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Preetan FF : Truth Of Life (Sequel) Part 18


Preeta starts the packing in the room when she feels a hug from behind

Karan : baby doll finally we are going back to our home tomorrow

Preeta : I really missed our home, we shared so much love pain everything (turns towards him wrapping arms)

Karan : yea but will our children be happy with our decisions we haven’t really told them about settling there

Preeta : only problem is Maya, Sona our rest of children are very sensible

Karan : I don’t want to come back here, just feel its enough, its been long time I met mom and dad they will be so happy

Preeta (cups his face) : look here our bad days are gone now we all are together like before we will face every storm

Karan : I love you baby doll (kisses her forehead emotionally)

Preeta : love you too, come we have to wake up early tomorrow

Karan lifts her up and puts on bed carefully caressing hair.

Khushi comes back home sneakingly and goes to her room before anybody sees her.

She recalls her intimate moment with Yash from past days.

“Pari is right when I don’t let any guy touch me why do I let Yash come so close to me, do I really love him she talks to herself

Pari : what are you murmuring to yourself, I know only owls stay up at night but let others sleep peacefully

“Sleep quietly Khushi throws pillow on her annoyingly

Pari throws the pillow back on her

“Did your boyfriend got angry at you she giggles

Khushi : if you say one more word then I will (look for something)

Pari : I am listening my loving sweet sister

Khushi ; I will show this diary to everybody

“Di my diary, you cannot do this Pari tries to take from her

Khushi ; let me also see what have you written inside

Pari ; you are mannerless you cannot read my personal diary

Khushi : of course I can we are sisters, I have rights

Pari ; if you don’t give me I will tell mom everything should I (tells her)mom

“Mom’s sycophant shut up, only my Dev understand me she says with huff

Pari (mimics her) : aha only dev understands me and who takes all your problem burden on shoulder, does all homework when you are busy

Khushi : look who is saying, you are my sitter its your duty

Pari : duty? and what about your duty

Khushi : let me get one chance I will show to you how greatly I fulfill my duty

Tanya : what is happening?

Pari (Starts crying) : mom she took my diary and is not returning back you know how personal is that and its not good manner

Khushi ; mom she is lying and faking tears

Pari : she always does to me (sobs more loudly)

Rishab ; oh my god who is this dangerous voice in night

Pari ; dad she took my diary

Tanya : Khushi what is it? you don’t sleep at night or what

Pari : only owl stays up mom and only ghosts wander at midnight (bits her tongue)

Khushi stares at her with red eyes

Tanya : what?

Pari : I mean mom my Khushi di is no less than ghost she always watches horror movie at nighttime before bed

Khushi pents all the irritation inside her

“Rishab why don’t you give this girl some sense she don’t have anything else to do wandering in midnight Tanya says with huff

Rishab (holds her from back) : why? did you so easily forgot ages ago somebody was like her too

Tanya : what are you doing? leave me

Khushi ; dad who are you talking about

“None of your business, back to sleep right now and if I find you on phone mind it Tanya says annoyingly

Pari ; good idea mom take her phone its at home only na, she will get it back tomorrow

Tanya : thank you my sweetheart good night (takes Khushi’s phone)

“Mom no I won’t see anything she tries to stop her mom

Tanya : good night girls

Pari dances in happiness and showing off

“By ruining my sleep you are happily dancing Khushi starts throwing things on her

Pari : you sleep also? wow good for you di

Khushi : idiot you are not that innocent from face you look like

Pari : thanks didi, you know why you use mind but me I know where to use mind and brain be aware of me

Both sisters with their constant bantering goes to sleep

Yes you heard it right my sweet sister who everybody thought is very naive and innocent but only time knew who was real Pari. We both might share same mother’s but she was truly a business man’s daughter who know when to use brain and heart Khushi giggles  

Yash vents all anger and frustration he was penting up from so many years. He could not break down in front of Khushi due to not let her become weak. Yash starts playing piano very intensely pouring his pain out

“Why does this always happen with me, everybody leaves my side mom, dad now Khushi he injures his hand with glass

Dadi gives him comfort

Yash lays his head on her lap ” Dadi why does everybody leaves me, I thought I at least had somebody who I can call my own but she is also leaving, I have no rights to stop her neither can show my pain she will become weak, am I really that bad he says like a completely broken person

Dadi (caresses his hair) : you are not bad but only victim of bad circumstances we all are puppets of time dear nobody can change pate and as far as Khushi you are in her heart wherever she goes she will take you

Yash : I can’t live without her dadi she is the only one left in my life after you

Dadi ; then tell her your feelings before she leaves don’t keep this burden in your heart

Yash : if I tell her she will take guilt with her, I am only a best friend for her

Dadi : you are still not understanding if she didn’t have feelings why would she come to meet you secretly lying from her family

Yash : I don’t even know when I will meet her again or I might not

Dadi : just consider this is break after interval, nobody knows when life can take turn

Yash : I really miss dad

Dadi : he is always with you like shadow

Next day everybody gets ready to leave for India finally after years

Karan : Preeta hurry up how much time will you take this girls

Sahil : I tell you actually your wife is nothing ask me how i handle your sister

Roo stamps bag on his feet angrily

Sahil : see I told you she is crazy

Maya : mom you didn’t tell me this

Roo : shut up, Sahil you are enjoying spoiling my image in front of your daughter

Sahil : really? I did that

Roo : god I am getting irritated, bhabhi tell me when we are ready

Maya and Sahil shares hifi together. Both goes to pacify Roo who is stamping things on table angrily.

