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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 23rd March 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya Reveals Kanak And Uma’s Secret to Meera

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 23rd March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

JUma insists Kanak to let him check her wound. She says she does not want. He says it may be internal injury and forcefully applies balm on her leg. Meera watches them on CCTV camera. Kanak sees Uma’s shirt hanging with Kanak lipstick mark on it. Uma also sees and thinks this shirt cannot come coincidentally and realizes Meera has kept it and also notices camera in a vase. He thinks Meera has purposefully sent them to vanity van. Kanak says this shirt. Uma presses her leg, and she writhes in pain. Uma says with medicine she will be fine and acting as picking medicine drops vase down. Meera shouts how can camera fall down. Kanak tries to shout, but Uma shuts her mouth and breaks camera. Kanak says she will tell Meera about their past relationship, their wedding photo

is in that photo frame. Meera walks towards vanity van when Kanak comes out and says she must be having a lot of question, she will find her answers in the gifted photo frame and asks her to open it. Uma rushes out. Meera unwraps frame and sees Radha Krishna’s photo instead, asks what is this. Kanak sees and says this is not the photo she gifted and asks Uma if he changed it. She says truth is…when they all hear cracker sounds.

Aditya comes on a jeep with music and starts dancing and loudly announcing world’s sweetest devil Adi is back. He unveils Uma and Kanak’s big portrait and starts his drama. He taunts Uma that he is still in dhoti, though he had copied his style in Bangkok. He bends in front of Kanak and says he came to apologize Kanak bhabhisaa and his dadusaa. Meera shouts what rubbish. He asks who is this hot girl, she also has tattoo. He says he coming from jail after 2 years to apologize his Kanak bhabisaa and Uma dadusaa.. Meera asks Uma if Kanak is his first wife. Kanak says she came to tell about this. Meeera shouts just shut up. Uma says yes. Aditya asks if she is Uma’s second wife, she is so hot, he thought dadusa is a simple man, but he is very colorful like me. Kanak tries to speak, but Meera again shouts just shut up. Kanak says fine even she does not want to and leaves. Aditya boasts that he explodes bomb whenever he comes, reminiscing exchanging Kanak and Uma’s photo in photo studio. He continues his drama. Meera gives him a tight slap. Adi says he liked her spicy shagun and leaves. Meera angrily leaves.

Uma thinks Meera will harm Kanak, so he should go and stop her He rushes home and searches her, finds hr in bathroom enjoying liquor and says she came to know his life’s biggest secret and asks him to come and enjoy. Uma thinks how can she be so calm after knowing such a big secret…

Precap: Uma over phone warns Kanak to be alert from Meera. Meera says she will made Kanak’s life a hell.

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