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Mere Sai 22nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Changes Dhaniram’s Fate

Mere Sai 22nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sahdev walks with Sai thinking he took colorful papers/currency notes from Kulkarni’s house; if he informs Sai, what if Sai thinks he is stealing again, Sai knows everything, if he thinks I have done work, he would have informed, he will keep back colorful papers at Kulkarni’s house. They reach Dwarkamayi. Sahdev says he will leave now as his sister must be waiting for him. Sai suggests him if he does any mistake unknowingly, he should correct it. Sahdev nods okay and leaves. He then reaches home. Udhav asks him to teach making paper boat. Sahdev teaches him and walks in. Currency notes fall down. Udhav picks them and thinks of making paper boats out of them. He meets Govinda and Pari and shows paper boats. They say if someone can teach even them.`He shows them currency notes and

says he will teach them. They get excited.

A man hurriedly walks towards Dwarkamayi to meet Sai and clashes with a villager. Villager apologizes humbly. Man angrily yells at him if he cannot see. Villager replies what a weird man he is, when he is apologizing for not his fault, he is yelling. Man then enters Dwarkamayi and introduces himself to Sai as Dhaniram and needs help from Sai as Sai changes people’s fate. Sai asks what is his problem. Man says he has ill fate, got illiterate ugly wife and arrogant children, even his shop staff and neighbors hate him while his twin brother Maniram looks like him and got beautiful wife and obedient children, people respect him a lot. Sai asks him to bring a big mirror f he wants to change his fate.

Man brings big mirror. Sai asks him to break it. Dhaniram angrily says he spent a lot on this mirror. Sai asks to break it if he really wants to change his fate. Man breaks it. Sai asks him to clap. Dhaniram angrily claps. Sai asks him to cry next. He cries and asks if his problems will be solved. Sai says yes and asks to laugh now. He laughs and continues laughing, says he is really laughing now. Sai says his behavior with his opponent makes him what he is, he clashed with a man just before coming here and man apologized, when he yelled, man reverted back, similarly his arrogance with his family and others make them revert back with arrogance. Sai continues that Maniram’s wife is beautiful, but cannot cook, so Maniram thinks his bhabi/SIL prepares tasty food and he prepares food for family as he loves his wife; Dhaniram’s wife is an excellent cook, but due to Dhaniram’s arrogance, she does not speak to him much, his children are his image in arrogance. Dhaniram asks what he should do then. Sai says he should speak to his wife and children smilingly, meet his neighor and asks about his mother’s health; similarly when he goes to shop, he should ask his workers if they had food, etc.. they will surprised at first, but then adapt slowly and may offer him fruits and flowers they can afford. Man thanks Sai for changing his thinking and leaves happily.

Precap: Parvati’s baby crawls from cot and falls. Sai holds him. Parvati returns and seeing the incident slaps Gauri for not being around her brother.

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