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Vighnaharta Ganesh 22nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Mata chandraghanta kills all demons.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 22nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh saying the story of mata chandraghanta. As the demon army nears Kailash, mata parvati senses a danger and a form of mata chandraghanta appears from her with a golden bell.
Mata chandraghanta sits on a lion and comes out of the palace with her golden bell. Mata chandraghanta bangs the bells very loudly and its sound is so dangerous that the flying demons flying is disrupted by the resonating waves of the bell’s sound, the demons crash into each other and fall down and die as they fall with a loud bang. Mata chandraghanta kills all the demons with the single bang of the bell’s blob.
Ganesh then says this way the story of mata chandraghanta is also over. Devi sarla says then we should do the Pooja of this form of mata. Everyone do the Pooja of mata

chandraghanta. Ganesh then says now I will tell you the story of mata’s next form, mata ghumanvi! Raja devodas gets visions again and he remembers about the time he told mahadev to leave kashi. Raja devodas stands aside and thinks, have I done a mistake before? Raja devodas remembers the time he sent mahadev from kashi because kashi could be ruled by only one king and if devodas had to rule there then mahadev could not stay in kashi. Devi sarla comes to raja devodas and says swami come on now, we have to hear the next story of mata ghumanvi. Raja devodas says I was feeling as if I have done a mistake in the past. Devi sarla says no maharaj, what are you saying? You are the king of kashi and it is not possible for you to ever make a mistake, you are thinking too much, I have got many answers of life as I heard the story of mata’s different forms, even you will get your answers as all the stories are complete. Raja devodas and devi sarla sit as ganesh tells the story.
Ganesh says mata ghumanvi was the devi who brought and creatd this entire universe out of darkness, by just her smile.
In the story, mata ghumanvi sits on a swing as it swings slowly. Mahadev appears with his trishul and comes behind mata ghumanvi, he puts his trishul with strength inside the ground, the universe is still dark. Mahadev puts his hand on the swing and devi ghumanvi smiles as mahadev moves the swing slightly, with the love of mahadev and mata ghumanvi, mata ghumanvi smiles and then the universe forms around her and earth forms around mahadev and mata ghumanvi, the mountains and Kailash form around them as the entire universe forms as it is.
Ganesh says by this leela, mata ghumanvi with her smile created the universe.
There devi of ved pays to mata adishakti and says mata please give me power to hold on longer, I am worried for brahma dev and the gods because if anything happens to me then the gods will die and brahma dev’s will become weak and all ved will be destroyed, mata please come fast and save everyone from this demon. Durgamasura says ved devi no one is coming and not even your adishakti will come here. devi of ved says I trust in mata and I am sure she will come soon to kill you durgamasura.

Precap: Mata adishakti looks above at Kailash waiting for mahadev. Ganesh recites the story of mata ghumanvi and her leela.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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