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Swasan TS (Now FS) – Made for each other (Part 4)

After that swara went downwards to help sujatha. But stopped seeing RamTa who came to see sanskar
Ram: how is he? Is he OK?
Sw: ha Dad. He is OK. He slept.
Ram: do you know beta he was the most strongest person. He didn’t have fear on anything. Because of my blind trust on bhai, what did I do to him.
Sw: he will come back to us soon dad.. Mom I was going to come to help you mom..
Suj: no u be with him. I will take care
Swara smiles and RamTa went from there. Then she went towards towards him and lied beside him starts caresses his face..
Sw: what did u do to yourself sanskar. But don’t worry sanskar now I am with you, I will heal ur all pain. If it is because of laksh I will destroy him..
She also slept stroking his hair.. After she slept sanskar wake-up. Yes he didn’t sleep and he has heard everything Ram said.
San: Ofcourse princess u r an angel to me. After u came to my life I got my parents back. Only u can heal my pain. I hope u will be with me after knowing my truth. (pecks her Forehead. Then get up and went to washroom)
After sometimes swara wake-up hearing some sound. First she got panicked not seeing sanskar
Sw: sans… (but surprised seeing him sitting on floor and eating the rasamalai. He eating and making sound also. Looking him like that swara gets an urge to pull him towards her and kiss wildly. But she gulped her desire. Sanskar is looking at her in corner of his eyes and smirks in mind. He suddenly looks at her, she is looking at him intensely…
San(shouts) : PRINCESS…
Swara came back to sense : what happened sanskar? Why did you shout?
San: I was calling you. But u didn’t hear? What are u looking at my mouth? Do you want it?
Sw: what?… (shouts)
San: why r u shouting? I was asking u that do you want rasamalai?
Sw: oh rasamalai… I thought…
San: what are you saying princess?
Sw: nothing sanskar.. No I don’t want it. U eat…
San: no u also eat… Come..
Swara smiles and sat beside him and ate it together….
At Maheshwari office…
Dp came to laksh’s cabin. Laksh is sitting there furiously thinking about morning incident.
Dp : laksh… (laksh came back to sense) I’m going to do ur reception day after tomorrow.
Laksh: no papa. This is not happening. Because of my mistakes I had to marry that behenji Ragini..i can’t introduce that behenji as my wife..
Dp: I also don’t want her as my daughter in law. Because of respect and ur mother, o had to do it. She is such a behenji, she doesn’t know how to behave with high class people. But swara is not like that. She is modern. She knows how to handle these people. You have to get rid of that ragini and try to convince swara.. Ram is also changing, I don’t want that. I want him under control.. So do it fast..
Lak: but papa if reception happens everyone will get to know she is my wife..
Dp: most of the business clients are still thinking that swara is ur wife. Because of sanskar’s illness he won’t come. I will do something. U both will be introduced as husband and wife only. This is my promise…
Laksh smirks..
At Maheshwari mansion night…
Everyone are eating dinner. Swara is feeding sanskar, and he is intentionally licking her fingers. Laksh is furiously looking at them. Ragini is looking at them in jealousy. She wanted these from his luxji but he is not even looking at her..
Dp: laksh I am going to do ur reception day after tomorrow. Ram sanskar is not in normal condition so I don’t want to do their reception. If he does anything everyone will tease us. This will embarrasses us specially swara.. Haa u all three can come…
Laksh is looking at swara with a smirk. Sanskar closes his fistin anger but didn’t show it. dp is about to go to his room but swara stopped him..
Sw: badepapa one min… I want to talk to you something.. (Dp looks at her). Our reception also has to be done. Sanskar also will come with us. He won’t do anything. He is my responsibility. I know most of ur business clients still thinking like I’m ur daughter in law. I don’t want that. I want to identify as Ram Prasad Maheshwari’s daughter in law and Mrs. Swara Sanskar Maheshwari..
RamTa looks at her proudly. Sanskar is looking at her lovingly. Dp don’t know what to do. He didn’t think swara will spoil his plan. Laksh get up and went out furiously..
Sw: good night mom dad… Sanskar come…
they both went to their room. RamTa looks at them.
