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Yeh un dinon ki baat hain- Totally fallen for you!!! Episode 9.

Hello guys. Firstly, I want to thank all the people who have read my previous articles and especially for my episode 8, I got a fabulous response 😍😍😍. So, I am once again thanking all my friends who have encouraged me for my writings and I will try my level best to entertain all of you 😊😊😊. So guys, let’s get started….

Recap : Naina feels emotional for leaving her brother and father and expresses her feelings to her brother. Sameer gets so excited to going to Delhi and both of them start their journey to Delhi.

So, the episode starts…..

Naina and preeti reach Delhi railway station.

Naina : Oh. We came preeti. I am really so tired dear.

Preeti : ME too naina. Let’s get down fast or else we will again return to Ahmedabad and tau ji will surely kill us for coming back 🔪🔪

Naina : 😄😄😄 you said it exactly dear. Let’s get down.

They both got down with their luggage.

Preeti : I think they should have arrived by now naina….

Naina : Who preeti?

“Who else will come to receive our princess dear?”

Naina finds this voice similar and turns back. And finds her….

Naina : Chacha ji!!! 😊😊😊

“Even I too came dear….”

Naina : Chachi ji!!! 😊😊😊

Saying so, she runs towards them and hugs them….

Chacha : How are you naina?

Naina : I am fine chacha ji. How are you?

Chachi : He is perfectly alright, as I am always there to take care of him na 😉😉😉

Naina smiles 😃😃😃

Chacha : Yes yes. She is my jaan ❤❤❤

Chachi : Oh really! Flirting in front of kids???

Chacha : So what? I am your love, you are my love ❤❤❤ Why shouldn’t I flirt with you?

Chachi ji sees seriously 😠😠😠

Chacha : Ok ok fine…. So naina, how was the journey dear? You hadn’t faced any problems right? There are no mischievous boys there right???

Sameer’s voice over : 😄😄😄 Whatever generation we move towards, how much advanced we are getting in technology and how we are changing our way of thinking but on this matter, our elders have never changed 😉😉😉. Still they are questioning the girls in the same manner when they come alone or with any other persons but they are absolutely not wrong because our society is being in such a way….

Naina : No No chacha ji. There was nothing like that. Our journey was so good 😊😊😊

Chachi : Ok fine. Shall we leave now?

Preeti : Ha ha. You all go and forget about me totally 😤😤😤

Chacha and chachi turn towards preeti and finds her standing angrily 😡😡😡

Chacha : How can we forget our baby dear?

Preeti : Baby!!! Don’t tell lies. You have been talking to naina since you came and hadn’t asked about me at all. I hurt 😬😬😬

Chachi : Oh ho dear. Why should we worry about you? We know that how daring you are, how dynamic you are, so what’s the need to question you???

Preeti lifts her collar. Naina sees towards her and smiles…

Preeti : Yes yes. Whatever you said was totally right… Ok, shall we leave now?

Chacha : Ya sure. Let’s go….

Chacha and chachi ji are walking in front with some luggage and naina, preeti are following them. Preeti is smiling so hardly…

Naina : Preeti, why are you smiling like that?

Preeti : I am really feeling so happy that mom has appreciated me!!!

Naina : Oh!!! That’s really so nice right?

Preeti : Exactly. I am the fearless, dynamic, strong….

Naina : Oh….

She was about to say something when preeti started shouting….

Preeti : Aaaaa….

Chacha, chachi turn back to see what happened and naina looks towards preeti…

Naina : What happened preeti? Why are you shouting?

Preeti : Once see there…

She turns and finds a cockroach 😝😝😝

Naina gets shocked whereas chacha and chachi looks towards each other…. And they all started laughing 😆😆😆 Preeti bends down her head to cover up…

At the Delhi airport….

Sameer : Ha finally, hi Delhi ✋✋✋. This Sameer Maheshwari is back

and wears his spectacles 😎😎😎

Someone comes to receive him.

“Sameer baba!!!”

