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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 22nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Yash gets tricked

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 22nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Archie meeting Dolly. She says Veer is going away, I want to know the reason. Dolly says even Kedar has left. Archie tells some plan and asks Dolly to help her. Dolly stops the people from taking Veer’s luggage. She argues with the truck driver. Archie gets inside the truck. The driver pays money to Dolly and sends her. Everyone worries for Yash. Veer says Yash is nowhere in the palace. Maharani says we have to know if Yash is safe, just Gauri can tell this. Gauri asks Maharani to take one packet, if its haldi kumkum inside, then Yash is safe, if she gets black powder inside, then then Kaal has done its work. Maharani picks a packet and gets haldi kumkum in it. She shouts Yash is safe, go and find him. Everyone smiles.

Veer and Akshay try to find Yash. Dhol

nagada plays. Yash’s photo falls down. Everyone sees the secret chamber opening. Yash comes out and shouts I have completed 30 years, I m alive. He hugs Veer and laughs. He says you have come Veer, see I m fine. He asks Rajmata why is she seeing like this, he is the first prince who completed 30 years, she should be happy. She says Rajguru said he will play dhol nagada when my bad time ends, I m alive, we don’t need to get scared of any curse now. Maharani says we just got your clothes on terrace, we got so worried. Yash says I m sorry, when Veer said he has seen beheaded ancestors doing aarti with Kaal Bhairav, I was scared and went inside this secret chamber, I did everything intentionally, I didn’t wish to die, when dhol nagada played, I came out, we should celebrate. Maharani says we will celebrate in evening. She asks Akshay to ask people to stop the music, and give them shagun for good news. They go. Gauri says photo breaking this way isn’t a good sign for Yash. Akshay goes to pay the musicians. He sees the door locked. He sees many people playing music. He asks who are you, how did you go in, stop this dhol baaja. The light goes. Everyone disappears. Lali appears. A dog comes there. Akshay gets shocked. He faints in fear.

Archie gets down the truck. She sees Veer’s palace. She says its an amazingly big hotel, what’s Veer doing here. She sees Veer inside and shouts to him. Guard stops her. She says my friend Veer is inside, I will go and meet him. Guard says you can’t go in. She says I m Archie, don’t worry, you won’t lose your job. Head guard stops her. Yash gets ready and says I m feeling happy, I have seen everyone living in fear, even you went away from me Veer. Veer makes him ready. Yash says everything got fine now, its not your mistake, come back home, I know Archie is in Bhopal. Veer smiles. Kashinath stops Archie. She tries to get in and lies to him. He catches her lie and asks her to just leave. Yash says I always got the news about you. He calls out Kedar.

Veer gets surprised seeing his friend. Kedar says Yash…. Yash says Kedar is your chief security manager, he has told me about Kaal Bhairav incident, he got you out of the cliff, I asked him not to tell you anything. Kedar apologizes to Veer. He says Yash asked me not to tell you anything. Veer says you faked friendship to me. Yash says don’t think of it, Kedar told me that you are staying away from Archie because of this curse, now you can marry her here in this palace in a grand way. Veer thinks I broke her heart, don’t know if she wants to see my face. Archie hides and gets in. Yash says we are going to do the aarti in Kaal Bhairav temple, Veer we will have a sword fight tomorrow. Veer agrees. Archie gets caught. Guard says this girl is a thief. Kashinath says so you were trying to get inside the palace. Archie says listen to me, I m not a thief.

Kedar comes there. Archie says you are wearing a fancy dress. Kedar says Veer has given her this bracelet, Veer is the prince of this palace. She jokes. He says I m saying the truth, its a long story, come. He asks Kashinath to let her come, Yash has invited her, but she has come herself. They get inside the temple. Yash goes to perform aarti. Maharani says you got free of curse, you have to take blessing of Kaal Bhairav, do his puja and gain his blessing. Archie asks Yuvraaj Veer Vardhan Singh, I didn’t know about him, hello Kedar, tell me, you look good in these clothes. They reach the temple. She sees people playing dhol. She calls out Veer. Veer hears her and turns to see. She moves off guards and runs to Veer. Tere saamne…plays… She runs and hugs Veer. Everyone looks on. Veer smiles. Yash sees them and smiles. Archie says you proposed me and denied, then you left the city. She jokes on him. Veer says this isn’t Bhopal. She says I know everything, why didn’t you tell me before, I would have shown off to people.

Yash asks Veer to come for puja, mahurat started. Rajguru comes to palace. Rajmata meets him. Rajguru says you should have not send Yash out of palace, I told you clearly that I will come with dhol nagada, there are still two hours left. Rajmata says but dhol nagada played, trust me. Rajguru asks who played it, did you see anyone playing music. She says no, I have the keys of that music room.

Akshay says Kaal Bhairav…. Rajguru says Kaal Bhairav didn’t forgive your family, we have to rush to temple, pray that Yash is safe. Yash goes for puja with the crown. Rajguru reaches there. They hear Shuvaan’s sound inside the temple.

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