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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Sudha and Ishita have a face off

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone discussing about Sudha. Mrs. Bhalla says its Choti Diwali today. Aaliya and Ruhi don’t want to celebrate. Ishita says we should always celebrate festival with willpower, our situation will change, if our employees get their bonus tomorrow, won’t it be Diwali for us, we just have to find reasons for happiness. Sudha welcomes everyone in the party. She says I m very happy that you all have come, happy diwali, come. Rohan asks Aaliya does she need anything. Karan asks Ruhi to do tell him if she needs help. Sudha says its amazing music, come on the dance floor, enjoy, we all should dance.

Sudha insists. Raman says enough, we are here just because of the workers, give them their rights on Diwali, you are only wasting your time. She says you are impatient,

I will give them salary and bonus, but there is a condition, Ishita and I will have a dance off today. They get shocked. Sudha says if Ishita wins it, then I will pay salary and bonus to everyine, if Ishita loses it, sorry, you all will have to go empty-handed. Ishita asks what’s this nonsense, are you serious. Sudha says you have to dance, if you wish for the welfare of your staff, you will surely sure, you were keen to send me to jail, this is the time to pay back, tell me Ishita, are you ready for this dance off. Ishita asks what. Everyone claps. Ishita gets ready. Mihika asks are you fine. Ishita says if I lose, Raman and all employees will lose with me, what shall I do. Mrs. Bhalla says I know you are tensed, you have to win for your staff. Simmi says don’t worry. Mihika says we are with you, you will win. Mani says I m sure Raman that Ishu will win. The dance competition begins. Sudha and Ishita dance on Aaja nachle….

Sudha puts a pin on the floor. Ishita steps on it and dances. Her feet bleeds. Raman sees this and worries. Ishita falls down. Sudha smiles. Everyone rushes to Ishita. They ask what happened, how is it bleeding. Ishita says sorry, I lost. Raman does the aid. He says you will be fine. Sudha says I hope you are okay Ishita, how sad you couldn’t finish the song, you have hurt your foot, unfortunate, its perfectly okay, one has to lose and one has to win, you have lost, as per the condition, no one will get salary or bonus. Raman says this isn’t fair, Ishita was better than you in dance. Sudha says she lost this competition, that’s it, its Diwali party, please have food before leaving. Raman begs her to give salaries to staff. Staff asks Raman not to beg for them.

Raman says your families would be waiting for Diwali gifts, please give them salaries. Sudha says sell the 49% shares to me, then I will give them bonus and salaries. He says fine, I will sell the shares, you give them their rights, Ishita stay out of this. She says think of your employees, Sudha will fire them, she won’t do good to them, she will be hurting them, why ain’t you thinking straight, think of staff. Sudha says enough Ishita, Raman sign papers fast. Raman takes the papers to sign. Mani says don’t sign, we will solve this problem. The man says we have put in great efforts in this company, how can you give it to someone else, we know this company is facing a crisis, we want only one boss, that is you. Raman cries. The man says don’t sign these papers. Raman tears the papers and throws it. Sudha looks on shocked.

Ishita says Rohan and Karan want to divorce Aaliya and Ruhi, they want a compensation of 100 crores. Raman says I will kill them. Mrs. Bhalla faints. They get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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