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Love ka hai intzaar Twinj shots by Kiya episode 81( for my ff Queen)

 A Small thanks. For Sameera..🌹🌸🌸💐

congratulations. Many More comes..

Pagal ladki ab tarif kya karu.. 🌸🌸💐. Teri .. best you are. My ff queen

Episode  81

Episode started… from twinj room.
Kunj and Aayat sleeping peacefully. She almost over the kunj. Later Aayat open her eyes look at Kunj face first view of her. She smiled shows her teeth. Kunj who sleeping peacefully.
Aayat: this kunj Chachu looking so cute na. Aayat slightly twist Kunj nose😂😝😝.
Kunj make irritating face she enjoys it.
Aayat:when I look at kunj Chachu face it’s seemed like it I saw my face in mirror Why?.She gets up went in balcony feels so good stretch her arms.Aayat went in room back she thinks what to do. She on the tv play music. The song was coming on music channel it’s gulabi aankhen (student of the year)Aayat went towards wardrobe take out some twinkle things. She went towards dressing set her hairs look like alia 😜😂. Applied lipstick on her lips make a pouty lip.
The girl’s got everything ! (x4) I’ve got it all, ( she play with bags and twinkle clothes)
Jimmy Choo & Manolo, Prada, Galliano,
Cant get nuff, I want more and more…
Louis Vuitton & the Stella Mccartney, Donatella Versace, (due to music sound kunj sleep disturb he open his eyes saw Aayat and get shocked due to happiness 😝 while Aayat didn’t know about kunj. While Kunj take his phone started making Aayat video.)I Use bag from GUCCI !!
Gulabi ankhein jo meri dekhi,
Diwana har dil hogya,
Sambhalo khud ko, zara becharo,
Ki jeena mushkil ho gya !!
The girl’s got everything ! (x4)
Mujhsi kahi, koi nahi,
Jo sab k khabo me hai, I’m the one !!
Duniya mere, piche chale,
Mai sabse age hu, I’m number one !!
I’ve got it all, ( playing with curtains praising herself.)
Jimmy Choo & Manolo, Prada, Galliano,
Cant get nuff, I want more and more…
Louis Vuitton & the Stella Mccartney, Donatella Versace,( doing catwalks in room) kunj laugh to see her cuteness.
I Use bag from GUCCI !!
Gulabi ankhein jo meri dekhi, Diwana har dil hogya, Sambhalo khud ko, zara becharo, Ki jeena mushkil ho gya !!
The girl’s got everything ! (x4)
( she gave flying kiss to herself while looking in mirror. Playing with her eyes. )
Perfectly enact just same like alia..😝
After sit in front of mirror admiring herself.
Aayat: unfortunately keshi designer ne pyaar naam ki cheez nahi banai😝😝😝.
Aww Aayat how can you be so beautiful haa. You don’t have any right to look so beautiful Aayat Saran. Fly her hairs in air 😂.I just awesome beauty with brain.
Kunj: what a girl she is babaji. I really don’t know what twinkle eat in her time.
Kunj done with her video shoot.He gets up went slightly towards her. Aayat who lost in herself.Kunj screamed in her ear she got shocked while Kunj laugh to see her fearing expression 😂😂😂.
Kunj:come out of your dream world my girl.
Aayat: what..
Kunj: nice dance. 😂😝.Aayat give him smile. Kunj lifted her went in balcony.
Aayat: weather is good na. Today
Kunj:hmm always weather is like this but today you see first time 😝😝wake up early na😛.Aur bol Meri choti alia Bhatt.
Aayat: what my big Varun Ddawan 😝. Kunj look at her.
Kunj: I’m Varun Dhawan uski toh height bhi nahi milti hai mere se😂😝.
Aayat: hmm right Than Sidharth Malhotra 😝😝.
Kunj: on one I’m single piece. 😎.
Aayat: Then why you call choti alia?
Kunj:Arey you were behaved like her so like her na she is your favourite.
Aayat: I am my own favourite 😎.
