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Part 54 22/11/2019

The next few days been quiet busy for Shaurya as he was attending some conference with his business partners. He came back home with a cheerful face in the evening while Karuna maa, maasi and Mehak were having tea at the garden. He pulled a seat next to Karuna maa. Maasi wanted to call Awara to bring extra cup but he took Mehak’s cup and started to sip tea from there.
Shaurya: Maa, today I am very happy, my new business dealing has been sealed and soon the work will start.
Karuna maa: I am happy for you beta. It’s your hard work since young you have come till here so far. Stay happy always.
Shaurya: Sure maa, I wanted to tell you that I am planning for a short vacation with Mehak. So we will leave this weekend and come back next week. I need a break from all my hectic schedule maa.
Karuna maa: Sure beta, do go and enjoy yourself and relax properly too. Mehak beta, go with him and discuss where you want to go. Don’t go somewhere nearby, try to go somewhere outside India and enjoy yourself well. You don’t want to go even to your maternal home to visit them at least don’t say no this time but rest properly too.

Mehak: Okay maa, since you want me to go, I will go, but you must take care of yourself with the medication and treatment, don’t skip your routine too, okay?

Maasi: Bahu you don’t worry, I will make sure didi follow the routine. If she doesn’t I will call you.
Mehak and Shaurya walked inside the house leaving the elderly enjoy their tea. Once they were out of their sight, Shaurya pulled Mehak by her waist keeping her closer to him and smiled mischievously.

Shaurya: So my love are you excited for our 2nd honeymoon?

Mehak’s eyes open wide hearing his tone.

Mehak: What honeymoon, I am not coming with you for any honeymoon. You go on your own.

Shaurya: Pagal ladki (crazy girl) Honeymoon I must go with you or else it won’t be honeymoon. So tell me where do you want to go?

Mehak: Shaurya, to me it doesn’t matter, if you are with me that’s already more than enough. Bring me wherever you want, I won’t complain.

Shaurya: Ok in that case let’s go somewhere near beach, with lots of Vitamin Sea. I will book the ticket. I want you to go with Sonal tomorrow to do some shopping. Buy some nice suitable clothes.

Mehak: Why shopping, these clothes are not suitable is it?

Shaurya: It’s okay but just that I am going for honeymoon so wear something like bikini, swimsuit etc. instead of wearing these suits, you will be like a behenji type there so when you are coming with the Delhi’s most eligible guy, must wear something hot to seduce me at least (in his husky suggestive tone)

Mehak wriggled in his hold hearing him as her face flushed in red as her jaw dropped hearing him talking like that.

Mehak: You don’t feel embarrassed to talk like that, besharam kahinka…

Shaurya: Arey I can only do all my dirty talks with you, do you want me to talk to others like this?

Mehak: (gazing down at his chest shyly) you are certified mental.

Shaurya: I know that biwi…

The next day Mehak and Sonal went for shopping. Sonal chose some suitable beach wears. Sonal had a hard time to convince her to wear the clothes that she is choosing though they are not revealing and quite modest. Finally Mehak agreed to wear them and as they proceed to the counter to pay, Sonal dragged her to the lingerie wear section. Mehak’s face redden like tomato. She pulled Sonal’s hand and started to throw questions.

Mehak: Sonal yaar are you mental or what, why are we here? We already pick the clothes for my trip and why are you here? Come let’s leave.

Sonal ignored her and checking some s*xy night wears. She stop for a while and turned to face Mehak who is still blabbering her in minimal tone.

Sonal: Yaar you are married and still dumb. You don’t know about all these things. Have you tried any of these night wears before?

Mehak shakes her head in animated way.

Sonal slapped her forehead knowing how naive her besties is.

Sonal: Baby, when going for outing with your hubby, try to wear like these kind of night wear. Your hubby is going to love it.

Mehak: Sonal yaar I am so shy to wear them, how to wear it and stand in front of Shaurya? Some more look at my size. I will definitely look like baby elephant in this. Shaurya is going to hate me.

