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Is it really love?? (RIANSH) Episode 30: Vansh convinced?!

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Hello Xyz, Glad to know that you liked the episode🙈. Regarding your prediction let’s find out. Read and let me know about it😁

Hello Shivangi, Glad to know you liked the episode🙈. Regarding your prediction let’s read and find out. And also let me know about the episode😃.

Hello Chhavi, Maybe……. Let’s find out! But it’s very simple💛.

Hello KV2711, Let’s find out about what you thought is right or wrong! I am happy to know you like the storyline and then there’s a very nice scene coming up. So better not miss! 💙

Hello RiyaVaghani, It’s better you read all the updates and mine especially😜. Let me know about this one also🙈.

Hello Riaa, I hope you find this amazing too💛. And what’s coming up is going to be fun😃

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Hello M, Now enjoy home time also 🙈. Let’s read and find out about the prediction 🤭

Hello Riya Thakur, Maybe they plan or maybe not😉! Maybe your prediction is right or maybe wrong. Let’s find out 😁

Hello Diha, I hope you enjoy this episode too! Please do let me know🙈

Hello Riansh Lover, Even I enjoyed Pavitra Bhagya and miss it too! Regarding your prediction let’s read and find out 💗

Hello G_SQUAD, Glad you enjoyed the episode 😊. Maybe you are right! Or maybe wrong🥺. Let’s see!

Hello Darshika, Glad you enjoyed the episode 🙈. I too enjoy the game with you because it’s more fun💛. I hope you like what’s about to come up! I too am upset with the track but I am sure what will be coming will make us happy😁. (we need to keep some hope,right?😜)

Hello TSA, Let’s find out if any of your predictions turn out to be there! Seems you were actually thinking alot😃.

Hello Jasmin, Glad you enjoyed the episode 🙈. Thank you for the appreciation 🤗. And do let me know about this episode!💛


The episode starts as….

At 08:45pm in VR mansion,

Vansh is in his room. He continues looking at his picture along with Riddhima. And then looks at the phone.

Vansh(talking to himself): Come on Riddhima, not even one call. Doesn’t it affect you when I am not talking to you. You could’ve called once atleast. I thought you too miss me, but I was wrong.

Suddenly there’s a knock at Vansh’s door. Vansh keeps all his things aside and goes to open the door. He hopes it’s Riddhima but as soon as he opens he finds Uma. Vansh’s face shows expressions of sadness still Vansh keeps a smile on his face. Uma notices it.

Uma: What happened Vansh? Everything okay?

Vansh: Yes Mom! There’s no issue. But how are you up till now? I mean, you sleep early.

Uma: Vansh what’s the time?

Vansh: (Without looking at the clock) It’s 11:00 in the night.

Uma: Oh God! Vansh everyone in this house sleeps by 10:00pm and it’s not even 09:00pm. Which world do you live in?

Vansh: (looking at the watch on his hand): Okay yes! Sorry! I didn’t notice the time.

Uma: When people are in love, time moves slowly for them because they want to spend it with their loved ones but your case is different, time moves 2 hours ahead.

Vansh(in an extremely low tone): Their time moves slow because their love has time for them, my love doesn’t even care.

Uma: Did you say something?

Vansh: No! Not at all. Mom, I am really sleepy so if you could…..

Uma: Ofcourse Vansh! (Entering inside his room) You are my son, I will definitely sing a lullaby for you.

Vansh(surprise): WHAT! When did I say I want to hear a lullaby?

Uma: You didn’t say, but I assumed it to be so.

Vansh: Your assumption was wrong Mom! But can I sleep?

Uma: So basically you want me to go out of the room?

Vansh: Hmmm….. Ya……

Uma: Okay! Good Night!

Uma leaves his room but still stands outside and peeps through the door as she’s really curious to see her son’s reaction.

Vansh(talking to himself): Mom, How can my night be good when Riddhima didn’t speak to me? I really want to meet her, look at her, talk to her.

