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RadhaKrishn 22nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Radha’s Purification Ritual

RadhaKrishn 22nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Krishna tells Balram that purification will happen with the most pure soul. Balram asks if he will need his help as usual. Krishna says yes and hugs him. Radha’s purification ritual starts. Pandit chants mantra and asks Radha to get into water. Krishna enjoys fruit sitting on stone and says it is very cold here. Radha walks towards river. Ayan watches via binocular. Krishna signals and water moves away. Vrishban says what magic is this, why is water moving away. Balram says it is bad. Krishna signals again and water falls on Radha. Jatila and Ayan watch via binocular. Radha then sits in front of havan. Pandit chants mantra. Radha throws ghee in havan. Havan fire increases. Everyone are shocked seeing that. Balram says black spirits. Jatila and Ayan stand fuming. Radha then performs

next pooja. Krishna signals at Radha. Pandit asks Radha to serve food to everyone present there. Krishna signals Radha again. Radha serves food. Krishna asks her to serve more. She serves and turns. Krishna asks to serve more food. Radha is surprised seeing empty plate and serves food. She turns again. Krishna asks to serve more food. Radha is more surprised seeing empty plate and erves again. By the time she turns, Krishna aks for more food. She continues serving and prays god that Krishna’s stomach or deep well, only god can help her. Krishna says friend’s request is his order. She returns with food. He signals enough..

Radha asks what..Krishna says he is full now. Ayan thinks Krishna is not a cowherd but a sorcerer. A suspicious man looks at them. Ayan notices him and follows. Man realizes and runs, but Ayan catches him and asks who is he, he is not from Barsana. Man pulls sword. Ayan overpowers him and order s to tell truth. Man says he is Kans’ spy and came to spy Krishna on Kans’ order. Ayan asks spy why did Kans send him. Spy says he cannot say. Ayan points sword at him. Spy says Kans thinks Krishna is the boy who will kill Kans, so he sent spy to spy on Krishna.

Pandit tells Radha’s purification is complete now. Krishna says someone can solve his problem, he gave Radha’s purification process to mother Yashoda, so he should get reward. Krishna says nobody is pure than Radha after purification, so if she can plant tulsi plant in newly established village. Nand says he is right. Krishna says tulsi is pure and protects us, so if Radha can purify their newly established village, if Radha agrees. Kirtida says sure, why will deny such a sacred task. Krishna gives tulsi plant to Radha. Radha plants tulsi plant. Krtishna thinks this place will be pure after Radha’s feet fell on it. He addresses that this plant will protect us from illness, difficulties, evil, etc., and says he wants Radha to name this new village, what would be tulsi’s another name. Kirtida says Vrinda, they taught Radha’s another name as Vrinda. Krishna says amazing, this vrinda’s van/forest should be named. Radha says Vrindavan.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that human’s nature is to think and move ahead after a taught; why only few change world and not other in fear; one should change their path and not thinking.

Precap: Radha confronts Krishna that his aim is not Barsana but to get her. He says yes. Ayan befriends Kans against Krishna.

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