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Destined to be yours, Raglak part 7

Next day:


Laksh has taken leave for that day so that along with Ragini, he too can go with Sanskar to his psychiatrist.

After breakfast:

Sanskar was throwing tantrums saying that he won’t meet his psychiatrist. Raglak were struggling to calm him down.

Rag: Sanskar please, come na, we will have fun.

San: No dosth, you are lying, I hate it there, I won’t come.

Lak: What if I say I will buy you chocolate??

San: I don’t like chocolate.

Rag: What about ice cream??

San: (after a thought) Pakka, you will get me ice cream??

Rag: Ha pakka,

Lak: Also we will buy many new toys too.

Sanskar widens his eyes in excitement. Raglak smile seeing him.

Rag: We will roam around the whole day and will come back only in the evening.

San: Really??

Lak: Ha, we will enjoy the whole day. But for that first we have to go to doc.

San: Ok then, wait for me, I will come quickly, I have to see my doctor.

He jumps in happiness.

Raglak admires his innocence.

Together, trio headed to psychiatrist.

Raglak were asked to wait outside and the psychiatrist took Sanskar in.


Piya, his doc: How many more days Sanskar, till when will you fool them??

She is his friend.

San:I don’t know Piya, but I won’t let Laksh stay happy, you see I separated him from his love.

Piya: Then what about his wife, why are you spoiling her life??

San: I regret it Piya, that’s why I am always around her, I will never let her sad, you know she had a very Orthodox upbringing. I am happy that I could let her be free. She is happy in her life Piya.

Piya: She is a wife now Sanskar, and as your brother loves someone, have you thought what will happen to her??

San: I, I don’t know, and about this acting, i can’t as such stop it, I can’t break my family. Let this go for a while, let them think that I am being cured by the medication.

She nodes, she knew it is against medical ethics, but she is ready tl do it for him and also for her lost best friend, Kavitha.


Raglak were siting and was in tension.

Rag: He would be fine right??

Lak: He will be, she is a nice doc,

Rag: I wish he gets well soon.

Lak: Me too, I miss him, I miss him very much.

Rag: He made me a kid….

Lak: yes, so you accept that you are a kid,

Rag: N, no I didn’t mean that…I was saying ki, that he made me lively, abd crazy too, if I was like before then I would never have painted your face.

She laughs and he frowns, that memory is always a nightmare for him.

Lak: So it is he who made you like this. I will kill him for this.

Rag: Mind your tongue when you are speaking of your friend.

Lak: Oh hello, before being your friend, he is my brother.

Rag: so what, he is close to me z not you.

Lak: That is for now, you see, when he will be fine na, he will be closer to me and will forget you completely.

Ragini turns upset hearing him.

Rag: Will he really forget me??

Laksh looked at her face, she was about to cry, he couldn’t take it.

Lak: (cupping her face) Hey, I was just joking, how can he forget you, you are his best friend right, for everything he needs you only, he will never forget you.

Rag: What if he forgets everything that happens now?

Lak: He won’t, and even if he does, then too you can again bond with him na, you know even though he is serious, he is so funny too.

Rag: But what he doesn’t like me?

Lak: That is impossible, no one can resit you.

He said intensely looking deep into her eyes, and they fell into a beautiful eye lock.

They were so lost in each other that they didn’t realize when sanskar can to them.

He shook Laksh and they came back to earth. Both were very embarrassed.

San: Dosth, were you playing statue, I too want to play.

Rag: Vo Sanskar we, we can’t play here, we will play at home.

San: You and lucky can play, bit you can’t play with me, I am cutti with you.

Lak: Bhai, we were not playing,

San: No you were, I saw it. I want to play.

Rag: You want to say or eat ice cream? Only one thing can be done.

Sanksar pouts.

San: I need ice cream,

Lak: cool, we will play from home.

Sanskar smiles.

They leave for an ice cream parlour, they had it by making fun of each other.

And then left to a toy shop to buy toys for Sanskar.

They were roaming around, Sanskar was with Ragini and Laksh was in other side. Both Raglak selected toy for Sanskar. They then meet at the counter.

Raglak: See I bought for Sanskar.

Raglak: Yuck, I don’t like yours.

Raglak: Who asked you your opinion?

Raglak: Have you taken an oath that you will copy me?

They laugh.

They were also shouting that the whole shop had its attention on them and they were unaware of it.

Sanskar was looking on.

Rag: Alright then, you keep back that toy, we will buy this for Sanskar.

Lak: No way, we will take the one I selected.

Rag: No mine,

Lak: Mine

And they started to argue. Two grown ups were arguing in a shop on toys!!

People were looking at them believerd.

And Sanksar, he just want the earth to sallow him then and there. Why, why did he come with these two kids??

Shouldn’t it have been he who make all these tantrums and they should control him?? What is happening here! God save him.

Sanskar went to them.

Rag: Dosth disth listen,

Rag: Sanskar you be quiet, I am in the middle of something serious.

San:(in mind) yes you are discussing about global warming.

San: Lucky listen,

Lak: Bhai shut up, you don’t understand the seriousness, I won’t let her take some stupid toy for you.

San: (in mind)Yeah right.

San: Dosth listen,

Rag: Sanskar I am choosing toy for you.

Then she again turned back to Laksh and continued arguing.


Lak: Bhai don’t disturb me.

Sanskar was done by then, what are they doing. Arrey, if they are selecting for him, can’t they just ask hime Jay he needs!

Sanskar screams.

San: I didn’t look both these toys, j am cutti with you both.

He ran from there.

Raglak glared each other.

Raglak: It is because of you.

Raglak: What did I do, You upsets him.

Raglak again glare each other.

Raglak: Stop arguing,

They give each other and look and ran from there, searching for Sanskar.

People in shop had their eyes out of their socket!


How was it, ignore mistakes please☺️☺️

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