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Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 22nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Roop and Ishika get saved from the accident

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 22nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ishika shouting for help. Roop asks if she came to shopping mall and asks her to see people. He asks her not to shout and let him think. Ishika asks God to save her. Roop asks her to call Bhagwan and asks for her dupatta. Ishika asks him not to take the honeymoon seriously. Roop says weight is heavy on that side. Ishika argues with him. Roop asks if she brought him in dowry and asks her not to shout. Kanchan comes and is about to light the match stick, but Himani comes and stops her. She asks who put the gas on. Kanchan says may be I…Roop asks Ishika to give her everything to lower the weight. Ishika gives her earrings and bags. Roop asks him to give the big bag. Ishika asks him to come to back seat and take it. Roop goes to back seat and thinks Ishika is

scared. Ishika says roop is scared. Roop and Ishika keep the heavy bag to front side. They have a romantic eye lock. Roop asks Ishika to go to front, but then asks her to stop. He says he will throw her bag first. Ishika says then what we will wear? Roop says I am throwing bag on ground. He throws bag on ground.

Roop asks her to give her dupatta seeing car moving. Ishika tells that she is scared much. Roop asks her to go slowly. Ishika goes slowly. Roop throws the car dupatta and makes it hang to the tree. He asks her to hold the dupatta and go slowly. Ishika asks are you sure that I will not die. Roop says I have tied dupatta to your hand, you will not die. Ishika says and you. He asks her to go carefully. Ishika jumps out. Roop asks her to climb up holding the dupatta. She gets afraid seeing snake. Roop asks what happened? Ishika says snake? Roop asks her to make it go. Ishika requests Snake to go and says she is Shiv ji’s bhakt. Roop asks her to apologize to snake for her sins. Ishika says I didn’t do any sin. She apologizes. Snake goes. Ishika climbs up. Roop is relieved that she is safe and signs that he will come next, but just then the car slips and falls in the river. Ishika shouts Roopendra.

Kinjal tells Kamla and Jigna that Roop and Ishika were surprised to meet them. She asks Kamla if she is sad as they don’t stay at home. Jigna tells that they went to sunshine resort. Bua hears them and asks her to say loudly. Kinjal says we are making food. Ishika shouts Roopendra. Roop comes and keeps hand on her shoulder. He asks if someone else came with you. Ishika hugs him. Rishta tha plays…..She says you was in lake. Roop asks if I will be there for all life. He asks her to come. Rupesh tells Kanchan that he will call Roop and Ishika. He asks if she is fine. Kanchan says yes. They come to the resort. Watchman stops them. Roop says we met with an accident. Ishika asks reception to check for her booking? Receptionist says there is no booking on her name. Roop asks her to check for Mrs and Mr. Wagela. She checks and says yes. Ishika says we will stay in different rooms.

Rupesh calls Ishika and asks if she likes her photographer surprise. Photographer Geet takes the call and says she will send the pics in every two hours.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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