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Love after arrange marriage Ep-40-Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

Love after arrange marriage Ep-40-Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

Hello all , Happy Sunday..

It is for the information of all the readers of my ff that my exams are approaching ,  from 5 Dec to 12 Dec ..So , the frequency of episodes will be less as comparitively.. So , you will have to adjust till 12th Dec..

Episode starts as..,

After a while , Riddhima is very happy and they both sleep..

Next morning ,

They wake up and get ready for haldi ceremony …

Aakash and Shweta sit ..Everybody applies haldi to them ..

Riddhima feels something in her eyes..Vansh notices and comes..He hold Riddhima’s cheeks and blows air ..Riddhima feels better now..

Vansh sides his hand ..

Riddhima : Vansh , haldi ?

Vansh sees his hand ..Its haldi on his hands ..which is now on Riddhima’s face..Riddhima in her childness applies haldi on Vansh’s face..

They both play with haldi..

Daadi calls everyone after some time,

The girls apply mehndi ..Riddhima shows her mehndi to Vansh ..Her mehndi reads ..Vansh Rai Singhania ..

Vansh smiles looking at it..

They all click pictures and dance..

Here , Sangeet Ceremony gets completed…

They all go in their rooms..

Then , Riddhima’s deciding what will she wear for the next day..

Riddhima : Vansh , which shall I wear ?

Vansh : Umm ..I ask you that what shall I wear and you are asking me ..

Riddhima : Accha , tell me in which lehenga I will look beautiful.

Vansh points towards the lehenga ..Riddhima nods..

She prepares her clothes and all ..Then , they both sleep ..

The very next morning,

They all come down ..

Shweta sits for chooda ceremony.

Riddhima sits with her. Sejal brings bangles for Riddhima which suddenly falls in rose milk-water..

Riddhima : Oh !

Vansh : Riddhima shagun hi hota haii ..

(Its a kind of good thing only)

Riddhima nods yes..

Riddhima helps wearing chooda to Shweta..

Riddhima then picks her bangles..

Vansh : Riddhima , your bhabhi will make you wear , naa

Riddhima : Hehe, its not my chooda ceremony and also , I don’t have Bhabhi …

Vansh : Hone waali Bhabhi toh hai naa

(You have soon to be bhabhi naa)

Riddhima : Who ?

Vansh : Sejal

Sejal blushes..She comes forward and makes Riddhima wear her bangles …

Vansh clicks pictures..

Daadi says,”So guys , come soon for pheras..”

Everyone nods and goes to get ready !

Riddhima is looking stunning …

Vansh praises her and he takes kajal and applies behind her ears ..She blushes..

They go down ..

Then , the bride and groom all set fo pheras..

Sejal : Riddhima , I must say ..You both have done your marriage rituals again …

Riddhima recalls when Vansh gifted her ring on the enagement ..Then , haldi , mehndi and now chooda..

Riddhima : Oh , yess….

Sejal : Vanshhhh

Vansh arrives,

Sejal tells everything..

Vansh too realises it ..

Sejal : Now take pheas too and mangal sutra , sindoor and all ..

Riddhima : Are you ..

Vansh interrupts : Nice thought !

Riddhima : Whhhat ?

Vansh : Yes, after all we are already married (keeping his arm on her shoulders)


Precap : Vansh throws water on Riddhima , Riddhima turns on the shower in the bathroom ..They both stand there ..Vansh comes closer to Riddhima..


I hope you like the episode..Moreover , you must have liked the precap.. Haha!! Any guesses ? How it had happened …Vaise toh I have thought but I want your ideas too …

Yours Lovingly

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Well , here’s a question for you ..

Seanna and Riya don’t answer , you know it already…

What is my  first name ?

Hint : My 1st name is of 7 letters




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