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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se Review: A sweet take on an age-gap relationship

Zee TV’s Aap Ke Aa Jane Se had been creating the buzz since the promos went on air. The show premiered last week and stood up to the expectations of the viewers. The story revolves around a 24-year-old guy Sahil and 42-year-old widow Vedika. They fall in love, by ruling out their differences. Age, perception, class and status don’t matter to them. Their love gets opposed by Sahil’s family. Sahil doesn’t let their immense love shatter because of the age bar. Sahil and Vedika prove out that love really conquers all. Their relationship becomes a perfect one with time. They face many troubles in between.

The story is unconventional. The love journey of Vedika and Sahil will be seen. They cross impossible hurdles coming in their way. Vedika’s take on their relation gets inspiring. Vedika and Sahil get married. Their age difference starts coming between them. Sahil’s family alerts him of the complications. Sahil and Vedika deal with their change in perception and other conflicts.

Main Characters:

Sahil is a young, carefree and charming guy. He is strong headed at times. He knows what he wants in his life. He has a broad mindset. He doesn’t let anyone affect his decisions. Sahil belongs to a rich family. He doesn’t want society to take his life’s decisions. He respects people. He is loved by everyone. He acts stubborn to make his demands fulfilled. He follows his heart. He does what he feels right. He raises voice against wrong. He believes in changing the wrong into right. He lives life on his terms. He falls in love with Vedika. He doesn’t let their age difference affect his love. Sahil decides to marry Vedika.

Vedika is a middle-aged, conservative and caring single mother. She has lost her husband. She looks after her family. She is bold enough to stand by her decisions. She faces financial problems. She doesn’t want to lose her house to her brother-in-law. She lets Sahil stay as a PG. Vedika finds Sahil a clean-hearted guy. Vedika reciprocates Sahil’s love. Vedika shows much maturity in dealing with the complications arising between Sahil and her. She isn’t carefree like Sahil. She thinks more of society and relatives’ opinion. Her perception begins to change by Sahil’s influence.


Karan Jotwani as Sahil Agarwal
Suhasi Dhami as Vedika
Geeta Tyagi as Badi Amma
Mohit Dagga
Resha Konkar
Sailesh Gulabani

Story So Far:

Vedika is seen as a simple and homely woman. She looks after her daughter. She wakes up in the morning and gets busy in household chores. Sahil is a carefree youngster. He enjoys the ride in his high-end car. They both listen to the same radio programme. They get to hear a love story. RJ tells about a young guy eloping with an elderly woman. Vedika and Sahil have different opinions on the matter. Sahil feels if wife is elder than the husband, she will be more mature and sensible. Sahil calls the RJ and gives his opinion. He feels love has no connection with age. Vedika doesn’t like the new generation’s thinking. She believes fulfilling responsibility is everything.

Sahil’s super-rich family is introduced. He has a caring family. Vedika lives with her daughter and mother. She has lost her husband Anurag seven years ago. She never thought to get remarried. She runs the house single-handedly. Vedika prepares for an interview. Her mother worries for the family expenses. Vedika assures that she will make everything fine. Vedika gets troubled by a neighbor. She doesn’t want to get re-married. She has support of her family. Sahil lies to the family. He hides that he has failed in the exams. He arranges a fake degree to please his family. He doesn’t want them to get upset because of him. The family congratulates him for his graduation. They soon learn about Sahil’s lie.

Sahil tells them that he has done this for keeping their happiness. Badi Amma gets angry on him. She regrets that he has broken her trust. Sahil promises her that he will succeed in life. Badi Amma decides to get him married. Sahil goes to meet the girl chosen by Badimaa. Vedika waits for her interviewer. Vedika and Sahil meet at the cafe. They have a misunderstanding. Vedika tells him about her teenaged daughter. Sahil flirts with her. He instantly proposes her for marriage. Vedika witnesses the unexpected.

Our Take:

The show doesn’t have any fresh concept. Such concept of age bar affecting relationships is seen before. Still, the difference here is the young guy falling in love with an elderly woman. The show focusses on the subject of gender equality. If an elderly man can wed a younger woman, then an elderly woman can also wed a younger man. The show deals with biasing, discrimination and forced customs faced by women in the society. The story seem to have few loopholes, which can be overlooked with the fast paced flow.

The show’s tagline No License To Love draws much attention. Sahil’s limitless love for Vedika passes through testing times. His rigidity and determined love wins over all the tough hurdles of life. Suhasi Dhami wonderfully steps in Vedika’s shoes. She doesn’t look too aged to play a 42 year old woman. She does complete justice to her subtle character. Karan Jotwani brings much charm and enthusiasm in his light natured portrayal of Sahil. He still has to crack a remarkable chemistry with Suhasi. Sahil’s flirty side adding humor to the tensed life of Vedika, brings some relieving moments. It will be interesting to see how Sahil influences Vedika towards an unseen fresh future.


The show brings a sweet feel while watching. The story shouldn’t get deviated from their love drama to Saas-Bahu saga. Performances are good so far. Leads chemistry would be getting better with every episode. A good family entertainer.

Our Rating:

3 out of 5

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