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Porus 23rd March 2018 Written Episode: Puru Takes Oath To Destroy His Country’s Enemies

Porus 23rd March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

In Macedonia, Alexander looks at market from palace’s balcony. Olympia asks if he can see today’s son, it is so bright, when she held him in her hand, she dreamt of seeing him as king, today a new chapter of his life will be written. Alexander says only Philip should not die today. Olympia says even Philip’s loyal Posenius should die. Alexander says when Philip will be killed among people, people will panic and run, then they will kill Posenius also. Olympia says people will not find out who sent Posenius to kill Phiip and will just judge. Alexander says Philip’s loyals and other family members will not like me becoming king, so just like they should remove thorns to wear flower crown, they have to kill whoever comes in his way.

In Pour rastra, holi celebrations start.

Kanishk tells Bamni that every year he touches colors and starts celebrations, let us go. Bamni says let queen Anusuya and prince Purshottam come, whole royal family will go at once. Puru walks in with Anusuya and greeting Bamni says he again supported Farsis and proved his friendship with enemies, but today he came to speak to his brother and asks Kanishk to drop his idea of marrying Barsin as it is Darius’ conspiracy to harm their country. Kanishk says he realized that Puru wants to become king and knows his chances of becoming king will be less of I marry Barsin. Puru asks him try to understand. Kanishk says he understood even a dasyu can become prince. Bamni says enough and warns Kanishk to learn to behave well with his elder brother and tells Puru he can miss celebrations if he wants and even Anusuya can miss it, let everyone know difference between royal family. Anusuya says differences should be in family itself and others should not now, after celebrations, she and her son will go from here. Philip chant Maharaj Bamni ki jai…Hasti mingles among common people.

Philip walks among people with family and taking stage announces Alexander’s sister Cleopatra’s wedding with his uncle. He continues that he met a holy man who suggested to rechristen himself as Philip the great and establish is statue in the middle of city, it is time to inaugurate his statue. Alexander signals Posenius. Posenius reminisces Philip insulting him and pulls sword silently while Philip pulls cloth from his idol. Philip’s loyal comes with guards and stops. Posenius moves aside. Loyal taunts Posenius that he doesn’t disloyals.

Bamni with family address people. Puru interferes him and says they have to protect their country from their enemies. Bamni continues and wishes happy holi throwing colors.

Laachi informs Mahanandini that Puru is not wrong, Farsis burnt dasyu lok, so Puru burnt Farsi market and took revenge, Farsis looted Bharat wealth and sending it to their country, so Puru wants to loot it from Farsis and rebuild Dasyu lok, they should support Puru. Mahandini says she doesn’t want to hear anything. Laachi says what did Bamni do, he should not di3, she should call back Hasti. Mahanandini says they will loot Porurav rastra wealth and grocery and leaves with her team.

Precap: Inebriated Philips pushes guards and says he doesn’t need protection. Posenius stabs him saying he insulted his loyalty. Philips collapses. Darius tricks and gets death sentence for Puru. Chaimed puru thinks if he dies, who will save his country, says death chose him, but he is not yet ready to die.

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