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Krishna Chali London 22nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Dadda reveals truth

Krishna Chali London 22nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhe falling in Dadda’s drama. Dadda cries for Shukla family falling apart. He says I can’t do anything, I feel helpless. He asks Radhe not to worry, he will set everyone right. He says don’t be angry with your mum, she loves all children equally. Radhe nods. He asks Dadda not to cry, he has understood. Dadda says everything will be alright. Radhe goes to get balm for him. Dadda laughs.

TT goes somewhere and removes her ghunghat. She calls her lover and talks. Her mum asks what were you murmuring, why did you remove the veil. TT says I m fed up. Her mum says don’t argue with me. She goes. TT gets relieved. Shuklain comes to Dadda. She asks where is my son. He says I have got injured. She asks him to leave this house. He asks really, how can you kick

me out of this house, I will go, Radhe is a sensitive guy. He taunts her. She cries and begs him. She says I know you have done all this, what will you gain by breaking this family. He says wonderful and laughs.

He says I knew you will surely understand this, its all my doing, you have still got it, don’t plead with me, one small mistake of mine, your husband took my business and money from me, he took my property and kicked me out, you got my Radhe as well, I want everything back. She says I will make everyone see your true colors. He laughs and says tell them that Radhe is my son. Radhe comes there and gets shocked. He goes to Shuklain. Dadda says your mum is mad, she is pleading me to save the family, what shall I do, tell me, what’s the point, don’t I want our family to be united, there is a saying, where there is righteousness, there is prosperity, I don’t know what’s Shukla thinking, he has kept his phone off. Radhe asks Shuklain not to cry.

Shuklain says promise me, you don’t leave me ever, I was angry on you as I love you a lot, I can’t live without you. She hugs Radhe. Krishna looks on. Shuklain says you are my son. Radhe asks why would I be angry on you, you are my mum, I know Triloki is acting strange, I will fix everything, don’t worry. Krishna and Radhe hug Shuklain. Dadda acts cheap and signs Shuklain. Radhe cares for Dadda. He applies balm to him. Dadda says I feel like I got my son back. Krishna gets Shuklain to room. She asks her to share her heart, what is she thinking about. Shuklain thinks of Dadda’s words. They hear Triloki and Radhe fighting. Shuklain shouts Radhe. Dadda looks on. She asks Radhe to just kill her instead fighting. Bela and Triloki argue with Radhe. Dadda says I had told Radhe to remove the fuse.

Krishna says Radhe, don’t you think mum gets nervous when she is around Dadda, she gets disturbed. Dadda looks on and says she will unearth all my secrets, she has to go from here.

Update Credit to: Amena

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