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A Reporter and a business tycoon – A Twinj ff – Episode -4

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Episode- 4- surprising


Kunj pov –

I reached party hotel with my dad and my brother. We were interviewed at the entrance. They asked many questions to dad to which he replied without any hesitation. Dad and brother went towards the floor where party is going to be held while I went backside on venue. I went to children who are from near slum side area. I know them due to my before visit to this place. I bought some of the chocolates for them. I gave one by one. I felt someone tugging my pant. I turned around only to see ‘munni’. I gave her a chocolate and she kissed my cheek. After making sure that every one got one chocolate and spending few moments, I bid bye to them.

These little angels will always bring smile to my face and peace to my heart. I just love to spend some time but today I can’t spend much. I need to attend this event. I sighed.

I entered inside and spotted Uv.

“hey Uv. “

“hi Kunj. ” I gave him a brotherly hug.

“where are you going man?” I asked him.

“Kunj. I can’t attend this event as mom wants me to attend some party. Dad will be attending on my behalf. ” he said.

“oh. ” I replied.

“sorry bro. ” he said sensing change in my mood.

“it’s OK Yaar. You take care and don’t flirt alot. ” I said to ease the atmosphere.

“shut up. ” he said irritated.

“bye. ” with that he went. I went towards elevator and entered into it. I pressed 5th floor where event is going to take place. I waited until the doors of elevator to get closed. As soon the doors of elevator are about to close I looked that someone is hardly trying to reach here on time. So I pressed back again.

There stood a girl. I gave her a slight smile which she returned and entered.

We were waiting for elevator to close the door. A cute girl came inside and she tripped and fell down. We both went towards her. She started crying. While in the process of making her stand my hand got in contact with that girl’s hand. I looked at her and took back my hand. I felt some unknown feel. I brushed it away.

“it’s OK sweetie. You are OK. Nothing has happened to you. See. ” said that girl but this little girl not stopped her crying.

“seems like, she won’t stop like this.” I said analysing after a little. I know this kids. They won’t stop that so easily. I remember my last encounter with Riya. It took me more than hour to stop her crying session. I admit, no one wants to see this little souls crying. She stopped it at last when I gave a chocolate. Maybe that may work here to.

“let’s try with chocolate. ” I said and started shuffling my hands in my pockets in search of one.

“shit!” I cursed as I found none. I gave an apologetic look to her.

“do you like chota bheem? ” she asked from no where. Little girl nodded still sobbing.

“then you should not cry. You know how strong is chota bheem. Right? ” she asked her.

“yeah. ” replied that angel and wiped away her tears with her little hand. For sure, she can’t do it properly. So, she helped her. Then she gave a cute smile.

“I’m as strong as bheem!” exclaimed that little soul.

“yeah you are. ” I said and lifted her in my arms. I gave a kiss to her to which she smiled shyly. That girl pulled her cheeks.

Her mom came and took that girl. She bid bye before leaving. I looked at the girl who made that little girl crying to stop in a few moments. She did it ever so easily. She looked at me.

“hi. I’m Kunj Sarna. ” I introduced myself  by forwarding my hand to my surprise as I always showed least interest in them. Always they used to drool over me because of the money.

“hi. I’m Twinkle Taneja. ” she replied shaking with mine.

“how come you got to know that she will stop by listening to chota bheem?” I asked her which is running in my brain and irritating me.

“I had seen chota bheem doll in her hand,  so thought to try it. Now a days, kids have this craze towards cartoon. ” she replied smilingly.

“I haven’t seen you before. You belong to New company? ” I asked her. It’s not the first time I’m attending this event, I had already last time. And I had not seen her before.

“no. I’m a reporter. ” she replied. I smiled at her. Rest of the ride was silent. It surprised me. Normally reporters, whom ever I met,  try their ever best to dig some or other information. But here, she stood all silent giving me my personal space. This made my respect increase towards her.

Function started and finally came the money.

“here comes the moment about which you all have attended here, done immense hard work. Now, it’s the time to announce ‘business tycoon of year ‘ ” said host and paused. After all he is paid for it.

Host took a deep breath and said “it goes to ‘Manohar Sarna ‘ CEO of ‘Sarna Empire ‘” Whole hall filled with applauds. I was genuinely happy for my dad. Dad went towards stage and took his award. He said.

“Thank you so much for this precious award I’m so thankful for the people who helped me throughout. This award would have not possible without my both sons and employees hard work. Thank you so much. ” he said. I know, when he is referring to
‘ sons’ he said only about bhaiya. I sighed inwardly.

They interviewed him. I remembered my dad’s yesterday words. How much I want to avoid it, they were hurting me. I wish, Uv was here right now. Then he would have never let this feel enter into me.

I got a call and it was from Uv. I went aside and answered his call.

“idiot! Stop feeling bad. ” he said while I smiled at him. How true it is that our best friend can understand us so easily.

“I’m not. ” I replied.

“don’t you even dare to lie. ” he warned. We talked for a while. He had not hanged the call, until he was sure that I’m OK. I smiled at his care. No one on this earth can understand me like him.

I turned around. I looked at Twinkle. She was walking so hurriedly. I followed her and the reason is, the tension on her face. She took stairs and halted on 1st floor unaware with the fact that I’m following her. She entered room no-102. I hope she is OK. All of a sudden a man followed her. I can say by his looks that he is gonna harm her as I had seen that he kept something on his hand kerchief. He entered and before he can close the door, I kept my hand in between.


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