Vansh goes in, to change his outfit while Uma who’s standing outside stands surprised.

Uma(thinks): Wow! He has changed alot. And it’s for his good. Moreover, he found such a loving daughter for me. Why would I say daughter-in-law? After all, she’s so sweet and good at heart. She’s more like a daughter to me.

Uma smiles and leaves towards her room. Vansh comes out and sits near the window sipping a cup of coffee and starts his office work since he isn’t feeling sleepy at all.

At 11:00pm,

Vansh completes his work and lies down on bed. He again takes a look at Riddhima’s picture.

Vansh(talking to himself): So finally you didn’t remember me. That’s the reason you didn’t even call me once. Forget a call, not even a message. Anyways, Good Night!

Vansh closes his eyes just then there’s a knock at the door. He doesn’t bother to open it since he feels it’s Ishani or Sia who aren’t feeling sleepy and are coming to irritate him. But the person continues knocking at the door. Vansh finally gets irritated and gets up. He walks towards the door and opens. He’s irritated since there’s no one outside and understands that it was a prank played by either of his sister’s. Vansh locks the door and again lies to bed.

This time there’s a knock at the window, Vansh with full of anger in himself gets up and goes to open the window but after he opens, his anger melts down. He finds Riddhima outside. Vansh without saying anything just looks at her.

Riddhima: Vansh! Let me in! Or else I’ll fall.

Vansh helps Riddhima get inside his room. He’s still surprised since she entered through the window.

Vansh: What made you enter through the window?

Riddhima(sarcasm): Because I didn’t know that the door in your room is just kept as a showpiece. And one cannot enter the room from there.

Vansh: So was it you knocking the door?

Riddhima: Ofcourse! Who else did you imagine?

Vansh: I thought it’s Ishani or Sia’s prank.

But then suddenly Vansh recalls his anger for her and turns away. Riddhima understands his anger and hugs him from behind.

Riddhima: Vansh! What happened?

Vansh: As if you don’t know what happened?

Riddhima: (recalls Vansh’s message) I am sorry Vansh! I was about to come but then something just came up.

Vansh: Something that’s much more important than me.

Riddhima: Yes Vansh! I am sorry! Please.

Vansh: No! I am still angry. And I don’t want to talk to you.

Riddhima: You won’t forgive me until I tell you the reason behind me being late, right?

Vansh: Yes! You got it right!

Riddhima: A lady in the hospital needed blood and the blood bank didn’t have it stored. So I went to donate blood.

Vansh in surprise turns back to her and hugs her. He feels sad for his behavior and recalls her coming from the window. He gets back and makes her sit down on the bed.

Vansh: Riddhima you could’ve told me earlier. Why are you being so careless? You donated blood and came here to convince me, seriously?

Riddhima: Yes Vansh! I even prepared dinner for you and me, because I am sure you didn’t have anything till now.

Vansh: Riddhima you are completely mad. When a person donates blood, they should rest for a few days and not do too much work since their body needs to form blood again. And you! Doing adventurous things like climbing and entering from the window. Why do you do it? When will you learn to take care of yourself?

Riddhima: As long as you are along with me, I don’t need to worry about myself. I am sure you can do that. But Vansh, I am really hungry. So if we could first have dinner.

Vansh: Even I am hungry. You wait here, let me get plates and be back.

Vansh leaves quickly to get the plates and comes back. He finds Riddhima sitting in the balcony. He takes the plate and the food there.

Vansh: Are you planning to have dinner here?

Riddhima: Any issues?

Vansh: Not at all! I would love to, since you are here.

Riddhima smiles as Vansh serves food to both of them. They start having food as they also feed each other while reminiscing their moments. Vansh goes down to keep the plates while Riddhima is still sitting in the balcony. She recalls the lady’s condition and prayers that she gets well soon. She’s lost in her thoughts. Vansh comes there and puts his arm across her which gets her out of thoughts and she keeps her head on his arm. She can hear his heartbeat.

