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Love Story Of Demi-Jinn And Ayaana ~ Destined To Be ONE – Episode 7

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In the last episode all of you saw that the first ritual of Muslim marriage which is Imam Zamin, official declaration of the bride as the daughter-in-law of the family was done, in this episode, there w the magni (Engagement) of Aman and Roshni is about to happen, with a small twist, hope you guys find it alright.

In Junaid Mahal

Dadi and Baby are going through the decorations of the Engagement of Aman and Roshni, Baby asks Dadi, “Ammi, why are we decorating the house right now, neither is it Eid nor Muharram, so why these decorations???” Dadi tells her, “These decorations are done for my NIKAH!!!” Baby says “OOOH!!!” then all of she realises what her mother just said and asks her, “AMMI, you are getting married at this AGE????” Dadi bangs her head saying, “Baby these decorations are of Roshni and Aman’s engagement!!!!” Baby continues embarrassingly, “Oh yeah, I forgot!!!”

In Roshni and Aman’s room

Roshni is getting dressed, when Salma comes to check on her saying, “Oh my little princess is looking really pretty just like her mother.” Then slowly Salma starts playing her trick, “Roshni, how is your relationship with damaad ji???” Roshni says cheerfully, “Allah knows best!!! Khan baba is really good Ammi, he takes care of me a lot, yesterday he was giving lecture to all those people who were questioning YOUR COURTESANSHIP STATUS!!! He is really caring!!!” Salma maliciously continues, “And what about LOVE, does he love you???” Roshni blushes thinking of the earlier moments when she was together with Aman, unknown to the fact that she had already fallen in love with him. Salma notices her face brightening up over her question and also realises the development of feelings in Roshni. She snaps asking, “What happened??? Where did my laado go???” Roshni replies, “Nowhere Ammi, right now there is nothing like that between us, but after NIKAH, every MIA and BIWI start accepting each other, right???” Salma asks her, “Do you think Aman will ever accept you as his BIWI???” Roshni is shocked at that question, she questions her furiously, “Ammi, what are you asking, Allah knows best!! Khan Baba is nothing like that already engaged SAMEER with whom you had proposed my NIKAH!!!” Salma is astonished. Roshni says, “Allah knows best, I came to know about it Ammi, but regretfully through my MOTHER-IN-LAW” Salma tries to divert Roshni’s attention saying, “Your mother-in-law, that is what I’m talking about, Is she alright about you being the daughter-in-law of this house???” Roshni asks her surprisingly, “Why are you worried about that Ammi???” Salma smiles maliciously with her back towards Roshni thinking, “Now you are falling into my trap, after all I’m your Ammi.” She turns towards Roshni showing her sober face and says, “Laado you are not able to understand, how these people are making use of YOU!!!” Roshni asks her curiously, “What do you mean, Ammi???” Salma continues, “Beta, damaad ji doesn’t LOVE you, neither will he be able to LOVE YOU ever!!!!” Roshni is disheartened to hear that, “But why are you saying so, Ammi???” Salma smirks and says, “BECAUSE THERE IS SOMEONE ELSE IN HIS LIFE” Roshni is bewildered, the bangle set which she had been holding falls down scattering the bangles all over the room. Salma continues, “That is the REALITY, laado, he married you at that time, only because he wanted to save his mother, and now he wants to protect his family using YOU, once everyone are safe, and everything is settled, Aman would give you TALAAQ and marry ADAA, because he loves ADAA!!!” Roshni asks her desperately, “But how do you know that Ammi!!!” Salma continues with her sober face, “Because I have lived that life, laado, A COURTESAN is a woman who is used for pleasure and then thrown out!!! Aman considers you a COURTESAN, and since you are an AYAANA, you are necessary for him to protect his family and after that he will leave you and go to his real LOVE.” Roshni eyes fill with tears and they smudge the dark eyeliner applied below her eyes. Soon the tears roll down faster through Roshni eyes. Salma tells her, “Laado, as your AMMI, I just informed what is really happening in your LIFE!!! You were disgusted with me because I proposed the already married SAMEER for you, but believe me, Sameer would have always kept you happy, while you will become a unwanted second woman in Aman’s life after he marries Adaa!!!” Salma leaves her room smiling, “I have instilled doubt in Roshni’s mind Rakh Jinn, now you continue what you have to!!!

Rakh Jinn and Adaa disguised as guests have come inside the Juniad Mahal. Adaa asks her, “Today is Aman’s engagement with Roshni, do you want me to stay here and watch their engagement being done??” Rakh Jinn tells her, “Be patient, we have not come here to feast Aman-Roshni’s engagement!!!” Adaa demands, “Then for what have we come here???” Rakh Jinn smiles and replies, “To get Sifrati Jinn back!!!” Adaa is surprised “But how is that possible, you tried to get his ashes once and you failed, right???” Rakh Jinn replies, “Yeah that’s right, but later, I realised that we can bring him back without his ashes!!!” Adaa asks her, “How??” Rakh Jinn smirks and tells her, “Through Aman, remember, AMAN is a DEMI-JINN, so A PART OF SIFRATI JINN LIVES INSIDE HIM!!!!”


To be continued.

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