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Tqsm my dear dear friends, for your love and support. Now your waiting is completed. I am posting my first episode.

Journey of Radhakrishn in golok

Before they take human forms on earth, they both happily live together in goloka. In goloka each and every part is filled with love, devotion. Their are so many gopis but SHREE KRISHN first priority is RADHA bcz of her devotion and love towards him, when compared to others.

Sri Dama arrives goloka

( He is a devotee of shri krishn )

Sri dama arrives goloka with naradha maharshi to convey brahamadev message to his lord Shri Krishna.

Before they entering into goloka they want to open the doors of goloka. So Sridama says “JAI SHRI KRISHN” but the doors of goloka doesn’t open. He don’t understand why the doors are still closed after saying his lord name.

If you pronounce the name incompletely then how could the doors will open. Before Shri Krishn name we want to take Shri Radhas name.

But she is just my Lord’s love then how could i take her name first. If i do so, then i insult my devotion myself….. So, I can’t do that.

Ok then…… I will open the doors, naradha maharshi says….. ” JAI SHRI………RADHAE………KRI……SHN”

The doors are opend………

( He don’t like Shri radhae because everyone are taking her name firstly before his lord name. He didn’t like this. If we were in sri Dama ….. We also don’t like Shri radhae, because of our devotion towards our Lord. )

Ok friends today’s update is completed.

Precap:-  Shri dhama curses radha

Friends…..I hope it’s not that much of bad as i think. I want to drag this goloka part into 3 or 4 episodes. I want to explain this part in detail, if you don’t like it, please tell me, i will complete this in next episode.

Lots of love for you 🥰 and tqsm for reading it.


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