I am Punjabi Pataka with beauty & brains
Kunj: acha I understand from where she learns this. This siyappa queen making my Aayat too like herself 😝. Babaji do something with my both obsessed queens .(He whispers slightly)
whatever mess you did who will clean haa.
Aayat: you only.😂
Kunj: why I.
Aayat: you were always telling na I’ll do it this and that for Aayat can’t you do this. ( in every innocent way)😂😂😂.
Kunj: now stop your drama queen.
Both standing there only for sometimes.
After kunj kept twinkle things inside the wardrobe again.He went in washroom
For bath while Aayat to went downstairs.
Soon kunj get ready. His eyes went on mirror see lipstick mark of Aayat lips. 😝
Kunj: babaji 😂😂😂. One is enough for this all.He went downstairs.
At dinning area. Everyone was come and sit for breakfast.Anjali serving breakfast to all. Usha look at maya. She makes her face gloomy.
Usha: maya puttar you to sit with us.
Maya: hmm.After breakfast men’s went for their office works.
Next side in Taneja [email protected]
Here too Everyone done with breakfast.
Leela went upstairs went in twinkle room.
Leela opens the door and see her daughter sleeping peacefully.Ansh already went school. Leela send him. She went towards twinkle sit beside her. Leela slightly caress her hairs due to Leela touch twinkle wake up she open her eyes and found Leela sitting beside her. Twinkle give her smile.
Twinkle: MAA. What happened
Leela: feels so good to see your kids happy twinkle. After a year I see you sleep so peacefully. Twinkle get up and sit there only.
Twinkle: right MAA. Where is Ansh.
Leela: I send him school.
Twinkle: you didn’t wake up me I sleep so late today.
Leela: so what in Sarna Mansion you wake up early but here toh you can sleep. Stress free. Twinkle hugged Leela.
Twinkle: hmm now I’m so happy. MAA everything is perfect in my more hustle bustle in my life anymore MAA. Kunj
Love me so much I forget my all pain given By him.
Leela: I’m so happy for you twinkle that you happy in your life. A mother wants this only. She just want to see her kids happy wherever they are. Twinkle look at Leela face. Leela kissed on forehead.
Leela: now get up go and get freshen up
Fast I’ll go and wake up my another lil daughter.Then I’ll arrange breakfast in garden for you both. Okay.
Twinkle: what you make MAA in breakfast? ( excitement seeing her eyes)
Leela: what you want to have I’ll make it.
Twinkle: hmm let my thing. Put the finger on her forehead act like she thinks something. MAA I want aalu ke paratha.
Made by you.
Leela: okay. Leela went in mahi room. Wake up her after so much struggle. Mahi went in washroom in sleepy way.. while Leela went downstairs goes in kitchen.
Started preparations of aalu paratha’s.
Twinkle get ready. Even me too. They both come downstairs together. They both went in kitchen to see. They both see Leela and went towards her hugged her from back.
T/M: Maa.
Leela: so you both come. Now go and sit I’ll come with your breakfast.
Mahi: hmm MAA smells so good. 😍
They both went and sit on.Both waiting for Leela like a kid..Leela come with breakfast place on the table. Even Leela to sit in middle. MThey both request to Leela today feed them with her hands. They both enjoying these moments with Leela after years twinkle to feel like even she to a kid for her mother. Like she to love her kids someone too love her. Twinkle look at Leela face. Who busy in them.
Twinkle: MAA you the best.
Mahi: what happened di. Today you really behave like a kid..
Twinkle: yes I’m. I’m too kid for my MAA still hai na MAA. Leela nodded her head in yes.
Mahi: true.. just than Asha comes and there and see them.
Asha: aww so adorable moments is going on here MAA. Hmm. Only for daughters what about me. Make puppy face.
All smile on her.
Leela: comes to me.They four of them enjoy. Later they all went for shopping.
Next side in office…
Kunj and Malika checking some files.Just than MLA comes. Kunj left the work. They both sit for sometime and talk about work things. In Sarna [email protected]
Anjali and Usha went mandir.while maya and sheetal sitting talking about twinkle.
