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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 22nd November 2018 Written Episode Update

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 22nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Karthik telling Sir that Naina praised him much. Sir asks him to shut up and continue the rehearsals. Pandit asks Sameer to end the fight with Naina, but Munna says Sameer will not go to her. Pandit says Naina has realized her mistake and wanted to say sorry and that’s why is waiting for him in red rose. Sameer asks really. Munna says Sameer will not go there. Preeti asks Naina to forget her anger and goes to meet Sameer. Kamya asks Preeti to leave it. Naina says I can’t accept that he will come and meet me. Preeti says his mood was bad seeing you praising Karthik. Hema says he wanted to apologize to you since morning. Preeti says he is waiting for her in red rose, but she will not go. Naina goes to red rose restaurant and looks at Sameer. Sameer also looks

at her and thinks she is looking upset as she did mistake. Naina thinks she will agree once he says sorry. Munna and Pandit, and Preeti, Hema and Kamya are looking at them from hideout. Sameer asks Naina to sit. Naina thinks why she is sitting quiet. Naina thinks say sorry fast and end the matter. Sameer thinks it is not easy for her to say sorry. Munna, Preeti and others wait for them to say sorry. Sameer says you can say, I can understand your feelings as I love you so much. He says my answer is its ok. Naina asks what answer and asks what I couldn’t say? Sameer says whatever you want to say, sorry. Naina says I came to hear from you and asks him to say fast and say sorry. Sameer says I forgave you without sorry, and you are showing attitude.

Naina asks are you mad and says I will forgive you when you hold your ears and apologize to me. Sameer says it is good, that you praised my enemy infront of me and then fighting with me. Naina asks him not to shout and asks waiter to keep cola bottle. She asks him to drink. Sameer says I will not drink. Naina says you take much time to comb your hairs than the girls. Sameer says Munna and Pandit say right that you are Naina Devi. He calls her selfish. Naina gets up to go. Sameer asks her to sit and listen to him. He says if you go from here then you have to come behind me, I will not come behind you. Naina says no, you have to come behind me and goes. He comes on his bike and signs her to sit. He starts bike…and sings khud ko kya samajhti hai……Naina sings Nayak nahi khalnayak hai…….She gets upset with him and leaves.

In the house, Naina asks what does he thinks of himself? Preeti asks her to rehearse the play. Naina tells the play lines, and then talks about sameer. Preeti asks her to focus on play else Punawala’s hardwork will go waste. Naina says you are worrying much about punawala. Preeti says he is cute and says you don’t understand his hardwork. She asks her to do rehearsal alone. Naina says ok and thinks Sameer didn’t call me one and says I will not call him. Sameer tells Munna and Pandit that he felt really bad with his insult. He says everyone was looking at me shockingly. Munna and Pandit ask him to let them sleep. Pandit says everything will be fine. Sameer says she should have called me once. Munna asks him to sleep.

Naina looks at the toy parrot as it says sorry. She says she will agree when Sameer says sorry.

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