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#RIANSH – A CUTE LOVE STORY – Episode – 15 – Pant’s, Sharma’s and Rai Singhania’s celebrate Diwali

Episode starts with…

Its 6pm, RS Mansion,

Girls occupied Ishani and Siya’s rooms to get ready while Rudra and Chanchal left to their home. After a while, when everyone was ready. Riddhima went to check that all lightings are lit. She was going around the mansion checking the lightings and making sure all the diya’s in their place as decided as they would be lit by family members. She realized that Sejal forgot to switch on the cold pyro lights which were arranged near the pathway towards lawn. She called Sejal

Riddhima: Sejal, you haven’t switched the cold pyro lights. It’s already the time to start the event. Everyone would be coming into the lawn now

Sejal: Oh shit!! I forgot, give me a moment. I’ll switch it on.

Vansh came into the lawn to check on the security arrangements when the cold pyro lights were turned on and as he saw in that direction, he saw Riddhima. She was walking amid those lights and her appearance seemed to glow more. Vansh was awestruck and started observing her how gorgeous she was clad in Golden Yellow shaded ball – gown netted skirt with crop – top blouse with sparkling crystals, dupatta was highlighted with golden lace. She was like a fairy walking from heaven. Vansh was mesmerised of her beauty and the lights were adding extra beauty to her charm. He couldn’t take his eyes off from her. He was so engrossed in noting every bit of her. Her eyes were sparkling like stars, her light pink lips were moving up and down as she was speaking something, her neck was carrying a small choker, her hairs were flowing due to wind, her hands had bangles and as she was signalling something those bangles were making sounds, her anklets were moving in rhythmic manner. His heart skipped a beat. He didn’t realise when she came near him. She gave him voice but he was in trance of her beauty that he didn’t realise her calling him.

She observed his attire he wore an Asymmetric Black Dhoti Sherwani pinned with a brooch, and watch. He was simple yet elegant. Observing that he isn’t responding to her she snapped her fingers to bring him back to reality. Out of reality

Vansh: …haa.??

Riddhima: I should ask you. Where were you lost? I have been calling you from there and even was signalling but you were like in a dream land. What did you see that you went into such trance? (laughing)

Vansh: I was in dream land and would have proceeded some further only if you haven’t broken my trance. (almost murmured)

Riddhima: Did you say anything

Vansh: No, nothing was just saying that you are drop dead gorgeous. You look like a fairy from heaven

Riddhima blushed and thanked him.

Riddhima: You look dapper. If you go out in this manner, then I am damn sure some or the other girl would lose her heart for you.

Sejal, Ishani and Siya who arrived by now were struck by Riddhima’s statement as Vansh in these past 3 years used to get upset whenever anyone spoke about any girl. They worried for Riddhima when

Vansh: Is it? I thought men would skip their heart beat if you went out in this way. And if you are talking about me then, I don’t care because I have lost my heart for someone.

Riddhima, Sejal, Siya, Ishani and Angre (together): WHATTTTT!!!!!!!!

Everyone noticed each other’s reactions and laughed and coming back to the topic

Riddhima: What? You lost your heart to someone

Ishani: What do you mean you lost your heart? Who is she?

Siya: You didn’t tell us!!!

Angre: When did this happen? You didn’t discuss about her with me too!!

Sejal: Bhai, you are okay? I mean you lost your heart to someone? Like really? Who’s she? When did you meet her? How is she?

Vansh was shocked as to what did he blurt in trance. Now he was struck and the way everyone was shooting questions he had no answers and he even didn’t know what and how come he said such. While he was wondering how to get out of there, others were wondering how did this happen, when and who is that. Riddhima was shocked as she thought Vansh is single (the most eligible bachelor) but that didn’t seem so. None has stopped staring at Vansh, not even Riddhima, they all wanted to know what he meant.

Dadi: Kids, come it’s time for pooja.

Vansh: Yes Dadi, coming. (he thanked dadi for saving him).

He was skipping from them and speeding towards house when everyone was shouting behind him to stop but he was not interested. After moving from there he took a breath of relief while others were left fuming. They thought they’ll catch him after the festivities. So, while everyone went in, Angre saw Riddhima who was wearing his gift and adored her

Angre: You look gorgeous Riddhu

Riddhima: Thank you Bhai. Didn’t I tell you your taste is amazing. Look the result of your choice.