Sheetal: how can kunj allow her now.
Maya: so what. Sheetal.Her father is not well that’s why she went.I hardly see her that twinkle went her home.
Sheetal: whatever. She doesn’t know anything. Always you do her works. Even maami ji too support her.
Maya: you continue I have do some calls.
Maya gets up went in her room.Later in evening. Aayat normally sitting feeling boring without Ansh. She went In her parents room. Where maya sitting reading something while her mood was not good. Aayat didn’t say anything went on the tv play cartoons. Sit in side busy in her cartoons. Slightly she increased the volumes. Maya look at on tv and see Aayat.
Maya: Aayat off the tv.
Aayat: no mamma let me see.
Maya:Aayat I told you na right now you off the tv. Nahi toh.( In loud voice.)
Aayat: do whatever you want to do. I’ll not off the tv.Maya get up went towards her in anger. She offs the tv. Take out the cable.
Aayat: you are bad Maama I’ll tell papa about you. (Look at her with anger eyes)
Maya: show this anger to your twinkle Chachi I’ll not bear it.Aayat ran from there.
Kunj and Yuvi sitting having tea in office. Just than Rishi call comes. Kunj put the call on speaker.
Rishi: hi kutto.
Yuvi/ kunj: haa bok😝😝.
Rishi: okay let’s go for dinner.
Yuvi: good idea haa let’s go. Than.
Kunj: okay fine.
Rishi: okay than meet you both soon. Rishi call Naman and informed him about their dinner plan. Tell him that take Asha as well Twinkle and Mahi.
At night kunj come back home.He went in his room. He Went in washroom.Soon he get freshen up get ready looking hot. He went downstairs. Usha stop him.
Usha: kunj come have your dinner.
Kunj: no MAA I’m going out for dinner with my friends today.
Usha: okay go come soon.
Kunj: bye. Kunj sit in car left for hotel.
Scene shifted in Taneja Mansion.
Twinkle and Mahi thinking what to wear.
Asha comes in room find them they both still not get ready.
Asha: girls do fast my husband and your brother will kill me.
Twinkle: give me 5 minuets.
Mahi: same too me. They both get ready soon. Looking beautiful 😍.
At hotel.
Kunj and Yuvi along with Rishi and Sanaya they teacher and sit waiting for Naman and twinkle and Mahi or Asha.
Yuvi: this Taneja‘ still not come.
Rishi: haa yaar. They seemed like coming for tomorrow morning breakfast 😝😝.
Sanaya: they’ll come calm down.
Kunj: you’ll tell this only. I don’t why you girls taking so much time for makeup.
Yuvi: true. Mahi taking so much time.
Rishi look at Sanaya face. He wants to tell but can’t in front of Sanaya. Who giving deadly looks..😂😂. Yuvi see his face.
Yuvi: Rishi don’t worry I can understand your silentness 😂😂😂. Just then waiter comes for Oder. They all look at each other face what to say.
Kunj: come afterwards. While Yuvi and Rishi Oder drink for them.They both cheer the bottle and drink.They give kunj too. They Three of them sharing from one bottle. Soon Naman and Asha or twinkle and Mahi reaches.They all come out of the car. Went inside the hotel.Yuvi eyes went on them. He saw them from glass wall. He gestured to kunj.While he about to taking the sip of whiskey.He to see them. All whiskey spits it and coughing.
Kunj: f**k. Yuvi
Yuvi: Abey. Now what to do.
Sanaya: what happened to you both.
Kunj: hide this bottle.
Yuvi: ha.They both hide the bottle under in table.
Sanaya:I’ll tell them.
Yuvi:I’ll see you later.they all to comes and sit beside their panthers. Kunj look at twinkle top to toe. Even Yuvi too Mahi.
Yuvi: looking s*xy today. 😝
Kunj: true.
Yuvi: this much who takes ha.
Mahi: what happened why you look so dull.
