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Out of the blue, her leg got slipped, and was about to fall. She closed her eyes, accepting the fall. On the spur of the moment, someone holds her from the back. She felt solace in those hands.

As she opened her eyes, she saw Kabir in front of her. Her face got red, fuming in anger. She only had extreme hate for him after the demise of Vansh, But after his true colors came to light. She used to ignore him completely, not even wanted to have a glance at his shadows. She was up to throw her anger out on him.

Before she can say knife, Kabir hot under the collar screams

Leave her or else

It was Vihaan who was holding her. In his shrilling voice, he spoke to her with a smirk on his face.

You are not as you seem to be

Ridhima was amused hearing him…. She lost in thought of Vansh. Breaking her thoughts, Vihaan snapped his finger and said

You are weighing too much

She relieved herself from his support and turned towards him and put forward.

Don’t you had taken me on your arms

With a smirking face and a wink on his eye, he replied

Truth is sometimes bitter sweetheart………still you weigh

Within a wink of an eye, Kabir again shouted….


Kabir’s eyes were fuming with anger. He just can’t digest the fact that the one whom he had killed returned and, spoiled his dreams and hard work, And now flirting with his pawn, Ridhima. For Kabir, Ridhima was his obsession after Vansh. He can’t tolerate someone else’s love or hatred towards her. For him, he was the only one having right over her, he didn’t give that right to Ridhima also. After all, she was Vansh’s wife and they both loved each other. Vansh’s everything was his obsession.

Vihaan held Ridhima towards him.. and questioned Kabir

Who the hell are you to come between me and my wife

She felt uneasy with him but hides to provoke Kabir. Kabir angrily spoke

Before becoming your wife, she was mine… My girlfriend, who was even ready to give her life for love. My pawn, who used to dance on my tunes.

He even gifted her with a flying kiss. Ridhima was twitchy as well as vexed on him. Out of the blue, Vihaan said with a smirk.

All are hiding some flames inside…. But the flame of jealousy can’t be hidden.

After a pause, he continued…..

Arrey X ki sauthan……there is a difference in ‘was’ and ‘is’. You might be absent on the day when the teacher taught this….. haa(with a zany grin ) maybe you had bunked into the science lab. Because You are the Father of death science.

Vihaan split a gut on him, hot under the collar Kabir

Don’t forget that once I had arrested you and gifted you…….

Before he could complete Vihan cut in between Vihaan made him remember.

Don’t forget that once I had taken away your pride

Kabir “ Pride my foot…… Still, I have those powers to kill you…. This time even god can’t save you. And nobody will be there to mourn

Irked Vihaan showing fake pity on Kabir spoke

Arrey champak ….please ……please stop …… I’m getting irritated by your Rajdhani express, its maddening me

Kabir out of anger replied

I could drove Rajdhani express over you

Vihaan Yawning on Kabir

Akkad-Bakkad stop this nonsense….. you need guts for that, the only thing you don’t have

Vihaan moved ignoring Kabir. Within a spur of a moment, Kabir holds Vihaan’s collar. Kabir’s eyes are filled with flames of anger and burst out all his anger and spoke

Don’t forget that I’m still a cop and I have records of all your crimes which you did and didn’t

Before he could say knife Vihaan spoke

you are a trash here, an unwanted intruder….. be thankful to my wife, because of her pity you are here, and if you are cop ,then I’m a hacker, your whole horoscope was saved in my computer

Irritated with their talk Ridhima Replied……..

if you both were cop and Hacker , then I’m the Owner of this mansion……. Get lost damnit


Kabir threatens ridhima

Ridhima babe….. Don’t forget that I have your recordings…… I will make you pay for this.

  1. From confession of Vihaan, Does Kabir came to know about Vihaan not being Vansh?
  2. What would be next action of Ridhima to block Kabir from exposing her?

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