in senses. Shakti says don’t get after my son, they are kids. Sajjan says you should scold them, you are giving Gyaan to me, don’t teach me anything. Shakti says I m not teaching anything. Sajjan says kids will become like you. Samar says Krishna has also slapped Pratigya, why can’t I slap anyone. Krishna feels bad. Pratigya says violent behavior is wrong, the kids get affected by it, Samar is right, children will do what they see. Aalika apologizes to Kirti on Samar’s behalf. Krishna says no, I made the mistake, I will apologize. He apologizes to Pratigya. He asks Samar to apologize. Krishna and Sajjan make Samar apologize. The family celebrate holika dahan.

Sajjan asks Krishna to throw their evil in the holika. Krishna thinks I had slapped Pratigya by this hand, I will burn this hand. He burns his hand. Pratigya stops him. Savitri scolds Pratigya. Pratigya takes Krishna with her. She does the aid. She says you think you will burn hand and get forgiveness, I m getting more angry now. He says vent your anger, tell me what you want, forgive me, don’t cry. She asks her to slap him. She asks him to never make such a mistake again. He says I promise, I will never do this, Krishna will burn in Pratigya’s love. She says kids can see us. He says I m hugging my wife, what’s wrong. He jokes on the word hug. She laughs. She gets Balwant’s call. She takes the call. He asks what did you investigate. She says the accident car is taken in custody, we will get fingerprints from the car, police will investigate and make a report. Krishna hears this. He goes to see that car. He sees the police. He wipes the finger prints. Krishna sees Balwant coming. He hides. He cuts the petrol wire. He says I didn’t get time to clear the fingerprints, but I won’t let Balwant or police get this car. He ignites the fire. The car blasts. Balwant gets shocked.

Pratigya asks who can identify the culprit. Krishna gives the glasses to Garv. Pratigya and Krishna celebrate holi. Balwant’s wife provokes him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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