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Ishq Mein Marjawan – Episode 6 (Feelings)

Hi all, thank you for all your lovely comments. I’m glad you all are enjoying my story. Not sure why the picture changed in the last part but it’s back to the original one now hopefully. Enjoy the epi today 😄

Epi starts…

Vansh goes into his room and thinks why Riddhima suddenly left and he is also not sure as to what the feeling he is expressing. He tries to shake his head to get rid of the feeling but it doesn’t work and decides to check on Riddhima again.

In Riddhima’s room..

Riddhima thinks: I am not sure why I am still thinking about the past. It is gone. I need to get out of here to clear my head. (She starts to sob as she runs out)

Riddhima comes to the garden and sits down on a bench just outside the house. Dadi comes from behind and sees her sobbing

Dadi: Riddhima, every tear is precious, don’t waste it for something that is not worth while. (She pats her shoulders and smiles)

Vansh comes and Dadi asks him to sit down. She walks away

Vansh: I am sorry if I did anything wrong earlier that you left in a hurry

Riddhima looks up shocked at him: No don’t say sorry, actually I am sorry for leaving without saying anything. A lot has happened and I wanted to clear my head coming here.

Vansh thinks and mumbles: would you like to go out for dinner with me?

Riddhima did not hear it properly and asks: What did you say?

Vansh awkwardly turns his head and closes his eyes. In his head thinking “Come on Vansh just ask her it’s only dinner” Vansh turns back to face her

Vansh: Wo..would you like to go out for dinner with me? I thought it could be a distraction for you and it will cheer you up

Riddhima giggles a little without letting Vansh notice and thought that it was sweet of him to try and cheer her up. She decides to tease him a little

Riddhima with serious face: As in a date?

Vansh: N..no no not like that. Just dinner (he smiles)

Riddhima: of course Vansh, I would love to go out for dinner with you.

She cheekily slides closer to him and plants a small kiss on his cheek and giggling she gets up and walks back inside.

Vansh was shocked and almost tripped as he got up slowly and walk back towards the house smiling to himself.

Meanwhile in the hospital..

Doctor: He is critical, there’s no way of knowing if he is able to wake up or if he does wake up the complications he will go through..

Lady: Please try all you can, If there is anything I can do to help, just call me.

Doctor: There is nothing you can do at the moment but wait. If he doesn’t wake up in 24 hours, he might slip into a coma or worse..

The doctor walks away and the lady sits down outside Kabir’s room to sob. She thinks “Please wake up Kabir, I love you.”

Back in VR mansion

Riddhima and Vansh are about to go out when stopped by Anupriya.

Anupriya: You two are not even married and you are going out. How ironic (she laughs)

Riddhima walks out sadly with Vansh looking  on. He turns to his mom.

Vansh: Mom, why are you doing this? I just wanted to cheer her up and you are making her sad again. Please just stay away. This is my life and I will live it how I want.

He walks away with Anupriya standing shocked.

In the car..

Vansh: I am sorry about mom, she can be a bit over the top sometimes, but inside she is a nice person once you get to know her properly.

Riddhima: It’s ok Vansh, you don’t have to apologise for her. I know she wasn’t happy with me moving in

Vansh: I will explain to her. At least for the evening now, just smile and no tears. Please, at least for me (he looks at her smiling and she too starts to giggle)

Vansh: See that’s much better.

Riddhima turns away and blushes. She thinks what is this feeling that makes her feel safe in his presence. She’s lost in thoughts when Vansh pats her gently on the shoulder

Vansh: We are here..

Riddhima smiles and gets out of the car slowly walking with Vansh into the restaurant.

Precap: Vansh and Riddhima return home happily. Riddhima tells Vansh about her past and he promises to never leave her. Angre and Ishani decides to team up to help Riddhima and Vansh be together while Kabir gains consciousness.

That’s all for today guys. It might have been short but it will be longer tomorrow. Can you all guess who was the lady with Kabir? And in  my story Anupriya is not bad, she just wants to do what’s she feels is right for Vansh and she might not like Riddhima now but who knows in future. So whoever guessed it was her that helped kabir, you guys are good but it could have been a different person altogether. I will reveal next time. Stay blessed 😄

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