He smiled and then they both too left for pooja. First dadi has done the arti followed by Uma, Anupriya – Amar, Chanchal – Rudra, Ishani – Angre, Siya and Sejal.

Dadi: Riddhima, beta come you do the arti.

Riddhima’s eyes were searching for someone. But when dadi asked her to come forward to perform arti

Riddhima: But dadi, where is Vansh? He came into the house so where did he vanish? Acha wait maybe he is in his room; I’ll go and call him.

Everyone (together): NOOO

Riddhima was stunned by the unison response. She stared at them puzzled,

Angre: Riddhu, actually, the point is…

Dadi: Riddhima, beta, Vansh is an Atheist. He has been so for past 3 years.

Angre: Yes, he didn’t enter into the pooja room from 3 years and he will not. And if you go now you might fall prey for his anger.

Riddhima wondered why!!! She was wondering how come this 3-year concept related to him being an Atheist. Since last 2 days everyone has been speaking about this 3-year concept, which was not clear for her. Her inner self asked her to go and call maybe he’d come. With this hope she left to bring him. Others tried to stop her but she was not going to celebrate her Diwali without her friend. Riddhima went to his room assuming him to be present there but she didn’t find him so started searching him everywhere but he wasn’t there. Upset and sad she returned back. Everyone observed her sad and thought maybe Vansh has vented out his anger.

Dadi: Beta, don’t mind his words. He was not like this but…

Angre: Riddhu, don’t take his words to heart. He is not like this. Don’t mind

Ishani: Riddhima, bhai is just upset so he might have vented his anger. he didn’t mean to hurt you.

Riddhima: Guys relax. How could you expect that he’ll vent his anger on me? I accept I don’t know him fully but I don’t think he is such. Vaise bhi he isn’t in home. I searched for him everywhere he is not there. (sad expression)

Ishani & Siya: What!!! Bhai isn’t at home?

Riddhima rolled her eyes in agreement. Angre saw how affected she was with Vansh’s absence. He was wondering the reason.

Dadi: Its ok Riddhima, he might have gone out due to some work he’ll be back till then you perform arti.

Riddhima nodded and went forward to perform arti. All this while she was missing Vansh but didn’t knew why was she affected.

It’s, 8pm, RS Mansion,

Family was lighting diya’s all around the house while Riddhima was in the lawn lighting diya’s. Vansh came home and saw Riddhima alone sad so thought to engage her in talks

Vansh: Hey, you’re here! Where are everyone?

Riddhima: Seriously Vansh!!! Before you ask about others tell me, where were you?

Vansh: Cool Riddhima. Why are you hyper.

Riddhima: Hyper? So, you’d leave a party and you don’t want me to be hyper. Do you have any idea, that I was missing you!!! I came to call you for arti but you weren’t there in your room and I searched whole house and now you come and ask me to cool down and not be hyper!!!

Vansh: Interesting!!! Very Interesting!!!

Riddhima rolled her eyes

Vansh: Acha, actually got to go out for an important work so couldn’t inform anyone. Vaise bhi I don’t believe in god so I would have not attended arti. So, its good right, now I am back and we all can celebrate together.

Riddhima: Dadi told me you are an Atheist but I wanted to ask you why?

Vansh: It’s a long story and I don’t like discussing about it so just forget it.

Riddhima saw his expressions changing from happy to anger and stressed. She didn’t want to spoil his mood so she just decided to not persuade him.

Vansh: Any help in lighting diya’s?

Riddhima: Here take it. We need to light all the diya’s in lawn so start. This is your punishment for leaving without informing.

Vansh: So, someone missed me in my absence (winking at her).

Riddhima (realising what she said few mins back): Nothing such, just focus on the work assigned to you

Vansh was happy to hear that Riddhima was missing him. Riddhima wondered why was his absence affecting her. Why was she missing him? Why was his presence making her smile and absence sad? What happened to her? Why is this happening with her? Why did she say that she was missing him and why was she sad when he was not around? Why did she expect him to inform her before leaving?

