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Ishq Mein Marjawan 23rd March 2018 Written Episode Update: Roma decides to ritually marry Deep and Tara

Ishq Mein Marjawan 23rd March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Virat grabs Deep’s collar as he lied that he killed the child. Deep says he told Tara about it as well why he kept the child alive, and it’s for a purpose. Tara says he told her only a few days ago, this child can be a witness against them and its important for them to keep him around so that he can prove to be a shield against Arohi. Roma was annoyed with Deep and tells him to take care of Niku, she will inquire the real truth from him when he gets well. Arohi carries Niku to the room, she prays to God to be protected, she had no other way but to bring him here. Deep comes behind and asks why she broke his trust and brought Niku here? Arohi changes the tone to Tara and says she brought him here for her own protection, she doesn’t care if someone else is hurt or not. She suggests him to

go and tell Roma about his mother as well. Deep says he knows well how to handle his problems and leaves the room.
Prithvi exchange Arohi’s cell phone with another. Downstairs Virat tells Roma that someone attacked Prithvi while he followed Tara. They suggest that it’s possible Tara was there and didn’t want it. Deep comes to tell them that he planned to kill Niku and Arohi’s sister in law. There was a situation in which the sister in law ran away with Niku. He saw a truck approaching them, he decided to save them so that crowd doesn’t gather and by chance save them. He saved Niku but the mother vanished, now the child will bring the mother to them. Arohi had come behind. Roma was ready to forgive Deep, they all come to hug each other. Deep whispers in Arohi’s ear that the differences have been met. Arohi recalls being in temple. She prayed that she wanted to turn Deep into a man with soft heart before she revenge him; but its useless. This man isn’t worth living. She recalls when Roma stopped her from going to parlor and showed her a doll from her childhood. Arohi tells Roma she recalled it as her childhood’s favorite doll. Roma says she used to push in pins into this doll or broke its hands and was suspicious. Arohi says she has now changed as a doll is breathing into her, she changed a lot.
Virat and Prithvi were watching a video in the cell phone, it came from Arohi’s cell phone. It was Arohi confirming the nurse if the name of pregnant woman is Tara? They wonder how it is possible.
Roma comes into Niku’s room and wakes him up, then shows him a toy car. Arohi shares with Chawani and others that she will take Niku away from here as if she didn’t exist. She says today she will punish Deep. She tries Deep’s number then calls Roma and sounds worried and fearful as Arohi is chasing her and will kill her. She asks where Deep is, he can’t even be connected. She sends her location to Deep to be there. The kids had taken their positions. As Deep arrives at the location she says she locked Arohi into the room there. Deep goes into the room where he was murdered. Arohi realizes it was only a day dream and Deep had arrived then. Roma and Prithvi were also there. Arohi as Tara says Arohi was here and attacked her. Roma says she brought Niku here and must have killed him if she was hurt. She then asks everyone to come home, she has an announcement to make.
At home, Roma says she met a Pandit today. Pandit read Tara’s birth chart and says she was facing bad times because of Deep and Tara’s marriage. She says since Tara is pregnant, she wants to marry Deep and Tara. Arohi was shocked to hear this.

PRECAP: Maha episode of Tu Aashiqui and Ishq mein Marjawan telecast

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