Ram: (place his hand on sujatha’s shoulder) thank you.. (she looks at him confused) for selecting her as our daughter.. (she smiles) she will cure him.. He will be alright soon..
Next day morning.. Swasan are playing at hall after breakfast.. Suj comes to them
Suj: swara, come we have to go shopping for tomorrow’s party..
Sw: but mom, sanskar? How will I leave him alone here..
Suj: Ramu Kaka will be with him. He is so close to him.. (to sanskar) sanskar become with Ramu kaka.. We r going outside we will come back soon.. OK?
San: I will also come with princess.. Plz mommy
Seeing him like that swara melts but before that sujatha interrupted.
Suj: sanskar beta, if u be with him like a good boy then I will bring a lot of chocolate…
San: and ice-cream too (sujatha accepted)
Then swaSujUtt and ApRag went to shopping. Dp, laksh and Family already went to office..
San: (manly voice) Ramu Kaka, I will be in my room. If anyone come plz let me know first..
Ramu: OK sanskar beta.. (😱this means he knew about him)
After sometimes he heard a car’s sound. He went to sanskar’s room and inform him. Sanskar went to hall and started to play. Ramu Kaka went to open the door..
Ramu: arre laksh beta why r u here now
Lak: oh I have some work. So I came here. Would you get me a glass of boiled water? (he nodes and goes. Then he goes to sanskar who is playing there) bhai… (sweetly)
Sanskar looks at him and then again starts to play..
Lak(sits beside him): bhai, everyone went to mall na, don’t u want to go there..
San : no mommy said to me to be with Ramu kaka…
Lak: but bhai, tomorrow is party, so u have to select a dress for shona…
San:(gets angry but composes, innocently) Shona? Who shona…
Lak: I mean swara. Your princess…
San: ya, only my princess… I will come..
Ramu: (who came there with water) sanskar beta…
San: Kaka I am going to select dress for my princess (assured him through eyes)
Ramu Kaka smiles. Then they both went from there.. They reached mall. When sanskar saw swara he called her childishly..
Everyone looks at him startled. Maheshwari family become embarrassed but not swara. When she saw him, she became so happy. She ran towards him and hugs him tightly. Sanskar also didn’t expect that, he stumbled a little. He became very happy and hugs her also..
sw: I missed you so much sanskar..
Laksh face became pale seeing open romance.. Sujatha and uttara and others looks at them smilingly. Ap makes faces, ragini looks at them jealousy. Uttara came towards them,
Utt(teasingly): bhabhi, if ur romance is over can we do shopping?
Then only swara realizes where are they?. She missed him like hell, because of that when she saw him, she couldn’t control… She broke the hug and looks anywhere else. Sujatha comes to them.
Suj: sanskar why are u here? I told you be with with Ramu kaka…
Lak: he wants to meet shona…(but interrupted by sanskar)
San: swara… Her name is swara, he na princess (swara nodes). Or u can call her sanskar’s princess.. (swara smiles seeing his possessivenes)
Lak: but bhai, she is my friend and she has a name shona..
Sw: he is right laksh, u can call me swara or swara Sanskar Maheshwari or like sanskar said “SANSKAR’S PRINCESS ” (she emphasize the last)
Laksh gritted his teeth. Sanskar smiles in mind..
San: and princess lucky is saying wrong. I didn’t say that. He only told me that I have to select dress for you. He only brought me here.
Swara glared at laksh. Laksh didn’t look at her ..
Lak: as we r newly married, it is the right of us to select a dress for you. As sanskar is ma…(gulped seeing swara) I mean sanskar is not normal I will select a dress for you. (takes an orange color Saree and forward to swara) a beautiful dress for you.
Sw: you are right laksh. As we… I mean me and sanskar & u and ragini are newly married. It’s ur right to select our dress. U selected ur wife’s dress now it’s sanskar’s turn. (to sanskar ) Will you select my dress.
San: yesh… (excited)
They both went to select dress. After sometimes sanskar is throwing the dresses. He didn’t like anything still he is finding. Atlast, everyone become startled hearing a shout.. It’s sanskar’s..
San: I got it I got it. Then he shows a blue goun …
Sales girl: wow it’s superb, even if he is not normal he has an amazing beauty sense..
