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Siddhi Vinayak 22nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi kidnaps Urvashi

Siddhi Vinayak 22nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Urvashi is tensed about Sheila. She never threatens just for the sake of it. It will be a problem if she leaves Siddhi! I wont be able to marry Vin then. I will have to do something! She packs her jewellery and is sad to bid adieu to Manjari’s necklace. I don’t think it is in my destiny.

Siddhi says Urvashi will leave from the house stealthily to keep her

Urvashi ties a saree on the balcony and descends from there. I will be back before anyone can find out anything. She receives Sheila’s text message with an address. She decides to go to this address and give her the money right now. Let me get married first. I will tackle her later. She boards an auto but is worried seeing the route. It is pretty secluded. She reaches the said place and calls out to Sheila. She gulps seeing

a knife flash in the light. I got jewellery for you. I dint have cash. Just don’t tell anyone to anything.

Manjari asks everyone about Urvashi. Gauri goes to her room to check on her.

Urvashi calls out to Sheila again as she inches closer to the chair but Siddhi stands up. Urvashi drops the bag in shock. How come you are here? I! Siddhi says you want to say that you asked Chota Raju to kidnap me right. Chota Raju steps forward. Siddhi shares that Chota Raju is her foster brother. Chota Raju mocks Urvashi. Siddhi says you got me kidnapped and I made you disappear from the house. It is your wedding in 2 days. How will you marry my Vinu if you yourself will get kidnapped? Sheila blindfolds her from behind and even covers her mouth using a cloth. Urvashi passes out. They make her sit on a chair.

Gauri tells everyone that Urvashi is not in her room. I checked everywhere but she isn’t at home. Vin thinks that maybe Urvashi dint wish to marry him and I was only pressurising her to marry me so she left the house. Prachi wonders how many twists keep coming in Kundra Mansion. Manjari too wonders where she disappeared suddenly. Siddhi opens the main door just then. Everyone turns to look at her. She asks everyone if they were expecting someone else. She thinks they should now understand that Urvashi will return only after the wedding day. Vin tells her to stop. He asks her if she knows where Urvashi is. Siddhi acts innocent. She was right here. Did she go anywhere? Vin replies that he wouldn’t have asked her if she was here. Siddhi says it means she left. She ran away from her mehendi function? Guests hear her. Vin tells her to stop it. Tell us where she is if you know anything. Did you say anything to her? Siddhi tells him she isn’t interested in his would-be wife. I dint say anything to her anyways. You should know where she is. She is nothing to me. It is great that you cannot handle your would-be wife even before the wedding. Don’t know what will happen later! She heads to her room.

Sheila pours water on Urvashi and slaps her repeatedly. Accept your crime asap or I will just add more numbers to my murders. She starts her camera. Urvashi is semi-conscious. Sheila is in no mood to give up. Chota Raju stops her from hitting her again. He receives Siddhi’s call. He tells her that Urvashi hasn’t confessed anything yet. She insists that she wont be able to do anything without it. He suggests waiting for her to gain conscious for that. I will record her statement the moment she is conscious. I have called you my sister. I will surely make it happen. They end the call.

Chota Raju tells Sheila to not hit Urvashi anymore. He tells his men to inform them when Urvashi wakes up. Sheila is sure she is acting but Chota Raju stops her. She warns the guys to be very careful. Urvashi is way too smart. I wont spare you if she escapes from here! She threatens Urvashi again and then leaves. Chota Raju thinks she is much more difficult to handle than anything else. Urvashi opens one eye. She hit me. How will I escape now? I cannot even move. Siddhi played a very smart move this time. How to retort?

Siddhi is sure she wont let Vin marry Urvashi. She will have to confess. Once it happens, he himself will drop the idea of marrying her.

Chota Raju’s men think that Urvashi is way too weak. We tried everything but she isn’t waking up. They play radio. Urvashi opens one eye and looks at them. She starts thumping her feet on the floor. She mumbles that this is her favourite song. Will you see my program? One of them denies. Sheila Tai wont spare us if she finds out. The other guy tells him to let Urvashi dance. It will be our entertainment only. They open the ropes. Dance as much as you want but don’t make too much noise. She nods.

Vin has informed police. They come just then. Shankar reports that Urvashi is missing since last 4 hours. We are unable to even contact her. Siddhi panics seeing Inspector. Papa ji has already called him? If police starts their search then it will be a problem. Her confession should be recorded before that!

Precap: Urvashi calls Vin. Please save me. I have been kidnapped. These people are very dangerous. They have locked me somewhere. He asks her who she is talking about. Who has kidnapped you? Chota Raju, Sheila and their goons enter just then. Sheila slaps Urvashi and then hold her tightly. Vin is unable to hear much. He looks at Siddhi.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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