Sameer turns around and finds his driver uncle, who is his best friend from his childhood. He took good care of sameer when he was in Delhi with his Nanu 😊😊😊

Sameer : Hi uncle. How are you?

Uncle : I am fine babu. How are you?

Sameer : I am totally fine…. So, you came to receive me?

Uncle : Yes babu. When I heard that you are coming, I asked sir that can I receive you and he immediately accepted!

Sameer : I know about Nanu… Shall we leave now?

Uncle : Yes definitely…

He took the luggage from Sameer’s hand, kept it in the car. Sameer sat inside and they started from the airport…

Naina, preeti, chacha and chachi ji also started from the railway station.

Sameer : I am really so happy to be back to Delhi. I really missed it a lot 🙁🙁🙁

Uncle : Even I and Nanu missed you a lot. The house was so lonely and boring without you…

Sameer : Oh really! OK fine. Let’s rock from now….

Preeti : Papa, why didn’t you bring the car to pick up us??? And see, you are taking us in an auto! What such a huge traffic?

Chacha : I gave it to servicing dear. It will be back by tomorrow evening.

Preeti : These are the words that I always hear….

And finds naina staring at her.

Preeti : Oye! Why are you staring at me like that?

Naina starts laughing 😆😆😆. Chacha and chachi smile seeing naina laughing like that.

Chacha : What happened naina? If you say to us, even we will enjoy na…

Naina : (in between her laughs) Chacha ji, I was laughing for when preeti shouted on seeing a cockroach 😆😆😆 (and again start laughing)

Naina : And Chacha ji, she was exactly talking at that time that….

Preeti : Naina, No!!!

Naina : She was saying that she was dynamic, fearless, the most Daring person ever 😆😆😆

Preeti turns to another side to avoid the gaze of her parents and naina….

Naina : Yes yes preeti. I totally agree that you are dynamic 😆😆😆, strong 😆😆😆 and fearless too 😆😆😆

Chacha and chachi ji are laughing so hardly….

Preeti : I will see about you later….

Naina : OK dear. I am waiting 😉😉😉

Meanwhile, they get stuck in traffic…. By destiny, Sameer also comes to that traffic.

Sameer : What happened uncle? (looking towards the road) Again traffic!!!

Uncle : Ha babu. This is the problem in Delhi that we can’t expect when the traffic to get cleared and when we get stuck in traffic….

Sameer puts on his headphones and starts hearing his favorite songs. Naina is talking with her chachi ji. They both are so involved in their world that they didn’t notice that they are beside each other 😁😁😁

After 10 minutes…. The traffic has started to move. Sameer notices bubbles flowing in air.

Sameer : These are my favorite!!!

Naina also notices those bubbles….

Naina : Oh wow!!! These are my favorite….

Naina spreads her hand out of the rickshaw to touch those bubbles and meanwhile, Sameer also opens his window glass and tries to touch those bubbles… And….

And what….  Yes, they made it 😊😊😊 and then they realized something else happened. What is it? Let’s go back and see 😉😉😉


Naina forwards her hand to touch the bubbles and sameer also forwards his hand to touch the bubbles. They both have touched it and additionally, they touched each other hands too 😄😄😄.

Naina immediately feels something and takes her hand back and sees it deeply 😍😍😍. Sameer also immediately takes his hand back and looks towards his hand deeply 😍😍😍. Both of them look at their hands surprisly and smile 😊😊😊

Naina immediately looks out of the window and finds no one and immediately she moves in. Sameer removes his headphones, sees outside and finds no one.

Naina and sameer : I think someone has welcomed me to Delhi (at a time, looking towards their hands)

Sameer’s voice over : 😄😄😄 very true. Really, this was so blissful. I felt something special in that person’s touch. Don’t know who it is, but my heart was feeling something different… What is it???

The episode ends…..

So guys, here is my episode. Hope you all will like it. Please do read it and comment your views on it. Enjoy reading 😊😊😊





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