Sonal: (slapping her forehead again) Yaar you don’t worry about Shaurya, he will definitely going to fall flat for you, and you are not baby elephant okay, you are curveous. And guys definitely loves girls like you as you look like pattakka (fireball)

Mehak: But yaar…

Sonal: Quiet Mehak, you always saying something. Think about your husband. Poor guy he is mad about you and willing do anything for you but you don’t even want to try something for him.

After sometimes Mehak agreed with the night wear. They get everything needed for the trip and spent more time together having lunch and walked around the mall before parting.

Mehak reached Khanna mansion and she took her shopping bags and went up to her room. Awara told her maa and maasi went out, she inhale a deep breath as she doesn’t need to show them the shopping bag. She put those bag on the bed and rested on the bed. She closed her eyes a bit
to relax her mind. She heard Shaurya’s voice. He was talking to someone in the phone. She quickly gets up and took her shopping bags to the wardrobe and hide them all. She came out from the room and Shaurya was standing in front of her. She tried to make herself look calm in front of him but she became more panic in front of him. Shaurya came in front of her and wrapped his arm around her waist.

Shaurya: Hi my love, how are you? How’s your shopping today? Did you buy everything you need? Show me what did you get?

Mehak: Sha…Shaurya…you are early today? Are you hungry, do you want to eat anything?

Shaurya: Yeah my meeting finish earlier and I was around this area so I came back home. Yeah what do you have for me?

Mehak: Let me go and check. You go and freshen up first.
Saying that she quickly left him at the room and went downstairs. At the kitchen she was preparing some snacks for Shaurya as she was self-talking to herself.

Mehak: How am I going to wear these dresses in front of Shaurya when I am not even ready to show it to him? This Sonal is crazy, going shopping with her was not a good idea at all. But what to do, I don’t know how to choose suitable dresses for me and Shaurya is busy and I can’t ask him to choose for me too. Luckily I manage to change the topic with Shaurya and he didn’t suspect anything. Matarani save me please, now I am completely stuck in this.

While she was arranging the snack with some juice in the tray Shaurya came behind her and rested his chin on her shoulder as he placed his arms on the kitchen counter. Mehak was standing in between his hold. She gasped lightly when he was behind her suddenly.

Shaurya: What happen? You look worried, is everything okay?

Mehak: No I am fine Shaurya, just a bit tired because of the shopping. Sonal made me go around to buy a lot of things. That’s why, you don’t worry.

Shaurya slowly turned her to see her face. He cupped her cheek and pressed a warm kiss on her forehead as he looking at her with a caring side.

Shaurya: Okay you go upstairs fresh up and rest a bit and later we will pack up. Our flight is tomorrow, we can relax and enjoy with each other. Let Awara to prepare dinner today, okay go rest.

Mehak nodded her head and went upstairs. She rest a bit and started to do her packing for their upcoming trip. The panic feeling vanished and replaced with happiness and excitement. The next day noon they left to airport after taking blessings from the elders in the home. Mehak holding to Shaurya’s arm as they both chit chatted throughout their journey. They boarded the plane and headed for their anticipated vacation.
After 7hrs they reached Manila airport and their airport pick up drove them to the Boracay Island. Once they reached the resort they were welcomed with flower garland and a welcome drink. Later they reached their sea view villa which is located in the private wing of the resort. Shaurya blindfolded Mehak’s eyes before entering the villa. The porter placed their suitcases inside the villa and left from there. Shaurya slowly guided Mehak inside the villa as Mehak keep asking him why is he blindfolded her.

Mehak: Shaurya why did you blindfolded me? You are always doing something like this?

Shaurya: Mehak meri jaan stay a little patient, there is something you going to love. Just a little bit more.