Everyone smiles…
San: didn’t u like it princess 😔
Sw: no sanskar I loved it so much.. It’s so beautiful. As u have selected a dress for me.. Can I select a dress for you!?
San: (happily jumps and claps) yes.. Yes.. Yes..
Swara went to gents sections. Swara is also doing like sanskar did. Firstly she didn’t like any dress.. But if sanskar takes only 15 minutes then swara takes the whole 1 hour. Atlast she found a one for sanskar. She then looked at sanskar.. A smile crept on her lips. Her Prince is sleeping sitting holding his face in his right hand. She went and wake up him.
Sw: sanskar.
San: I’m sorry princess.. I’m getting so sleepy 😔😔
Sw: it’s OK. Look I Selected ur dress . Do u like it..
Sanskar nodes.. They came towards everyone.
suj: did ur shopping complete (swara nodes) then can we go jiji…
Ap nods and calls ragini. But she didn’t move.. She lost somewhere. She is dreaming her and laksh in the place of swara and sanskar. As laksh is selecting dress for her… She didn’t hear that ap is calling her.. Ap angrily shakes her..
ap: ragini (yells)
with that ragini came to sense, but because of shake she got unbalanced and…
she fell into floor.. Everyone looks at her shocked.. Sanskar starts to laugh 😀😀😀🤣🤣. Seeing him laughing uttara starts to laugh. Swara and sujatha are laughing silently, but tried to control sanskar and uttara.. Seeing ap’s glare, uttara stops her laugh, but not our hero.. 🤣🤣🤣.swara somehow stopped him.. Laksh angrily went outside.. Ap scolds ragini and she is crying…
All went from there… When they about to enter the car laksh smirked..
Lak: MA I will take swara and sanskar with me. U come with other car..
But ragini signals ap..
Ap: no laksh, u come with us, driver Kaka will drop them..
Utt: badimaa I will come with sanskar bhai and bhabhi…
Without any options laksh went to ap. Swasan gets into back seat and uttara sat on front seat…sanskar is eating chocolate lying on swara’s lap. But after sometimes he slept. Uttara is talking with swara. But sanskar in sleep he turned to swara’s stomach side. She became stiffens feeling his hot breath on her belly.. He is hugging her through waist as a teddy bear. He nuzzled his face into her belly. Swara is breathing heavily but she couldn’t do anything as uttara is there. Suddenly car stopped as they reached mm. Swara became relieved… Swara wake-up sanskar… All of them enters mm. Sanskar went to their room, as sanskar wanted have more sleep. Swara is also going to her room but stopped listening uttara..
Utt: bhabhi how did this chocolate come in ur waist (everyone looks at her. swara startled and covers it before that luxsoap sees that)
Sw: uttu… Wo.. Sanskar was eating chocolate na.. May his hand touch there in sleep..
Sujatha smiles. Uttara teases her
Utt: I was clearly saw that there was no chocolate in sanskar bhai’s hand but lips😜😜😜
Swara’s eyes become wider in her this statement..
Sw: I am getting sleepy.. Excuse me.. (ran towards their room)
Sujatha and uttara laughs at her.. Laksh clenched his fist.. Ragini is looking at her in crying face.. So is also looks at them in jealousy.. Her son is also married but he is not even looking at his wife.. Swara went to her room and found her husband is sleeping like a baby..
Sw(thinks): after embarrassing me infront of the whole family, u r sleeping like a baby… (she smiles and went to freshup. )
Next day morning
Swasan came downstairs getting ready. Swara went towards sujatha.
sw: would you mind let me and sanskar go outside..
Suj: where?
San: loooong drive mommy (excited) (sujatha nodes)
Lak: let me drop you swara..
Sw: no need DEVAR ji. I know how to drive.. Let’s go sanskar..
Both went from there. Laksh about to go behind them, but ap stopped him. After talking ap, he came outside but she couldn’t see where they went. Laksh stomped his foot and went from there…
Meanwhile swasan are going in car. Sanskar is thinking in mind where are they going. Outside he is playing and laughing with swara.. After sometimes swara stopped her car infront of a house.
To be continued…
Hope I didn’t disappoint you… Love you all my readers 😘😘😘😘

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