Yuvi: me or dull😝😝. What a joke. Sanaya smirked. s*xy me se cut the x 😝😝.
Naman: Acha 😂😂😂.
Asha: lets Oder the dinner.
Twinkle: ha. Waiter comes and they give the Oder. He takes the Oder and went.
Kunj hold twinkle hand. She looked at him gestures him leave her hand.While Kunj didn’t want to leave her hand.
Rishi: this time we all together that day toh this Kunj and twinkle cancel the plan at last moment we all had so much fun.
Kunj: Arey we about to come but at last moment just because of Aayat we didn’t come that’s it.
Sanaya: why?? Because of Aayat. Her mother for her na.Kunj and twinkle look at each other face.
Kunj: Arey aeshe hi she is not well. And Maya Bhabhi or Anant Bhaiya too went out. So anyone has to with her so.
Rishi: hmm. Right. Soon the food comes they all started having the food.
Yuvi:Naman see chilly Nahi hai na😝😝.
Asha: Acha. Have your food.
Yuvi: I did this only. You eat carefully see you didn’t eat your lipstick with food.😝.
This all girls full vanity box of makeup 😂.
Rishi: true..😝😝.
Kunj: Arey why only they. Someone too gives them the toughest competition. 😜😜.
Rishi: who??
Yuvi: Arey haina humari. Pidhi miss world.
Rishi: Aayat 😂😂😂.
Kunj: wait I’ll show you all something. Kunj show them Aayat video what she did in morning.. they all see and shocked even surprised to see her expression 😝😝. They laugh too on her cuteness.
Twinkle:when you make it.
Kunj:today only in morning times. I wake up found her like this.
Sanaya: really cute Kunj I must say she is not less than any model♥️.
Yuvi: drama queen hai.
Twinkle: you just shut up.
Yuvi: lollipop ke time me she wants lipstick and all’s and this idiot Kunj buying for her. Even in Switzerland too I thought he bought for twinkle but at last I got to know he buys for Aayat 😝😝😝.
Twinkle: you are right. She wanted, and he brought for her didn’t see once it’s not useful for her.
Kunj: so what. What can I do. If I’ll not bring than she cry its better to make her crying.
Mahi: aww Jiju. See Yuvi you to become father like jiju😝😝.
Yuvi: let’s go now only we buy all makeup 😂😂. Mahi hit him slightly on his chest.
Twinkle: he will not improve Mahi don’t waste your time on him. 😂
Mahi: true.
Yuvi: first time she said something correct. Kunj her topfloor is working 😝😝.
Kunj: hmm.
Sanaya: Arey bottle kaha gai.. Kunj and Yuvi stop and look at on Sanaya face. Giving her helpless look. While she gives naughty smile.
Mahi:what bottle.
Sanaya: nothing Mahi.
Twinkle: I understand Sanaya you were talking about which bottle.Kunj look at twinkle face.
Twinkle: why you look at me like this Kunj. How much you drink. Haa. Kunj closed his eyes.
Kunj: I didn’t Oder Rishi.
Yuvi: even me too Mahi. I told Rishi that not Oder it’s family dinner not party.
But he Oder it.
Mahi: nice story. He told you and you drink like a small baby Yuvi.
Rishi: Mahi leave na.
Twinkle: you kunj promised me na..
Naman and Asha enjoying this.
Yuvi: did you heard this song Mahi.
Johnny Johnny Maine Pee Nahi Hai
Haanji, Mainu Pila Di Gayi Hai😂😂😂😂.
Boys laughing on this.After dinner they all went lakeside and sit there. Kunj and twinkle sitting in side holding each other hands.
Twinkle: aur how’s everyone.
Kunj: fine asked about your pati Dev how he is.
Twinkle: no need of this you look good. Today look hot Kunj..
Kunj:even you too not less Mrs Sarna.
Twinkle: Acha ji. Kunj kiss on her fingers tips. Kunj can I asked you something.
Kunj: ha.
Twinkle: Aayat did anything.
