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Shakti 22nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman confronts Soumya and leaves her on mandap

Shakti 22nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman telling Soumya that even God wants them to unite and says we shall marry. They come to the mass marriage place. Harman asks for the wedding dress and garland. The host asks them to register their names and get the dresses. He asks all brides and grooms to keep the clothes on side and says till then they will make arrangements for haldi. Sameer’s mum comes to meet Lavneet and says she brought food for her. Constable takes it from her hand. She says there is something dhamekedar inside and goes. Lavneet asks Constable to check the food and takes out gun from the bag. Other Police officers rush there. Lavneet keeps gun on the Constable and asks everyone to move back. She locks everyone and escapes from there. Sameer’s mum comes and asks him to stop Harman. She says she got

the letter that Harman and Soumya are leaving the city. Lavneet gives the gun and runs. Sameer’s mum also goes.

Host asks Harman and Soumya to apply haldi to each other. Harman and Soumya apply haldi to each other. Dil kyun teri ore chala re…..plays….Lavneet searches for Harman. Sameer also searches Soumya. Soumya gets dressed as a bride and wears ghunghat. The lady asks all brides to come to the mandap. Lavneet comes to attack Soumya and is about to hit rod on her head, but Harman holds it and takes her outside. Soumya is waiting for Harman. Lavneet says I will kill her. Harman says if she gets even a scratch then I will kill you. He says I love her. Lavneet laughs and asks do you know who is she? Harman says I don’t care what happened in the past. Lavneet asks if he will not be affected by the fact that Khushi is a kinnar. Harman holds her neck and asks her not to utter a word, else he will kill her. Lavneet says truth will not change and tells that she will prove that Khushi is a kinnar. Everyone asks Soumya about her groom.

Harman asks Lavneet to prove. Lavneet says shall I make you talk to a man who knows Khushi’s truth. She calls Harak Singh. Harak Singh asks how dare you to call me. Lavneet asks him to tell Harman that Khushi is a….Harak Singh says kinnar. She ends the call. Harman says I will not believe another betrayal and says I don’t regard this man as my father. He says that man doesn’t want Khushi and I to be together. Lavneet says there is one such person who have no motive to lie. She asks him to ask Dr. Kaushal. She calls him. Harman asks Dr. Kaushal about Khushi. Dr. Kaushal tells him that Khushi is a kinnar. Harman is shocked and shattered. Lavneet says now you believe naa, and says love and marriage happens between a man and a woman and not between a man and a kinnar. Pandit ji asks Soumya about her groom and says we can’t stop the marriage for one.

All couples get married during mass marriage ceremony except Soumya. Sameer’s mum comes there and asks Lavneet why did she tell truth to Harman, and says I sent you to kill Soumya. Lavneet pushes her and asks her to go and handle her son, says I have done my work. Harman comes inside. Soumya asks him to sit. Harman brushes off her hand and holds her neck. He asks do you know about this or not? Souumya asks what? He says you tried to marry me even after knowing your truth. People there ask what happened? Harman says I am ashamed and can’t tell. He says we can’t marry. Soumya asks what happened? She says you had said that we will do everything together and will spend our lives together. Harman says I was unaware of your identity and says Lavneet said right that you are a liar. Soumya asks him to say what happened? She says I love you too.

Harman asks how can a kinnar love a man. Sameer’s mum witnesses everything and thinks it would be fun if kinnar’s tamasha happens at her own place. Everyone present there is shocked. Soumya is shocked and asks what? Harman says don’t you know that you are a kinnar and asks her to stop acting. Lavneet smirks. Harman asks her to stop acting and betraying. Lavneet says you will say that you don’t remember as you lost memory. She says it is a limit to lie and says there is no connection of memory. She says every kinnars, man and woman know about their identity. People in the mass marriage ask Pandit to do their marriages again. Harman says I hate myself for loving a kinnar. He says I stayed with you all these days and eaten food. He feels ashamed and says since accident happened, everything was inauspicious as you was with me. Soumya says Jolly please. Harman asks her not to take his name with her mouth and says we are not related and have no relation ever.

Harman leaves Soumya in the mandap. Pandit asks all couples in the marriage to give money to the kinnar while going. All couples give money to Soumya. Soumya stands shattered. Harman meets with an accident. Lavneet shouts Harman.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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