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Bigg Boss 12 22nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Surbhi becomes captain

Bigg Boss 12 22nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 67
The house wakes up to the song ‘Chhota Bacha Samaj Ke Humko’. They all dance and enjoy.

Sristy says to Rohit that you saw us in dream? Rohit says yes, KV was saving you.

Sree says to Jasleen that they keep talking about group. Jasleen says they dont know what is right and wrong.

Deepak says to Rohit that Somi have done mistakes so she will go to jail. Somi says I was sleeping one time only. Somi asks Deepak to not say cheap lines to her, you will go to jail. Romil says he said I love you. Megha says yes. Deepak throws pillows at him.

Deepak asks Megha to support him in captaincy task. Megha says you won main task by cheating. Deepak says we broke your team. Megha says I know he went to your team.


asks Dipika to support him captaincy task.
Sristy and Surbhi mimics Deepak and Dipika.
Dipika asks Deepak what he thinks about Somi? Deepak says I like her, its not just for show.

Karanvir reads out the captaincy task Breaking News. Surbhi and Deepak will turn into reporters and they have to find news in the house. News caster will tell news but both contenders will have to find breaking news from inmates, they have to give those news to anchor, contenders will be her reporter, at the end of task, whoever have more points will win the task.

Rohit is jumping on house walls. Romil asks can you jump? Deepak comes there as reporter and asks what are you doing?
Surbhi asks KV if he is hiding things from house? KV says I save them so we can use on time. Surbhi shows his stash which he has hidden.
Deepak shows Rohit looking outside house by jumping wall.
Surbhi says to KV that you have been stealing sugar and Simar cries for it. KV says all have been alleged here.
Deepak says Romil and Rohit stole Appy fizz.

Sweta Singh comes on TV and announces that Deepak and Surbhi have only created news and fake news is unacceptable, Deepak was close to tell breaking of rules but he created that too.

Surbhi says to Romil that happy club is not anymore? Romil says no comments.
Megha says to Deepak that I am not a contestant here, this is my breaking news.
Surbhi talks to Sree.
Megha says that what is happening with Somi with respect to teasing by Deepak is not right at all, I will go to women rights council after show.

Surbhi asks Somi is she chooses sides in Happy Club fights. Somi says she doesn’t like it when these fights happen and that others laugh at them.

Rohit talks about his girlfriend, he broke up with her 2 years back and she is a daughter of a film producer and famous actress now.

Sweta Singh comes and judges their reportage
She judges the breaking news reported by both. Surbhi gets a point. Sweta says Surbhi found out that happy club is broken, Deepak created many breaking news but he has to find one main news so Surbhi gets one point and Deepak doesnt.

Deepak goes to Megha and talks to her about her statement about approaching the Women’s Commission on leaving the house. Deepak says she is spreading fake news. Megha gets agitated and asks him to not create fake news.

Surbhi says to Dipika that you have lost kitchen?Dipika says yes.
Deepak talks to Jasleen about Megha lying and going to women commission. Megha threatens to slap him and says that will be news. Deepak says she is talking like this ti reporter. Megha says get lost, *******, Deepak says this is her real face, is she a winner? Megha says he is a loser. Deepak says I showed her real face and attitude. Megha says dont talk about my attitude and style, I will slap you. She says why he is talking about my chal chalan? Deepak says it means behaviour. Megha spits on his slipper. Megha says talk about your mother and sister, get lost with your news, stop your rubbish. She pushes him. Megha shouts at him to stop rubbish. Sristy tries to stop Megha. Megha sys we showed her face. Megha throws slipper on him and leaves. Deepak says it has hurt my foot. Megha comes there and says you are ****, shut up. KV says why are you talking about her chal chalan? its character targeting. Deepak says she spit on me and hurt me with slipper. Sree tries to stop Megha. Deepak throws his mic and says I am not doing task, Megha asks him to shut up. Deepak says you have double character, get lost. Megha says I will slap you. Deepak says your character is showing now, your face is clear now. Deepak says she used her character, she threw slipper on me and spit on .

Surbhi says to Dipika that Megha wants to take kitchen from you but you took it back as Simar.

Jasleen says that the word Deepak used may have a bad connotation. Somi asks him to calm down.

