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Vikram Betaal 22nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Betaal tells Story of Devi Lakshmi and Bhagya Dev

Vikram Betaal 22nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Vikram reaching Pret Log and seeing snake. He thinks I have to control it using hypnotizing technique. He makes the snake go and thinks Sanyasi opened other way to reach Pret log. He shouts calling Betaal and asks him to come infront of him. Betaal says here…I am and asks him to come up. Vikram climbs the tree to get up. Betaal comes down and asks Vikram to come down. Vikram jumps. Betaal goes up. Vikram climbs again. He jumps on Betaal. Betaal says I was just playing. Vikram says this is not your age to preoccupied. He asks him to come and keeps on his back. He says I have understood that you will not harm me. He asks why did you laugh and cry? Betaal says I laughed as I have burnt your yakshiyum yantra, and cried as my betaal ghaati is burnt because of yantra. He says

beauty of pret ghaati was an illusion. He shows the flowing gold and asks Vikram to get it. Vikram says wealth without hard work is waste for me.

Betaal says I will tell you a story and if you don’t give me an answer then I will cut your head. He tells that everyone is busy with their routine work when suddenly gold coins started pouring on them. He tells that there was an argument between Bhagya Dev and lakshmi. People get happy seeing the gold coins. Lakshmi tells Bhagya that people are happy now. Bhagya says when there is no bhagya then lakshmi can’t stay there. He burns the gold coins. Lakshmi showers gold coins, while bhagya dev burns the coins. Betaal tells that their fight begin. They want to prove that they are superior. Brahma Dev appears infront of them and suggests them of a solution. Betaal says a farmer was selected to prove who is superior. Lakshmi tells that she will prove that she is superior. A farmer asks his wife to bring food. Suddenly gold coins starts falling from the rooftop. Farmer and his wife get mesmerized. Lakshmi asks Bhagya dev if he thinks that farmer needs bhagya now. Bhagya says you gave him wealth, but it is not known if it is in his destiny. Farmer tells that he will return the wealth to Brahman dev as the house previously belonged to Brahman dev. His wife looks on.

Farmer brings the wealth to Brahman dev. Brahman Dev asks you are here at this time. Farmer shows the jewels. Brahman dev asks why did you bring it here? Farmer says it is yours and that’s why I brought it to you. Brahman Dev says how can I take it, my wealth is my knowledge. Farmer tells that they found the wealth in his house. Brahman Dev tells that I have sold the house to you and asks him to keep the jewels. Farmer says it is not in my destiny and asks him to take it. Betaal tells Vikram that they both went to Raja for solution. Raja tells that the wealth doesn’t belong to you both. Farmer asks Raja to keep wealth with him. Raja refuses and asks his minister to keep the wealth in the cave.

Lakshmi appears infront of farmer and asks him to accept the wealth. He agrees. Farmer and Brahman Dev argue to get the wealth. Raja asks his men to take out wealth from cave, but they find it missing. Bhagya Dev and Lakshmi Devi are clueless about its whereabouts.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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