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Nimki Mukhiya 22nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Sweeti comes to Abhi’s house

Nimki Mukhiya 22nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

SCene 1
Puchki calls Sweeti and says you can’t do all this. I know you love Abhi. Annaro is on the other side. SHe says Babbu will shoot you this time. Annaro tries to make sweeti eat. She stops her hand. Annaro says I am your mom. Nothing has changed. Our relation can never change. Sweeti says the day you ordered your son to shoot me, you lost all your rights. My pain is only mine now. You are annaro devi for me. Annaro leaves.
Annaro says to Babu why did you leave her alive? Why didn’t you shoot her with all six bullets?

Abhi looks at the decorations. He recalls his moments with Sweeti. She says I hope abhi holds Nimki’s hand.
Ritu comes to Sweeti and says I wanted to talk to you. You are very silent why? Your mother was really worried for you. Even if

you don’t wanna talk to me, talk to your parents. Did you eat your meds? I should go. He says I didn’t like Babbu shooting you. I am trying to fix everything. You should take a step too. Everything will be fine. He leaves. Nimki sends sweeti voice message. She says I am coming near your room. I have to talk to you. I wanna know what they did. She says I have to stop Nimki. Sweeti calls Nimki. Nimki says are you okay? Sweeti says I am fine don’t come. Nimki says I will jump in. Sweeti says I will meet you at Abhi’s place. Nimki says will you marry him? She says i will just meet you. Sweeti says I have to do something to stop Nimki. She will give up on her happiness for me.

Ritu says I couldn’t win Sweeti’s heart. Tettar says she will be fine. She has to be. Sweeti comes there. Ritu says please clean your heart. Sweeti says Ritu I want to talk to you. He says sure. Tettar leaves. Sweeti says will you do a thing for me? He says yes.
Nimki comes to Abhi. She says Sweeti is coming here. She wants to meet you. Abhi says I don’t wanna meet her. What does she think of herself? She asked us to leave. She was never mine. Nimki says I know you are in pain but so is she. Mausi says she might be in trouble. Abhi says can’t you see? I don’t wanna know anything. Tune says she was shot due to marry you. Something might have happened that none of us know. Nimki says if nothing happens, I have booked tickets to Dehli. You can go there and marry. Elena says she is right. I will pack my bags. Door knocks. Nimki says don’t be angry abhi. Open the door. Abhi opens the door. Its sweeti. Nimki says Sweeti is here. Ritu comes too. He says welcome us. Abhi is shocked.
Precap-MNimki says we will fix a camera in haveli to know what is happening. Abhi says enough. You are responsible for all that has happened in my life.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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