Kunj: what? Twinkle remembers something. Sometime before..
(flash back)
twinkle sitting with Leela in hall just than she got maya calls. Twinkle take her call.
Twinkle: hello Bhabhi.
Maya: hello twinkle (in anger voice)..
Twinkle: what happened Bhabhi every thing is okay na.
Maya: how can be everything is okay twinkle.
Twinkle: what??
Maya: you know twinkle what Aayat did with me.
Twinkle: what bhabhi.
Maya: she talks to me in very rude way. She did think at all she talk in front of her mother. I’m not here to disrespect myself with just small girl.
Twinkle: what I’ll say Bhabhi. I told you many times become strict with her.
Maya: I don’t know this twinkle. You toh went. She cut the call in between their conversation. Twinkle become sad. Leela asked her.
Leela: Kya Hua.
Twinkle: nothing MAA. Whisper this kids didn’t let me stay in peace always do such type of things I have to hear other words. Now what I’ll do with this girl. Tears coming from her eyes. She wiped immediately Leela didn’t see.
Twinkle: (think) she is her daughter but always telling me what she did or not. I have to listen what I can do I have to listen. First they make her like this now when it comes on their self complain about her to me. Flash back end.
Kunj:Twinkle where are you lost it.
Twinkle: no.
Kunj: why you ask this Aayat did anything.
Twinkle: Arey I just asked you bas. Two day has been passed I didn’t see her that’s why. Try to cover up.
Kunj: ho. Just missing her only ha. What about this hot man😝😝. Twinkle smile.
Twinkle: I too miss this hot man.
Yuvi: oyye new lovers done or not. Let’s go
Twinkle and Kunj turned and see them. They all waiting for them. They both get went towards them. Just than ice cream vendor comes. They all girls want to have ice cream. Boys didn’t say no to them.
TheySaying in very cut way. All went towards ice cream vendor. All take their favourite flavour. Just than all girls look at each other face give smile.They all think about Their kids.
Yuvi: why you all stop have it. Should I’ll call Mp.
Sanaya: you’ll not understand Yuvi.
Asha: ha. My Soham.
Naman: than don’t eat. 😝😝
Kunj: my all dailysoap ladies eat fast.
They all having ice cream.Even feed their husbands too. Later they all left for their homes. Kunj reaches Sarna Mansion. He went in his room change his night. Kunj searching Aayat.He went in hall sit there only.
In Anant and maya [email protected]
maya and Anant fighting with each other’s. while Aayat standing in corner.
Maya: Anant why you always tell me ha.
Anant: because you deserve maya.
Maya: here each people of this house disrespect me why? Today your daughter too Anant.
Anant: maya what happened to you ha.
Maya: I’ll not stay here I want to go my home.
Anant: then go na who stop you ha.
Maya: why will you stop me you want this only.Aayat see this all get scared.
Maya: I’m done with you both.
Anant: stop it she’ll listen why you do this ha. You want to go Mumbai okay you can.
Maya: I want to go right now. I told you about Dev problem. But you immediately deny to me. Why? Look at your brother learn something from him. Twinkle went Taneja Mansion. Enjoying their. Here I’m fool.
Anant: I told you that If you want to go you can maya.But I’ll not go any in Dev matters. He speaks rubbish talking about
My daughter.Aayat didn’t listen properly what they were talked.
Maya:Acha when Naman speaks about her what about that time.Naman is her real maamu Dev is not.When he spake so much about her. Did twinkle leave her.
Anant:what Kunj did with him did you forget that ha.Maya speak whatever comes in her mind. This all went beyond anant limits.He slap her Aayat get Shocked.She started crying to this.Maya just freezes.
Anant: sorry maya you force me to do this.
She is my daughter I can listen anything but for her I can’t. Aayat crying loudly. Anant went towards her.
Anant: Aayat stop. Anant take her out. Try to conceal her but she just crying. First time she sees this.Anant went in hall.
Anant went in Twinj room.Kunj were sleeping peacefully. He wakes up due to noise. He looks at Anant.