Mehak: Hmmmm.. But how long, I can’t stay patient anymore…

Shaurya: A little bit more my love, there you go. (He slowly open the blindfold and asked her to open her eyes slowly)

Mehak fluttered her eyes slowly to see the view in front of her. She was awestruck with the view in front of her. On the huge bed it was filled with rose petals and a fruit basket. There was a welcome card with message,

Enjoy your honeymoon Mr &Mrs Khanna
Mehak brightened up as she walked around their villa. The villa equipped with a huge Jacuzzi, It was filled with colorful flowers. Then he bring her to the balcony and Mehak jumped like an excited child seeing the sea view with the crystal clear view. She can see all the little fishes moving in the blue clear ocean. Shaurya made her sit in the edge of the wooden patio and signed her to dip her leg inside the ocean. Mehak cling to Shaurya’s arm and pulled his right cheek to her and planted her lips there as she kissed him there numerously. Shaurya started to giggle at her cuteness.

Shaurya: Oh my my… my naughty wife became extra naughty here, how am I gonna handle you here my sweetheart.

Mehak: Shaurya come bring me out I want to see other places too, come let’s go….

They walked out of their villa and headed to the beach. Mehak run along the shore as the wave hits her leg. She had an expression like a child who had his treat of the day. Her hair strands crossed her face as the breeze blow gently. The way the sand flowed into their feet and out the spaces between their toes made Mehak to giggle. Shaurya stealthily cupped some water and splash it at her. Mehak was shocked at his action as she fumed at him. Before he could do that again on her she kicked the water at him leaving him screaming at her to stop it. But she didn’t quit, she kept kicking and splattering water at him till he was drenched completely. Mehak laughed at his misery but it was too late for her as he stepped forward hooking his arm below her knees and lift her off the ground and throw her back in the sea. She let out squeal as the wave hit her. Shaurya kneeled to her level and both splashed water on each other. A large wave came and Mehak fall over Shaurya and both rolled like kid on the beach laughing at their churlishness. They slowly gets up from there and strolled along the beach till they reached a beach restaurant with a hut. They sat down and ordered some delicious meals as they spent the rest of the evening gazing the sunset along the beach.
The next morning they ventured into trying some sea sports. Though Mehak was not so keen about it but she decided to give a try for Shaurya’s sake. She knows he is very excited and she trusted Shaurya as he will be beside her. First they started with Jet Ski along the beautiful coastline off Boracay’s White sand beach. Mehak was holding to Shaurya as if her life depend on him. Sooner she felt excitement bubble into her and both started to scream in happiness. They also went for tandem parasailing and amazed with the breathtaking view of the coastline. It was soon night time, they were enjoying the night breeze as they walked slowly along the coast. Just then Shaurya’s mobile rings. It’s a call from the Sharma’s.

Shaurya: Namaste Kanta Chachi. How are you and how’s everyone at home?

KC: Shaurya beta we all are fine, how’s your vacation going on? How’s Mehak?

Shaurya: Chachi Boracay Island is damn good, please speak to Mehak.

He passed the mobile to Mehak.

Mehak: Chachi how are you and everyone at home? I miss you all.

KC: Beta we all are fine, just want to hear your voice and we are happy now. Sonal wants to speak to you.

Sonal: Hey baby, how are you? How;s everything?

Mehak: Everything is good dear. how are you?

Sonal : (With a silly smile tone) So how’s Shaurya.

Mehak: He is fine Sonal, do you want to speak to him.

Sonal: Arey buddu (idiot) you dont understand what am I saying? Did you try wearing the night wear we get the other day?

Mehak turned flustered with the question and she looked around to see, Shaurya was not near her, She thank God as he went to sit under the hut nearby as he ordered some drinks there. She turned away so Shaurya dont see her blushing face.

Mehak: Sonal dont you have shy or something how could you talk like this? Is everyone at home there as well?

Sonal: Meri jaan buddu(my lovely idiot) dont worry about anyone, well seems like you havent tried the night wear yet, please dont delay, wear that night wear today and woo Shaurya with your bold and s*xiness. I will call tomorrow to check on the progress. got it baby.