Vansh started adoring Riddhima as she was lighting diya’s absentmindedly. She was lost in his thoughts. Vansh kept on staring at her. No one was ever upset with him and he never gave that right to anyone to question him but he didn’t have any objection with Riddhima questioning him. In fact, his heart wanted more of such questionings to happen as then she’d stare in his eyes. He didn’t know why he wanted her to be with him. Why was she taking over the rock Vansh and why is the original Vansh coming out? Is he changing? If yes, then why? Who’s influencing him? He had many such questions but he didn’t know that answers lie in his heart. They both were engrossed in each other’s thoughts that they didn’t even realise they were actually proceeding towards each other and suddenly, they both hit each other.

Vansh & Riddhima: Oops!!! Sorry

They looked at each other and then

Vansh & Riddhima: Are you ok?

They both laughed and nodded their heads and realised the lawn was beautifully lit and the beauty of festivities was keenly visible.

Vansh: It’s been years since house was lit in this way. Today because of you my house seems to be lively once again.

Riddhima: It was dadi’s idea to lit the house in diya’s. She was excited and told me that its after 3 years you are celebrating a festival so she wanted the house whole decked up

Dadi: Exactly!!! I want the house to be decked up and this is going to be a new start for my Vansh.

They saw everyone coming into the lawn.

Riddhima: Dadi I hope we didn’t upset you by our preparations and I hope you liked it

Dadi: Of course, beta, it’s much more than I expected it to be. It’s like the whole house is welcoming my Vansh into his new beginning. Thank you so much. I love all your preparations

Riddhima: We are glad dadi that you loved it and we didn’t disappoint you. Shall we light the sparkles? Actually, we thought to maintain the Eco-Friendly Diwali so, except some Sparkles, we didn’t arrange any pollutant mixed crackers. I hope you don’t mind.

Dadi: Of course, not. I thought of informing you but forgot so am glad you did it. Chalo everyone let’s celebrate the new beginnings.

Everyone gathers in the lawn, while Vansh & Angre excuse themself to talk privately. After a while when they return, Vansh sees how happy everyone is with his one decision. Dadi and Siya were clicking selfies while Anupriya and Amar were complementing each other, Ishani and Sejal were up to something naughty, Chanchal and Rudra were discussing about something. Vansh’s eyes were searching someone, while Angre went to see what Ishani and Sejal were up to. Vansh’s heart and eyes were in search of that one person who filled his house with lights and whose presence and absence started affecting him. Just then he felt a pat on his shoulder, he turned to see…. There stood that person whom his heart was searching for a while, seeing her his eyes had a sparkle as if he got something he lost. That person was Riddhima

Riddhima: Oo Hello Mr. Vansh!! Where are you lost?

Vansh: (nodding) Nothing. Where were you?

Riddhima: Actually, sparkles were finished so went to get them.

Angre: Riddhu, come here

Riddhima was about to go when she saw Vansh not following her

Riddhima: What are you waiting for? Come let’s celebrate.

All the youngsters reach a designated space in the lawn and were enjoying themselves. Sejal and Siya were busy pulling Angre and Ishani while Riddhima was enjoying that pulling session. Vansh was thinking something seriously when Riddhima noticed him lost, she pulled him into the entertainment zone and was reluctant to let him go for work.

Riddhima: Vansh, its festival time and you are busy in work. This isn’t taken. Come and enjoy.

Vansh: It’s been 3 years since I enjoyed so I don’t think I’ll fit into it. So, you guys carry on. I’ll take a leave.

Riddhima: Stop!!! So, you want to say you will not celebrate? You took an initiative and then backing off??? I am not going to let you do this. You are coming that’s it.

And so, she dragged him among youngsters while elders were busy playing cards, youngsters were clicking selfies, pulling each other. Vansh was reluctant but Riddhima was adamant not letting him go. They had dinner in the pool area and all later retired into some night fun in Ishani’s room.

Precap: Riddhima saw a shadow in under the dark sky approaching towards her…

So that’s all for today. Hope you guys are enjoying and please do comment and let me know your views and suggestions if any needed.

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