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Good Morning My Lovely Readers

Thanks alot dear jasmine sia and silent

Recap- yash tries alot to stop marriage  but Wasim comes in between n beats him

Adiya get married


Wasim lies to yash that everyone knows about pooja n adi’S affair n it was his past

Yash is hurt to see Adiya married

Zoya is welcomed  in hooda house

Anjana  hugs  zoya n welcomes her

Anjana  (teareyed )-Adi beta thanks a tonne thanks  alot ,u have given me the best gift my bahu my zoya

Am sure  u both will be very happy always together

Zoya blushes

Adi ignores n looks on otherside

Anjana  brings Adiya to temple n makes them do arti together

Adi seems really uncomfortable

Suddenly  his phone rings

He excuses himself

Anjana -Adi where are u going

Adi-mum its an urgent call from USA from my office need to talk to them

Harshvardan -adi no office n all talks today

Adi u have just got married

Adi-pa it’s really urgent

Anjana -Adi …..

Zoya (interrupts)-Aunty no problem work too is imp Am a doctor  I can understand  Aditya u pls go n talk to them aramse no problem

Anjana -see how smart n understanding my bahu is am so proud  of u

But beta call me maa not Aunty

All laugh

Adi excuses himself

Arjun-Bhabhi actually  bhai is little work alcoholic

Zoya-no problem  I can understand

Anjana -chalo beta I will take u to ur room u rest there till adi comes

Anjana  takes zoya with her

Zoya blushes seeing  a decorated rooms

Anjana -Generally  adi’s urgent calls go on for 1 hr or so I hope he has sense of ending  it soon atleast today

Zoya-Aunty (Anjana  stares her she laughs)-sorry maa seriously  no problem  I will wait for him

Anjana  hugs her-if u need anything just call me beta good night enjoy

She winks at zoya

Zoya blushes

Anjana  leaves

Zoya looks at room

There are flowers everywhere

Zoya looks at adi’s  photos all around room

She talks to one phone

Zoya-so mr hooda we have finally  married each other Cannot believe

Adi u r showing  lots of attitude  these days no problem  am a dr u will tackle it

Zoya sits on bed

Adi enters

He locks door

He comes close to her


He puts his fingers on her lips

He moves close to her

She closes her eyes

He is about to kiss her

Just then zoya realises she was dreaming

Adi has not eat come

It was her imagination

Zoya blushes

Adi is shown sitting  in a cafe

He is talking  to someone on  video call

A girl’s voice-what about ur new wife adi what will u tell her where were u

Adi (frustrated tone)-She doesn’t  own my life She has no rights over me My life is mine I can do whatever  I want

Zoya is smiling

He looks around

She goes n stands near window

She looks at moon

Zoya-Adi now u n I share a beautiful  bond Our life has become one We are like two bodies one soul now u own my life I own ur life

She smiles

Zoya moves about in room

Clock shows 1am

Zoya-its 2 hrs adi where are u

She tries to call him

But his phone his busy

Zoya-really Mr Hooda u r work alcoholic

Zoya sits on bed

Clock shows 2 am

Zoya is yawning

Clock shows 3am

Adi is still in cafe talking  to someone

Clock shows 4 am

Zoya has fallen asleep while waiting

Sun rises

Zoya opens her eyes

She looks at clock


She looks around

Adi is no where

She checks in washroom

Zoya panics

She calls adi

Just then adi enters room

Zoya gives him puzzled look

Zoya -Aditya

Adi interrupts -zoya before u ask me anything  let me tell u myself  yes whole night I was outside I had some work U are a dr u understand  right??

Zoya is confused

Adi-see zoya I have my own way of life n I Dnt like sharing  everything  with everyone  am telling  you  right away

Zoya  even u r free u can go anywhere anytime do anything  I Willnot question  u n I expect  same from you pls

I need my space am used to


Zoya still looks puzzled

Adi-zoya pls one request  Pls dnt tell anything  to ma she doesn’t  understand  she will make issue pls

Adi-Am tired I will freshen up

Adi leaves

Zoya  is shocked

Tears fall from her eyes

She is all lost

Adi’s words echo her ears

Zoya has changed

She is sitting  in front on dressing  table in beautiful  blue sari

She applies sindoor

Adi’s words still echo her ears

Just then she hears a knock at Door

Its Anjana

Who has come to serve tea

Zoya smiles at her

She seeks her blessings

Anjana  hugs heR

Anjana -where is adi

Zoya(nervous )-ma he has gone for morning  walk

Anjana  (shocked)-morning  walk my son is strange

BTW u look like a doll my zoya

Did adi return  on time yesterday

I hope he didn’t  trouble  u more n allowed u to rest

Zoya feels bad

Zoya is unable to reply

Adi’s Harsh words echo her ears

Anjana -so u r feeling shy

Zoya-no ma nothing  like that he came in half an hr

Anjana  laughs

Precap -zoya prepares kheer

All eat n praise

Anjana  asks zoya to make adi eat

Adi is uncomfortable

In room

Adi-Zoya u can say no u Dnt need to do everything  ma at times …

He leaves

Adi n zoya are in car

Zoya looks at adi

She has many questions  in her mind

Adi-zoya u can stay as much time as u want at ur Abu’s house I will convince  ma

Zoya-y Dnt u want me to stay with u if yes y did u marry  me

Adi-Zoya nothing  like that u were missing  ur family

Zoya ur family is mine now Aditya

She keeps adi what problem  he has

Adi-zoya I told u pls dnt question  me yes I was forced to marry  u i never wanted to get married

Zoya is in tears

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