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Karn Sangini 22nd November 2018 Written Episode: Bhanumati Provokes Karn

Karn Sangini 22nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Duryodhan attacks Uruvi with sword. Karn holds sword and says a warrior cannot kill a woman and should protect instead, else his and his ancestor’s dignity will be questioned. Duryodhan throws sword and asks Karn to send her away. Uruvi reminisces Kunti hoping that Kauravs and Pandavs unite and celebrate festival. Karn holds Uruvi and drags her away. Shakuni tells Bhanumati that Karn went against Duryodhan for Uruvi, situation is going out of their hands. Uruvi frees her hand and asks Karn to stop. Karn asks what was she doing. Uruvi says even he knows Duryodhan is wrong. Arjun enters shouting at Karn how dare he is to misbehave with princess, maybe he is Ang’s king by fate, he will be sooth putra always. Karn stands silently. Arjun asks Uruvi to follow him. Uruvi’s

dupatta gets stuck in Karn’s bracelet. They both stop. Karn frees her dupatta and she leaves.

Once Uruvi leaves, Bhanumati enters and says Duryodhan slept just now with difficulty. She looks at his bracelet and asks if it is Uruvi’s stuck dupatta, she is playing with him here and tomorrow her and Arjun’s engagement will be announced during coronation ceremony. She continues that princess’ favorite game is to play with toys and then people’s heart, he should be alert.

Arjun takes Uruvi along and asks if she is fine. Uruvi’s mother says she is fine, she just went there on Kunti’s request. Arjun says let us go to rajsabha now. Yudistra’s coronation ceremony starts. Bhism performs ritual while everyone watch. Uruvi hopes Karn agrees to ehr and bring Duryodhan here, else Kunti’s request will go waste.

Karn walks to Duryodhan and says until he is there, there should not be darkness in his life and hugging him says only he is competent to become yuvraj/crown prince, let us go to rajsabha. Shakuni suggests Duryodhan not to do same mistake his father did and handover crown to his brother, he should fight for his right.

Kunti tells Uruvi’s mother they should announce Arjun and Uruvi’s wedding. Uruvi’s mother takes Uruvi to Arjun. Uruvi thinks what is happening, why Kunti called her here. Kunti addresses that a person among us was like a family member, she wants to announce Arjun and Uruvi’s engagement ceremony. Someone informs Bhisma that Duryodhan has set his room on fire and wants to suicide. They all rush to Duryodhan’s room. Duryodhan sits between fire. Arjun picks arrow to set off fire, but Karn shoots arrow before him and sets off fire. Bhisma asks Duryodhan what was this. Arjun says tricking and getting what he wants is Duryodhan’s childhood hobby, he had poisoned Bheem once and today tried to stop Yudistra’s coronation ceremony. Uruvi’s father Vahusha says Duryodhan is wrong. Bhanumati asks if he is trying to fix Uruvi and Arjun’s wedding by targeting Duryodhan. Arjun asks to stop nonsense. Bhanumati says she is telling truth, Uruvi is most cunning woman here.

Precap: Karn confronts Bhanumati and asks not to allege Uruvi wrongly and defame their friendship.

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