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Bigg Boss 22nd November 2020 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 22nd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Elimination Day
Ekta Kapoor welcomes everyone to the show. She recalls the revenge task she gave to the inmates. She says let’s give them a new task. You must have seen that we have time leaps in my show. The next task is about deciding whose time will end when in the house. They will try to guess who will stay till the end.

In the house:
Rubina says let’s decide who won’t go to the 11th week? Eijaz says I think Jaan or Kavita. I think she hasn’t learned her lesson. Kavita says I agree with him, there is a requirement of fakeness, sharpness which I don’t have, Rahul says I don’t see Abhi and Jaan moving forward. Nikki says Abhi is not entertaining, Jaan doesn’t take his stand. He should realize if he is doing right. Jasmin says the person who is easily influenced is Jaan, I don’t see the passion in Kavita, Kavita says according to the contestants Jaan and I won’t move forward. Ekta watches it and says I thought Kavita is strong.
Rubina I don’t see Pavitra going to the 13th week. Eijaz says Pavitra tries to play it safe. I can’t trust her. Pavitra says I don’t need your words. Eijaz says I am doing my task. He takes Nikki’s name as she is not entertaining. Jasmin takes Nikki’s name, she takes Pavitra’s name as she has fake aggression. Pavitra says meet me outside. Jasmin says you give out fake threats. Pavitra says you curse here as well. Jasmin says you are just filthy. Rahul takes Abhi’s name and Pavitra’s name as I don’t think people like selfish people. Pavitra takes Eijaz’s name and Rahul’s name. Nikki takes Abhi’s name and Pavitra’s name as she curses too much. Abhi takes Rahul’s name. Aly takes Pavitra’s name. They mutually take Pavitra and Nikki’s name.
Eijaz says I think Rubina won’t reach more than 13 weeks. Rahul takes Rubina’s name. Jasmin takes Rubina and Eijaz’s name. Rubina takes Eijaz and Rahul’s name. Abhi takes Rahul’s name and I want to take my name as I am not a big entertainer. Aly takes Abhi’s name, he takes Eijaz’s name as he sometimes becomes weak. Kavita says Rahul and Abhi will leave after week 13 so the finalists will be Eijaz, Rubina, Aly and Jasmin.

On the Stage:
Salman welcomes everyone to the show. He says the nominated Inmates are Eijaz, Rubina and Jaan. One will be eliminated today. He says Ekta gave them some tasks to give them a chance to win the immunity stone. She will come here today and tell us who deserves the immunity stone. He welcomes Ekta on the stage. He says you brought unrest in the house. Ekta says I have that special stone. Salman says let’s meet them now. She says I am fully ready.

Salman connects the video call to the house. Ekta greets them. Salman says she is the one who was giving you the tasks. Ekta says I have worked with most of them. Salman says how was your performance till now? Ekta says I have judged them on their desperation to win, their bravery, and their passion. I was impressed with them. Salman says you saw those qualities in Abhi? He laughs. Ekta says Aly is brave. She says I have another task. She says I keep the characters the same but I change the actors. Eijaz laughs. Ekta says I will give them characters but the actors will be swapped. They have to mimic each other. Salman asks Rahul to bring the placards. Eijaz says it’s so good to see you Ekta. She says very well. Salman says Eijaz is asking for the new show. They all say hello to her to get a show. Ekta says there was a big fight between Eijaz and Kavita so Aly will play Kavita, Rahul will play Eijaz. She asks them to mimic the fight. Aly acts like interrupting Rahul like Kavita did with Eijaz. Aly starts cleaning the slab and starts shouting on Rahul. They both start screaming at each other. Aly shouts like Kavita, Rahul charges at him like Eijaz. Aly pushes her like Kavita did. All clap for them. Kavita says they were over-acting. Eijaz says I liked it. Ekta says I want to see the repeat of Eijaz breaking his photos for Pavitra and her crying like a melodrama queen. She says Kavita will play Eijaz, she says Rubina will play Pavitra. Kavita mimics Eijaz pacing around. Pavitra sits down like Pavitra and starts weeping. Rubina acts like a bahu like Pavitra did. Kavita keeps mimicking Eijaz. Rubina acts like crying Pavitra.

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