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Pandya Store 23rd March 2021 Written Episode Update: Dev spills the truth

Pandya Store 23rd March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Shiva getting the haldi water for Raavi. Raavi jokes. She says you will be family now. Prafulla asks Shiva to give the pot. Shiva drops the pot. It falls down and breaks. The water splashes on Raavi’s face. Raavi says shagun water fell on Anita also, she will also get married soon. Shiva gets angry. Dhara asks Dev to touch the chunri. Dev gets angry and says I can’t touch this chunri. Gautam asks what are you saying.

Dev says stop this marriage, I love someone else. Prafulla shouts on Shiva. He says you stepped back to hide the bangles, you dropped the pot, I will take back the bangles soon. He leaves. Raavi says Shiva is naughty. Prafulla says just speak from our family’s side, go for the bath now. Gautam asks is this some joke. Dev says I love Rishita, not Raavi. Dhara gets dizzy. They worry and feed her the water. Dhara scolds Dev. She says you always meet Raavi and get her calls, we know R is for Raavi.

Dev recalls. He says I did this just as a friend, Raavi can’t become my life, I don’t love her, I love Rishita, she is everything for me. Gautam says its enough, what are you saying. Dhara says Raavi loves you, we thought you also love her, why did you stay silent, why didn’t you tell us. Gautam says I took you to distribute the wedding cards, you didn’t say.

Dev says your sacrifices flashed in my eyes, I couldn’t say anything, Rishita will die if I marry someone else, she is my life, I request you, I can’t do this marriage. Raavi plans the mehendi and sangeet. Prafulla says don’t be upset. Raavi teaches her the dance. Prafulla asks her to get ready. Dhara says don’t do this. Shiva and Krish come. Shiva asks what happened. Gautam says Dev doesn’t love Raavi, but Janardhan’s daughter Rishita. Shiva laughs and hugs Dev. Dhara stops him. Shiva says you should have told us before. Dev says I was trying to leave my happiness, but I lost, I don’t love Raavi, I love Rishita. Gautam says your decision will affect others, did you think of Raavi.

Shiva says stay away from Raavi, you did this. Dev says I can’t fight with anyone, I respect her, it doesn’t mean I love her. Shiva says I asked you not to encourage her, now marry Raavi, you did this with her. Gautam gets Janardhan’s call. Janardhan asks him to control his brother. He threatens Gautam. He says I will get Rishita married to someone else, ask Dev to never meet her. Shiva says Dhara and Suman will be upset, how can Dhara answer everyone. Gautam says this marriage will happen. Dev says I don’t love Raavi. Gautam says you got too late, no one will tell anything to Suman. Dhara says we have to think of Dev’s happiness. Gautam says he has to marry Raavi. Krish says but they don’t love each other. Gautam says my marriage is an example for everyone, I was marrying Anita, but its good that I got married to Dhara, we love each other. Dhara tries to explain. Gautam stops her.

Dev and Shiva argue. Rishita says Bua, please help me. Bua says say yes for now, then I will manage everything.

Update Credit to: Amena

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