Riddhima(thinks): I always want to be this close to you. No matter what. I will be there by you. I want to stand by you and hear your heartbeats.

Suddenly they feel the cold breeze over them. Vansh gets worried for Riddhima. Vansh gets up.

Vansh: Riddhima, let’s go inside. It’s getting cold.

Riddhima: Vansh please! I don’t want to go in. Please! Just get a blanket and then we’ll sit here.

Vansh notices the innocence she’s carrying in her eyes and agrees to her. He gets her a blanket and wraps the blanket around her. He sits next to her and puts his arm across her again. Riddhima then removes the blanket which he had wrapped around her. She wraps it around him first and then around herself.

Vansh: Riddhima, you need it more.

Riddhima(placing her head on his arm): You too need it and what if you catch cold? It’s better you don’t question much.

Vansh brings her closer to himself.

Riddhima: I really feel safe around you. And I wish to always be around you.

Vansh: I too want you to always be around me. So that I can hold you close and near to me. Like today.

Riddhima: *blushes*

Vansh: But wait…… I am still confused. Why did you come through the window? I mean, you could’ve given me a call.

Riddhima: After I would have given 5 calls then you would answer one. Moreover, I wanted to surprise you.

Vansh: By putting your health at stake?

Riddhima: Vansh, It’s okay! After all, I had to meet you, Vansh Raisinghania, the business tycoon. I can do this much and take some risk.

Vansh: All this time I thought that only boys climb up the wall and enter from the balcony or window. But you proved me wrong.

Riddhima: You’re still mistaken. I didn’t climb the wall but instead had climbed the ladder.

Vansh: It’s okay! Even that’s a big thing for me. My love trying to convince me by her antics.

Riddhima: Funny enough! But I’ll leave now.

Vansh: Why?

Riddhima: You have meetings tomorrow. And you need to sleep.

Vansh: It’s okay. But you aren’t going home.

Riddhima: Vansh, I donated blood and not Organ. I can drive myself back.

Vansh: I don’t care. You are staying here. That’s it. It’s an order.

Riddhima: Okay!

Vansh and Riddhima get up and come inside the room. Riddhima sets a bed on the couch. Vansh looks at her.

Vansh: You don’t need to sleep on the couch.

Riddhima: Who is spreading such fake news that I will sleep on the couch. It’s definitely you who’s going to sleep.

Vansh: Wait…… What? This same incident took place at your house once when we were locked together. That time you were eager to sleep on the couch and were forcing me to sleep on the bed. And today?

Riddhima: That time we were almost strangers. So, I had to be good to you. But today there’s not much need.

Vansh: Okay! If you say so. But if you need anything then let me know.

Vansh goes to sleep on the couch while Riddhima sleeps on his bed.

At 09:00am in Riddhima’s house,

Riddhima wakes up on her bed. She recalls everything that happened last night and wonders if that was a dream. Aryan enters her room.

Aryan: That wasn’t a dream. Don’t worry.

Riddhima: How do you know what I was thinking?

Aryan: I have recently learned telepathy!

Riddhima: Well……… if that was the case then you would win every argument against Ishani.

Aryan: *laughs*

Riddhima: But I am serious, Last night I was in Vansh’s room, so how did I end up here?

Aryan: Actually, Vansh had dropped you here. He came here at 08:00am. He said that no one in his house knows that you visited him late at night. So, if he leaves for office early leaving you there, then you may feel awkward to face them and get out. So he dropped you here and left.

Riddhima: *smiles* Don’t I say that I got the best partner. He’s so caring and understanding. That’s why I love him so much. But for a minute, I actually thought that it was a dream.

Aryan: It’s okay! I understand. But now you need to go and freshen up and then come to have breakfast.

Riddhima goes to freshen up and Aryan leaves the room.


Precap: Aryan goes to open the door. Aryan, “You? Don’t you have work?”

Let me know who you think is there at the door?


Loads of love from me to y’all 💞💞

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