Roo : what do they think of themselves? they will do anything (murmurs to herself)

Sahil and Maya comes from back start to tickle her funnily

“No stop both of you get off Roo says laughing

Sahil and Roo falls on bed sharing eye lock. Karan puts hand on Maya’s eyes who jerks his hand off

Karan ; adult movie is going on lets go

“Mamu leave me Maya shouts

Sahil : I swear you still look hot in that anger mode (plays with her hair)

Roo blushes and tries to get up. He pulls her back and gets on top of her

Roo : have some shame you are father

Sahil : really? who is saying this, are we too old for our romance

Preeta makes plan to bring Kritika and Dhruv close through their children.

Krissh ; whats the plan?

Preeta tells something to Krissh and Sona.

Both sees Kritika packing bags. The siblings play around and ends up pushing Kritika towards Dhruv. Both rolls on the floor sharing romantic eye lock.

Everybody leaves them alone.

Kritika tries to stand up but her hair get stuck in his shirt. She starts to walk away

“Kritika I feel you have went very far away from me ever since we left india Dhruv holds her hands coming close

She stands nervously

Dhruv : will I get my old Kritu back the one who is sunshine of my life (turns her towards him slowly)

She hugs him tearfully. Both rekindle their sour relationship from years.

Shrishti : if this sweet little love hug is done can we all move its time for flight hurry up

Rishab ; yea come on

All of them starts heading to airport bidding last farewell to the place. Khushi and Dev texts Zara and Yash about their departure.


Pari : di what did Yash say?

Khushi : nothing, he has habit of not showing pain I know for sure last night he might have broken down but didn’t show in front of me

Pari : everything will be fine, and its sudden for all of us to go like this

Khushi : I am going to miss him a lot

Pari : we have some time go freshen up

Sona ; mom I want hot chocolate

Kritika : you are so stubborn go have it

Maya : I also want to drink

Roo : fine go with Sona and hurry up

Sona and Maya goes to the coffee shop ordering same flavor . Both share laugh

Maya : I just love hot chocolate, in winter time

Pari : I hate cinnamon I wonder how you both like to drink

Sona : our taste match where is didi

Pari : she went to washroom

Dev look something in his phone about game

“Sorry sorry Zara comes running

Dev : are you coming from gym?  take deep breath first

Zara : I hate standing in long lines but had to get this flowers for you

Dev : for me? how sweet of you

Zara : I will miss you, don’t know if we will meet in india or not but (shows amulet)

Dev : what is this?

“Amulet, it will keep you safe from every problem she ties on his biceps

Zara : in such short amount of time you became my best friend didn’t have anything else to give

Dev ; nothing can be better than god’s related

Zara : take care of yourself (holds his hands)

Dev : you too bye (starts heading to gate)

“Allah Hafiz tells him

Tere Liye Hum Hain Jiyeh, Honthon Ko Siye

Tere Liye Hum Hain Jiyeh, Har Aansoo Piye

Dil Mein Magar Jalte Rahe, Chaahat Ke Diye

Tere Liye, Tere Liye

Tere Liye Hum Hain Jiye, Har Aansoo Piye

Tere Liyeh Hum Hain Jiye, Honthon Ko Siye

Dil Mein Magar Jalte Rahe, Chahat Ke Diye

Tere Liye, Tere Liye

Zara waves him emotionally recalling sweet moments of them. The time she started developing little feelings for him both departed. She saw him as a person who shares the same faith and belief in humanity.

Khushi wipes her tears in washroom and comes out when somebody pulls her into the lounge room.

Khushi ; for a minute I thought you

“That I won’t come, were you crying Yash wipes the tears

Khushi : not at all, something went into my eyes thanks for coming, I will miss you

Yash : you don’t look good when crying

“Really then what suits on me she asks emotionally

“This look but only small lack Yash unties her hair removing pin

Khushi : what?

Yash : precious smile on this moon

Khushi turns to the other side not able to handle so much compassion.

Yash : from long time I wanted to tell something but my heart didn’t give chance (buries his face in her hair)

Khushi : then why are you telling now? (closes her eyes)

“You read my heart without saying I don’t need to tell anything Yash puts her hand on his heart slowly

Khushi feels his heartbeat beating faster.

Yash ; your flight is announced go (leaves her hands) take care of yourself

The moment he starts to leave, Khushi seals his lips pulling to very wild and passionate kiss leaning against the wall. She wants to remove all the pain and bitterness from his heart from many years. Both of them takes out all frustration and pain of separating from each other pouring love without words.

“Di Pari comes looking for her

She sees both of them together but does not witness their moment

Pari : mom is calling you, its time to leave come lets go

Khushi : you go I will be there

Pari : okay hurry up (leaves)

Khushi (holds his face) : should I consider you will take care of yourself

Yash : only if you promise me you won’t ever lose this smile ever

Khushi : promise bye

Their hands separate as Khushi starts walking towards the gate

Veliya.. kya hua jo dil kho gaya

Mahiya.. ishq mein Khuda mil gaya

Zara aankh se pila de, tera sajda karoon

Zara khwaab saja de, o din rain karoon

Zara aankh se pila de, zara khwaab saja de

Mere honthon se mann tera bole

Ho.. ab jaan lut jaaye, yeh jahan chhoot jaaye

Sang pyaar rahe, main rahoon na rahoon

Sajda tera sajda [Karoon main tera sajda]

Din rain karoon, naahi chain karoon

Sajda tera sajda [Karoon main tera sajda]

Main to vaari karoon, meri jaan likh doon

Yash tells her to smile while she is going inside the gate. Everybody boards the flight to India happily with the hope of making things better again like before.

Precap : Parents and kids stays in small cottage on hill station. Maya and Sona reconcile their difference due to an incidence


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