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Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 22nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Rukaiya steals Salim’s gift

Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 22nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Salim giving the good news to Jodha that her brother Maan Singh is coming to meet her, and also getting Mannu along. She gets emotional and cries. She says I miss my Maayka, their memories got me tears. She shows the ancestral kamarbandh which would be given to her bahu. Salim says then give it to me, you can know your bahu by seeing the one wearing this. He goes. She laughs. Khanam comes to Rukaiya. Rukaiya asks her the news about Salim and Anarkali. Khanam says they have spent the night as husband and wife in the village, Anarkali tried to save Salim, then Salim killed the robbers. Rukaiya asks what happened then. She asks about the royal stamp. She says you know what’s inside this, just wait for some time.

Salim hugs Anarkali. He says I listen to my heart

to meet my Begum. She says you should shy. He says wife gets shy, husband has to shed his shyness. He says I want to see as my wife again, you have to get ready in same avatar. She says its late night. He says moon can’t complaint of late night, I m not alone, I m stubborn. She asks him to wait all night, she won’t wear that dress tonight. He says I will see you in that dress or the sun won’t rise. She asks what if anyone comes. He says Husna and Mahabat are guarding outside, go and wear that dress. She goes. He thinks I want to live those moments with you again. She gets ready and comes. He smiles seeing her. Honton pe mere…plays… He sees her wound. He makes her wear the kamarbandh. He says this is ancestral kamarbandh meant for Moghal clan bride, this will be yours from now. They hug.

Rukaiya comes to Khanam, and sees her dancing. Anarkali asks Salim to hide from everyone. He says let Rukaiya come, she will know our love. Anarkali says you can tell everyone when time comes, I can’t tolerate anyone pointing fingers a you, you should talk to Akbar first. He agrees. He says very soon I will tell the world that I love you and you are my wife. He goes. She goes to change her dress Rukaiya and Khanam see Salim leaving. They smile. Khanam greets Salim. Salim greets Rukaiya. Rukaiya says I was worried for your safety. She says I wished to give a gift to Anarkali. Salim praises Anarkali. Rukaiya says we don’t keep anyone’s favor, I think you have gone to meet her too. He says I have also given her a gift. He goes. Rukaiya and Khanam go to Anarkali.

They see the ancestral kamarbandh with her. Anarkali hides the kamarbandh and greets Rukaiya. Rukaiya says you saved Salim’s life, this gift is for you. Anarkali says its very costly. Rukaiya says its Bhai dooj tomorrow, Jodha’s brothers are coming, you should look special tomorrow. Anarkali thanks her. Rukaiya asks her for her special perfume. Anarkali goes. Rukaiya signs Khanam. Khanam steals the kamarbandh. Anarkali gives the perfume to them. Rukaiya says thanks, we shall meet tomorrow in Jashan. She goes. Rukaiya shows the kamarbandh to Khanam. She says I had right on this, but Ammijaan gave this to Jodha, and Jodha gave it to Salim, Salim gave this to Anarkali. Khanam says and you took it from Anarkali. Rukaiya says just see how I win by one move. They laugh.

Salim meets Anarkali. They hold hands. Mannu comes to the palace.

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