Before Mehak could protest, Sonal hung up the call. She cant believe what Sonal told her and she is never bold enough to initiate something erotic like that. To her this is totally impossible. The moment Shaurya looked at her mischieviouesly is enough for her to melt like ice and she surrender to him instantly. Their first night was organized by Diya and her friends. Now to wear that night wear and stand infront of Shaurya, she was contemplating how and wear the start as talking alone, didnt notice Shaurya was behind her. She turned to leave when she saw Shaurya was right behind her, she gaped seeing him there.

Shaurya: What are you doing here, talking alone and blushing like this? What happened?

Mehak: (stuttering) me , I am okay, (brushing her face off) I am not blushing just feeling warm abit.

Shaurya: yeah right, look at your face you are red like a tomato or something and been talking to yourself past 2 minutes. People gonna say you are mad for talking to yourself. Anyway, come relax here enjoy this drink. (he wrapped his around her shoulders and bring her to the hut)

They enjoyed the dinner though couple of times Mehak’s mind drifted away of her conversation with Sonal. In shortwhile they walked back to their villa. Once they went in, Mehak rushed inside the bathroom. Shaurya on the other end received a call and was talking on his mobile. After freshen up, Mehak was looking at the lingerie for a while as she huff and puff to herself. After walking front and back in the bathroom, she stand infront of the full length mirror and observed herself on the mirror with the lingerie in her hand. She brave herself up and decided to wear that. She wore that lingerie and look at herself one more time. Just then Shaurya knocked the bathroom door.
Shaurya: Mehak are you done, you been in there for a while, is everything okay?

Mehak: Shaurya….. wait I am coming out…(she straightened herself as she smoothened her hair.

She slowly unlocked the bathroom door and came out. The satin peach toned lingerie was showing her curves and perks. She passively step towards their bedroom. Shaurya was sitting at the bed edge, he took off the shirt and browsing his mobile, waiting for Mehak to come out from the bathroom.

Shaurya: Mehak….I need to use the bathroom urgently…

Shaurya’s POV
Mehak didnt answer which made me irritated a bit, I get up from the bed step towards bathroom, but my steps halted when I saw Mehak standing looking at the ground. My throat dried seeing her wearing that lingerie. I blinked my eyes twice to make sure it was Mehak there and I am not dreaming. To my astonishment it is Mehak and I couldnt believe my own eyes.I didnt say anything as I rushed inside the bathroom to relieve myself. I stand infront of the wash basin as I splash some water on my face as I rested my arms on the basin counter as I looked at myself. I smirked at what I saw earlier and took the face towel wiping my face off. I hope that I was just dreaming or she still with that night wear. I wonder where she got that, usually she will not even take a look at it but Mehak wearing that took me to different level of surprise. I throw the towel away and went to open the bathroom door.

Mehak’s POV
Shaurya was slightly irritated as I was occupying the bathroom for sometimes. He rushed out from the bedroom and the moment he saw me wearing this, he didnt utter anything but rushed inside the bathroom. I sulk at my ownself as Shaurya didnt even look at me or say anything. I waited for him to come out from the bathroom so I can change back to my usual nightie. At this moment I was angry at myself more and also at Sonal. She always give me some dumb ideas on how to woo guys and I feel stupid for listening to her. I wonder what is Shaurya thinking about me. He came out without his shirt just in his short pants which he was wearing earlier. I didnt want to look at him but just want to get rid off this funny lingerie and back to my boring night wear. I can feel his gaze on me. I tiptoed towards the bathroom as the wardrobe is attached in there. Before I go, I was tugged by my forearm. I gasped at the sudden action as I now how awkward is the situation is. Shaurya’s arms were around my waist and my arms placed on his chest to create some distance. I kept my eyes at his chest and looked down but not him. My hear beat rose up immediately at our proximity and I was cursing my stupidity. He called my name but I dare not to meet his eyes but he lifted my chin gently to meet his eyes. He inhaled a deep breath as he look at me. I turned my gaze away.
Shaurya: Why are you wearing this, well where did you get this from? I remembered, when I want to get something like this at Amsterdam you didnt even allow me to get it.