Kunj: Anant Bhaiya aap what happened at this time.
Anant: nothing Kunj.
Kunj: why Aayat. You cry.
Anant: Kunj see her she just crying.
Kunj: come to me. What happened.
Anant: Kunj this maya na. He told him about that she wants to go Mumbai.
Kunj: don’t worry I’ll talk to Bhabhi you see your daughter. Kunj went downstairs. Went maya and Anant room. Maya sitting while having tears in her eyes.Kunj went towards her.
Kunj:Bhabhi. Maya looks at on Kunj face.
Maya: Kunj. Kunj sit beside her.
Kunj: please don’t crying I’ll say sorry to you from Anant Bhaiya side.
Maya: you see Kunj what I’ll wrong in this.
Kunj: bhabhi you want to go Mumbai you can I’ll book your tickets now only. It’s very small matter you both don’t fight please. You are very matured.
Maya: what can I do Kunj. Anant didn’t go with me.
Kunj: he will. Okay. Anant come there.
Anant: Kunj I have work how can I go.
Kunj: offo Anant Bhaiya. Please go
Bhabhi needs you.
Anant: what about Aayat. He asked to Aayat. You’ll go Aayat with us Mumbai. She remembers that happened to her last times.
Aayat: I’ll not go anywhere.
Anant: kunj you see her. We’ll go.
Kunj: okay you both leave from early morning flight. You both reached Mumbai before Dev inauguration party.
Aayat: mamma don’t go na. Kunj take Aayat with himself she still cry. While maya and Anant busy in their packing.
Twinj [email protected]
Kunj: Aayat why you cry haa.
Aayat: you are bad. Meri Mamma.😭😭.
Kunj:you are a good girl ha Don’t cry my baby. Kunj struggle with her passed from 2 hours.While he was sleepy. Aayat where didn’t want to sleep at all. It’s 2 clocks.
Kunj: Aayat sleep.Yaar tu ja Meri MAA ke pass.Now on this time how can I go there.
I have important meeting in morning. Maya Bhabhi Anant Bhaiya will leave for airport, then who will look her. Kunj done with her.
Kunj: let’s go. Kunj get up lifted her went downstairs sit in car left for Taneja Mansion.
In Taneja [email protected]
Twinkle and Mahi or Naman and Asha they are sitting chit chatting with each other’s. while twinkle feeling uneasy her mind just went on Aayat.Soon kunj reached Taneja Mansion.He come out with Aayat. Kunj ring the door bell.
They heard the door bell ring.
Naman:who will be at this time.
Asha: go and see. Naman went to open the door he open the door find kunj there.
Naman: kunj tum??
Kunj: ha. Me. Kunj went inside twinkle get confused to see him here at this time.
Twinkle:Kunj you.
Kunj: first take your parcel. Twinkle take Aayat in her Arms. She sleeps in car.
Twinkle: what you do here tell me please Aayat.
Kunj: Arey twinkle I’ll tell you. Kunj tell her each and everything. That’s why I take her here because I’ll go out of the Amritsar than who will see her in my absence even Maya Bhabhi to tell that you will Handel her.
Twinkle: why they didn’t take her.
Kunj: she didn’t want to go.
Twinkle: hmm okay.She’ll stay without her.
Kunj:Tu hai na. I’ll Handel her if i don’t have work.
Twinkle:mujhe toh rakh na hi hai where I’ll throw it. Option.
Kunj: ab tu..
Mahi: di leave it.
Asha: you take in room twinkle.
Kunj: okay bye. Kunj back to Sarna Mansion.Twinkle take Aayat in room. She sleeps beside her kids. She looks at Aayat face see her dry tears on her face. Twinkle kiss on her face.
Twinkle: Babaji don’t know what in her destiny. She cuddles her sleep..
end episode..
Precape: maya and Anant went Mumbai.
Sometime kunj and Aayat moments..
How was the episode. ?
Hope you enjoy it.thanks for comments those did . Like and too dislikes too.
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