Megha has locked herself in washroom. Deepak comes there too. Sree asks him to leave. Dipika, Srishty call Megha outside the toilet. Sreesanth comes too. Deepak goes and shows the pair of shoes that she threw at him. Deepak says this is character of a good person?
Megha said she would have beaten him up if he were outside the house. Surbhi also comes and consoles Megha. She asks him to not be angry, you are a winner for us. Megha smiles.

Sweta Singh judges the reportage so far
Deepak wins a point in this round. Surbhi and Deepak are 1-1. Sweta says Deepak broke the news that Megha faked her earlier news and he kept reporting.

Surbhi sees Rohit and Romil in jail and says this is breaking rules, they are doing it deliberately. Sree says Rohit is trying to make his partner win by breaking rules. Jasleen says Rohit is breaking rules, he calls girls losers, I will slap him someday. Somi says you cant talk about slapping him. Jasleen says you mind your language, you are calling *******. Somi says you have no manners, you keep saying bad stuff, I will break your face. Jasleen says come. Somi says talk with respect. Surbhi asks what you made you angry? Somi says she barks without any reason. Jasleen says I will say what I want.

Deepak asks KV if there are ghosts in house? KV says yes. Sristy says I see bad dreams, there are vibrations here, I feel some pressure, sometimes I am in a trans, there is something here. Depeak says two celebrities have agreed that they feel ghosts presence here.
Surbhi says to Somi that Jasleen gets involved in matters to get footage? Somi says yes, she doesnt do anything. Surbhi reports the open rivalry between the two women. Jasleen says she is brainless. Somi says you have nothing, go and ask Anup, you have no value to him too. Somi says you have no identity except Anup, you keep backbiting about people. Jasleen says what do you do here? Somi says be in limits. Jasleen says I have just talked about happy club, she talked about Anup, I have been here after Anup too.

Megha cries alone and criticises the others and says everything is a strategy for them, donkeys, dogs, *****, I will curse them.

Surbhi asks Rohit if the Somi-Jasleen fight happened due to him? Somi was defending you when Jasleen said she would slap you. Rohit says Jasleen is taking footage, she doesnt exist for me.

Deepak asks Megha to give him a bite, she asks him to leave and keep blanket up her face. Deepak says why are you miffed when you threw slipper on me. Megha says no comments. Deepak thanks her.

Sweta Singh jusges the reportage so far
Surbhi and Deepak each get a point. Surbhi for breaking news of Jasleen and Somi’s rivalry and Deepak breaking news of ghost in house. They stand at 2-2.

Deepak says next breaking news is that Sree is a traitor, Romil says okay.

Sreesanth talks about the slap. Surbhi thanks him for talking. Sree says we had a rivalry with Harbajan, we were in different teams in IPL, I took match seriously, I took his wicket and celebrated so he got angry.
Deepak asks Dipika what she thinks about Sree not performing in task yesterday? Dipika says no comments.
Sree says both people were at fault. He reveals the entire story. Sree says I put fire in that match, he didnt slap me, it was back slap kind of thing, I was so angry that I used to respect him so much, I want to clear that he is like a brother for me, he still is in contact with me, there was no issue, it was just a fight between brothers, I love you. Surbhi says it shows your character, thank you. Deepak comes there and says Rohit is saying that you have no value for relations, you are like Flipsanth. Rohit says no comments. They leave. Surbhi asks Sree why he didnt clarify before? Sree says there is a time for everything.

Sweta says on TV that this is first time Sree have opened up about slapgate scandal, its a breaking news for cricket world, Sree didnt let Deepak distract him, she gives one point to Surbhi. Deepak hugs Surbhi. Its Surbhi 3 and Depeak 2 points. Breaking news task ends and Surbhi becomes captain. Surbhi thanks Sree and says to inmates that the way Sree cleared the air about that matter is great, she tears up.

Sree says to Megha that Rohit was going low in task, I was so angry and he wanted footage at that time. Sree gets angry. Surbhi says we had a good talk, it was not just task. Dipika says he is most cheap person in house. Sree wishes his son and says my wife call Harbhajan and say sorry for anything wrong.

PRECAP- Surbhi says I want to send Jasleen to jail. Jasleen says she is using her powers. Dipika says Surbhi shouldnt say that she stands with right anymore, she disappointed today.
Deepak says to Jasleen that Dipika said to Surbhi that we supported you in captaincy task so become partial in household chores. Dipika says say it on my face, Deepak says I dont want to give you footage. Dipika says you cant keep insulting people.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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