Mehak’s throat dried as she tried to swallow her saliva to answer him but she was pause for too long which made him to call by her name again. This time she slowly face him but she her eyes low.

Mehak: When I went for shopping with Sonal, she insist me to try this. She said you will like it. I know I look fat and ugly in this, let me go and change to my usual night wear. (trying to pull herself away from his hold)

Shaurya: Dont call yourself ugly or fat, you are looking absolutely hot trust me, I am trying to be sane infront of you, or else I dont know what I would have done by now.

Mehak: (suddenly her mood lifted and she smiled for the first time now) Really, do I look good in this? But it looks quiet short.

Shaurya: Its just nice, perfect on you.

Mehak: Okay since you already seen me wearing this, and I look good I will change them now.

Shaurya: Well I have a better plan. (saying in his suggestive tone)

He bent to lift her up by her knees and laid her gently on the comfy mattress. He slowly kissed her eyes as she kept them closed, then her nose and her forehead aswell. He planted another deep kiss on her cheeks. While Mehak’s fingers roam all over Shaurya’s back and buried them in his nape. He continued to shower her with his wet kisses not missing any spots as he hummed how gorgeous she is. With his skillful mouth he captured her lips. His right hand kneaded her perky curves. She moaned as she dwell in pleasure caused by his ministration. He nuzzled her valley, she didnt realize when he removed her clothes. She sucked her breath first when his hard length teased her V area. Breath laboured with new bliss as he swiftly made his way inside her. His hands squeezed every curves and devoured her teats. He groaned when Mehak held him tightly and dug her nails on his skin. She moaned as she the tidal wave of sensation surrounded her. Later he was no longer gentle on her as her moaning just made him wild when her walls clenched his length and he bite her earlobe as he whispered I love you Mehak.

After several hours later, Mehak was wearing one of Shaurya’s tshirt and resting on his chest. They were not sleepy but tired. She was flustered with everything happen a moment ago. Shaurya planted a kiss on her hair as he interlace his fingers with hers. Mehak was listening to his calm rhytemic heart beat as she was tracing her finger over the tattoo on his chest. She never knew someone will love her madly like he does.

Shaurya:So what else did you buy when you went shopping with Sonal? Anymore surprises my biwi?

Mehak lifted her head to see him and she saw his usual mischievious glint. She pushed playfully on his chest and rest back on his chest hiding her face.

Mehak: Nothing else, only that nightwear. I didnt want to wear that at all but Sonal is stubborn, she talk crap at times.

Shaurya: In that case I will be buying more lingeries for you to try it out for me.

Mehak: Chi Shaurya, dont talk like that, I will never wear them again.

Shaurya: We’ll see that again my love, I know how to convince you. For now lets rest so tomorrow we have something exciting waiting for us.

Mehak tilted her head from his chest to look at his eyes asking for a clue but Shaurya place her back on his chest and wish her good night to rest well. The next morning Mehak woke up later than her usual time. She checked at her clothes and she notice she is wearing Shaurya’s tshirt. He was not there and she slowly pushed the duvet away and stretched herself. She slowly placed her feet down to look for Shaurya but she saw a note on the bedside table which asking her to come to the pool area behind the villa.She saw the pool nearby which facing the blue ocean , filled with colourful flower petals. She smiled at the setup as a pair of strong arms came behind her wrapping around her waist as he placed his chin on her shoulder.

Shaurya: Good morning my love, did you slept well?

Mehak: Morning patidev. What is all these? (pointing to the flower decorations)

Shaurya:We will be having our breakfast in the pool as we soaked ourself in the pool and later we will have our spa. So now go and wear this swimsuit before we get into the pool.

Mehak’s eyes widen at his idea. She animatedly shake her head off as he handed over the paper bag. She hold the bag as if its something gruesome. She pull out an one piece swimwear which is modest yet she is not comfortable to wear that. He removed his tshirt off and asked Mehak to go in to change. But she put it back inside and push it back to Shaurya’s hand.

Mehak: Shaurya I cant wear this. I wont look good in this.

Shaurya: Mehak, this is not revealing and you are reacting as if I give you two piece swimwear. Now dont talk too much wear this and come.

He pushed the bag to her. But she throw the bag at him and started to strode back inside the villa.

Shaurya: Mehak its better you wear this now or else I will forcefully wear it on you.

He run behind her calling her name but Mehak didnt listen to him. She rushed inside the bathroom inside the villa before she lock the door , Shaurya came in as he tug by her forearm and looked at her with a naughty look. She tried to wriggle out from his hold but it was no use, he pulled her out of the bathroom. Mehak kept a stoic face at him with mock anger expression at him.

Shaurya: Wear this and come out now. or else I will change your clothes now…. ( his hands went to her tshirt hem)

Mehak pulled down the hem and run backward, Shaurya trailed her aimed to pull out the tshirt from her. She run from him and both started to run around the room. Mehak climbed on top of the bed and started to throw the pillows at Shaurya.

Shaurya :Mehak come down from the bed now, stop throwing the pillows at me.

Mehak:Shaurya no, I am not going to wear that.

Shaurya:In that case give me back my tshirt you are wearing, I want my tshirt back.

Looking back at what she is wearing, she pulled the hem of the tshirt down to cover her leg, just then she tripped on the bed and Shaurya secured her with his weight on top of her. Mehak was very unfit as she was panting heavily under him. She was giggling heavily and Shaurya pecked her lips which even made her giggle to reverberate in that villa.

Shaurya: Mehak please just once for me. Its only you and me in this villa, and no one will see you and trust me this is very decent wear and nothing like what you wore last night. (his hands went to trace along silky smooth thigh)

Mehak: Shaurya… what are you doing? Last night you didnt spare me even a bit. Get up from me, I want to rest now.

Shaurya: Well that was not my fault entirely. You came with that attire and do you think I will be sane, last night was perfect example how naughty you are.

Mehak pushed him away and took the swimwear from him and headed to he bathroom to change. She wear that swimwear its more like a scuba suit and not revealing and she looked at herself infront of the mirror and came out of the bathroom looking for Shaurya. She headed to the pool area and he was waiting for her. His face lifted with a wide grin and his child like expression. He admired from head to toe as she stand blushing infront of him. He turned her gently and comb her hair with his finger and tie up her hair into a bun. He forwarded his palm to her and she placed her small palm in his, he helped her to get into the pool slowly as she let out a boisterous giggle when her skin came in contact with the cold water. Slowly she waddle inside the pool letting out giggle holding his hand securely. Once they reached the suitable spot, 2 of the villa staff came in with a food tray which loaded with fresh cut fruits, salad, toast and local delights were placed in the pool and pushed towards where Mehak and Shaurya standing. Shaurya get hold of the tray and both started to enjoy their breakfast. Once done, they splashed water on each other before starting their special spa treatment.

In the evening Shaurya tied Mehak’s eyes to show something special. They walked passed some bamboo paths and when they reached it was the end of the path. Mehak slowly take off the blindfolds and was thrilled to see the magnificent view. The smell of the salty sea tingled her nose as both breathed in a breath of fresh air.The strands of hair crossed her face. The blue ocean was crystal clear and they could see every living thing in the ocean.

Shaurya: So how is my surprise? My adorable wife.

Mehak: (still in her euphoric mode) This is so beautiful Shaurya, I love it. Look at that sunset, this is so breathtaking. Thank you for bringing me here.

Shaurya: You are most welcome my sweetheart. Now lets sit down , dip our feets in this blue ocean.

They sat down together as they observed the sunset The waves were singing them a dulcet lullaby as the sand flowed into their feet filling the spaces between their toes. After two days they returned back to Delhi to celebrate Diwali with their loved ones.

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